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THE WHAT IF THEORY |  sasukarin by Milochondria
THE WHAT IF THEORY | sasukarinby Call me Milo
It was the end and Sasuke had chosen who he wanted to be, and who he wanted to be with. Sasuke pledged allegiance to the village that massacred his entire clan and left...
Banished heroe by Kinstrak
Banished heroeby Kinstrak
Naruto at the age of seven, almost eight is banished for defending himself from the civilians and ninja that were attacking him. With tears in his eyes, he leaves the on...
Sakura Secret by SnoopyBaibai
Sakura Secretby Snoopy Baibai
takes place after the post war. will still have some of the cannon kids, but parents will change. Same with other things .
NARUTO STUFF | i think about (alot) by Milochondria
NARUTO STUFF | i think about (alot)by Call me Milo
kinda like a rant book but more like a book i shove my random naruto thoughts into mikoto is kween. (anti ending. crack. shitposts. somewhat anti canon. conspiracies. #u...
Temporary  by suzychann22
Temporary by suzychann22
Team Taka/Hebi disbanded and went on their own way except for Suigetsu and Juugo who decided to continue to be Orochimaru's subordinate after the Fourth Shinobi War. Kar...
Fake Boyfriend (NaruSaku) by togebabe
Fake Boyfriend (NaruSaku)by 🍙
⛔️ Slow updates ⛔️ 6/10 Haruno Sakura. Who doesn't know her? The famous bitch who always treat others like shits. But dear, boys love her. With that natural pink hair an...
We have each other  by Stellafleurt
We have each other by Nashi
Story cover by @ inesmemes on IG. Highest Rands: #1 -Karinuzumaki (14/1/2020) #2 -sasukarin (1/8/2019) #38 -karin #1 -antisasusaku #1 -antisakura #186 -uzumaki #1...
Uzumaki Prodigy by NinjaElite
Uzumaki Prodigyby NinjaElite
So this will mainly be a NaruSaku fanfic, will contain harem and lemon. This is my first fic so I'm open to positive feedback and ideas.
Me or Him? ((An ItaKarin Love Story)) by Itachi-San1207
Me or Him? ((An ItaKarin Love Itachi-San1207
Karin Uzumaki, is a red-headed girl who loved Uchiha Sasuke very much. They were both great friends. But when Sasuke talked about Itachi, Karin became curious. The red-h...
recuerdos del pasado by MASTER499
recuerdos del pasadoby The master
2temporda De (Viajando al Pasado)... han pasado 4 años desde que naruto murio, nada a volvido a ser igual en konoha, pero eso podria cambiar
The Arrangement by annii-n-angel
The Arrangementby annii-n-angel
a royal weddιng ιѕ annoυnced, вυт тнιѕ crown prιnce нaѕ мade a convenιenт propoѕal... The crowed is cheering the royal newlyweds. Crown Prince Sasuke has married Karin U...
"El final de una generacion" by KarinUchiha1
"El final de una generacion"by Karin Uchiha
Aquellos que siguieron "Sueños Destruido" "El sueño que no se cumplio" y gustaron de su segunda temporada "Cicatrices de un nuevo presente"...
How to Change the End by Akia12321
How to Change the Endby Akia12321
Uchiha Sasuke wasn't crazy. He just had a voice in his head claiming it was him from the future.
The UZumaki family  by SnoopyBaibai
The UZumaki family by Snoopy Baibai
everyday life of our favorite crazy family and the heroine who was neglected.
Bite Marks |A sasukarin one-shot by teenwolf_girl0817
Bite Marks |A sasukarin one-shotby Hinata's waifu
No matter how bad she wanted,they never left her.The reminders of the past will always be with her. She thanked the heavens that he was there to help her. _ Art belongs...
378 | sasukarin oneshot by Milochondria
378 | sasukarin oneshotby Call me Milo
I have 378 marks on my body. How can anyone look at me and not be repulsed? How can he? : : sasukarin oneshot i wrote this in 2017
Chimera (SasuSaku Modern Love Story) by Itachi-San1207
Chimera (SasuSaku Modern Love Itachi-San1207
Meeting you was a blessing. Being a special part in your life was a gift. Leaving me behind, it was unforgivable. Marrying another girl, it hurts, deep inside of me. Cry...
My Math Teacher  by Stellafleurt
My Math Teacher by Nashi
Karin is a normal school girl.... Except that she fell in love with her math teacher. Madakarin/sasukarin story! Started 28/4/2020 HIGHEST RANKS: #6 - sasukarin #7 - k...
[Longfic][NaruHina] Pháp sư by catcach2712
[Longfic][NaruHina] Pháp sưby Cát Cánh
*Disclaimer: Các nhân vật trong Naruto là của Kishimoto Masashi, câu chuyện là của mình. *Author: Cát Cánh *Rating: T *Pairings: NaruHina là chính, NaruSaku,... ngoài ra...