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South park x Reader  by blockonthewall
South park x Reader by Helloworld
This a south park x reader also the cover is not mine You move houses and have to leave you world behind but meet some wonderful people in your new town called south pa...
who really cares (tweek x Craig fanfic) by whoevrknew_ve
who really cares (tweek x Craig
A creek fanfic * * * Craig tucker is shocked to see what unfolds after a jittery new kid moves to town.
South Park Smut shots by F4nf1ct10n_N5FW
South Park Smut shotsby F4nf1ct10n_N5FW
One shots but smut All characters are aged up in this Obviously I don't own South Park
R U Mine? (Creek) (UNDER HEAVY EDITING AND NEW CHAPTERS SOON) by _saltynoodles_
R U Mine? (Creek) (UNDER HEAVY _saltynoodles_
What can I say? The folks are still problematic, and the teenagers.... who the hell knows? They're just kids after all. Craig and Tweek are bitter ex's but are making t...
A Twist of Fate by Meruii-the-strange
A Twist of Fateby Meruii-the-strange
After His best friends deside they don't wanna treat or treat with him this year, and a series of mishaps Kenny finds himself spending more time with Craig Tucker.
Chronically Online (SOUTH PARK X READER) by fishy_friend_
Chronically Online (SOUTH PARK X ...
Every day you wake up just to bother everyone SOUTH PARK X GN! READER MAINLY CHATFIC WITH SOME ACTUAL WRITING
the "devil". [creek] by runqxx
the "devil". [creek]by angxxiev
A curious yp Craig has accidentally summoned the "demon" tweek tweak,he later soon found out he wasn't a devil, it was a imp, he decided by summoning this once...
Creek one shots  by Arson41
Creek one shots by Everest
These are a bunch of Creek one shots because I wanted to.
✨South Park Preferences✨ by _Wholesome_Parrots_
✨South Park Preferences✨by B R O K E N //
Title says it all. I dunno how much I'll update due to the fact I have no ideas and I've been without social interaction for a week. Oh well. The characters atm: Craig ...
Rain by BTShrek
Rainby Yip Yip
Tweek was blessed with controlling the weather. Or, so he thought. In reality, it was more of a curse, since he couldn't control it. His emotions always got the best of...
Love and destruction  by The_Real_Kenny
Love and destruction by AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHG
When a darkness falls over the town of South Park nobody knows what to do. Fires start and houses are destroyed. Most Peale have left but some still remain in hopes to s...
Asylum (A South Park Fanfic) by puppy-gore
Asylum (A South Park Fanfic)by R3AD B10
- Inspired by Steven King's book "The Institute" - Craig Tucker is an ordinary high school boy; Barely getting by in most classes, hanging out with friends, a...
- swear? - creek ✩ by thecreeklover
- swear? - creek ✩by thecreeklover
Craig and Tweek became friends after being paired up for a project. Well not just friends Ships: Stendy Platonic style Creek Hi it's @reddiesnumberone but on a diff ac...
Random one shots and ideas I have in my tiny brain by fnaffreak0
Random one shots and ideas I fnaf freak
So if you hadn't read the title, this book is probably gonna be my junk pile in like April so... ENJOY!
South Park comfort oneshots (requests are open) by hunny_xXx_bunny
South Park comfort oneshots ( hunny_xXx_bunny
(Pls read description!!) My stories will be Craig and tweek but I will write others! Just gotta ask!! Also!!! These will all be set in high school, second year-ish so li...
Tweek x Craig one shot book by luckyclover099
Tweek x Craig one shot bookby luckyclover099
This might be a slow update story because I have another one shot book so 🫠
The Valentines Day Episode by MayOrMayNotBeUseless
The Valentines Day Episodeby Leafylpoison
Remember y'all, THESE ARE CHILDREN. Anyways Creek 🥰
Some people don't change by shdkakagwu
Some people don't changeby shdkakagwu
Tweek is a lil bitch in this nicholes lovely and Craig is a bit of a ding dong
Creek one shots by ilovetweek11
Creek one shotsby ilovetweek11
Creek one shots inspired by my boyfriends roleplays <33