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Out of Town: A Spot Conlon Story by helbramstrauma
Out of Town: A Spot Conlon Storyby ...
After her mom leaves (Y/N) for her boyfriend, she gets to live with her Aunt Medda in Manhattan. However, with a bridge so fasinating to cross she might not spend her ti...
Selling a Story (Spot Conlon Fanfic) by ItsSpotConlon
Selling a Story (Spot Conlon Fanfi...by ItsSpotConlon
Carly Johnson has been going under alias of CJ for two years since she escaped the refuge. After a run in with the King of Brooklyn she learns what being a newsie really...
My newsie ~ Spot Conlon [newsies fanfic] by 80xhearthrobsx90
My newsie ~ Spot Conlon [newsies f...by Oldies story’s
Mush's older sister Josephine was trapped in her all girls orphanage until one day the orphanage owner Nicolette leaves the main door open just as Josephine was passing...
Dreams Change by AbbyBrenton05
Dreams Changeby Abby Brenton
"You love her don't you?" Cassandra Higgins is a spirited Newsie in the year 1899. Forced to fight a battle to win her and her friends freedom, she begins to d...
Brooklyn // Racetrack Higgins by grace_aledia
Brooklyn // Racetrack Higginsby ♫ 𝐃𝐢𝐚 ♫
in which the sister of spot conlon finds herself falling for a manhattan newsie who carries a cigar. ~~ [Racetrack Higgins x OC] ~~ Started: 3/27/2020 Published: 4/5/202...
A Battle Above The Clouds by Archeantuss
A Battle Above The Cloudsby Fatimaella Iniego
" Magmula ngayon, dalawa na aking aking ipaglalaban, ikaw at ang inang bayan. " When history is being written, it is very important to ask questions. Where are...
Brooklyns Star [Spot Conlon x Reader] by YesToThursdays
Brooklyns Star [Spot Conlon x Read...by Wade Leanne
Chris "Zipper" Kelly has been a New York Newsie since she can remember. The same routine everyday, in the same Manhattan streets. But what happens when the New...
Queen of Brooklyn by fthbeauty101
Queen of Brooklynby fthbeauty101
Alexia's world has been turned upside down. Her father was killed and she finds herself living with orphaned teenage boys, also known as Newsies. And after being attacke...
Letters and Dances | Skittery  by nuggetmcnugget
Letters and Dances | Skittery by :)
"Your smile can light up a room -love" - Strong language is used - Book One: Started: 17 June 2020 Finished: 16 July 2020 - Cover By NuggetMcNugget (me)
Van Der Linde Savior (Red Dead Redemption 2) by VanDerLinde87
Van Der Linde Savior (Red Dead Red...by VanDerLinde87
Dutch Van Der Linde, and Arthur Morgan, John Marston.... Well, they were real historical people, Dutch and Arthur being Celina Knoll's favorite Wild West outlaws. Red De...
The Only Girl Newsie by nydevotee
The Only Girl Newsieby Nic
A Newsies Fanfic. Before the Strike, a young girl is kicked out of her home. The only place she's ever known. Wondering the streets a boy with a crutch and a boy with a...
Newsies Imagines by AbbyReads03
Newsies Imaginesby AbbyReads03
**SLOW UPDATES** Newsies x Reader Imagines/One Shots If you have any idea for an imagine, don't hesitate to send me dm or comment in one of the imagines. I can't promise...
𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓼 ✩ ᴊᴀᴄᴋ ᴋᴇʟʟʏ by eightiesbqe
𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓼 ✩ ᴊᴀᴄᴋ ᴋᴇʟʟʏby ➶
Sure, Jack Kelly was a flirt. But he was willing to give all that up for just one girl. Based off of the 1992 movie. FEM! Reader Unedited. {Started 4.1.21}
Can't help but fall♔Gabriel Damon by -newsies-
Can't help but fall♔Gabriel Damonby 𝐠 & 𝐜
"Oh my pure innocent Gabe, you just wish you were as tough as the all mighty Spot Conlon" {Gabriel Damon x OC}
Miss Marston- Arthur Morgan Love Story by izzylear
Miss Marston- Arthur Morgan Love S...by izzylear
Charlotte Marston's feeling for Arthur Morgan were always so uncertain, one minute they were fighting like an old married couple and then the next they had a spark. But...
Wish I Could Catch a Breeze // Albert DaSilva by grace_aledia
Wish I Could Catch a Breeze // Alb...by ♫ 𝐃𝐢𝐚 ♫
in which a girl meets a redhead newsie and falls for him ~~ [Albert DaSilva x OC] ~~ this book is still being written! so things may be edited as I go along ~~ Started:...
The Wizard of Oz: The Walt Disney/Fairuza Balk version by brajo81
The Wizard of Oz: The Walt Disney...by Brandon
A long-time favorite film of mine has been the 1985 Walt Disney classic Return to Oz starring Fairuza Balk, which takes place six months after Dorothy's first trip to th...
Newsies by -OnceUponaDime
Newsiesby 𝓰.𝓻.
This book will include: Imagines Preferences Oneshots Headcannons Zodiacs Etc. (Make sure to request!)
Newsies Imagines by pathetic69
Newsies Imaginesby pathetic69
Random Imagines and plots I wanted to put in my other books but didn't know how to connect them. (I've only seen the 1992 movie so all the imagines will be based on the...
Bound To Rain by XxxBuckyxxX
Bound To Rainby bazinga
ELMER X READER Newsies Fanfiction. Bailey Robinson witnessed her parents die when she was little. Her older sister, Harriet, had been taking care of her until she was ca...