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Risky Fling<3 by graychibun21
Risky Fling<3by ~•Dawn•~
After graduating from college, Lena's friend Nat plans a trip to Hawaii along with their other friend Sadie. Arriving in Hawaii, the three young adults get drunk on Lava...
Elsie-Rae's Having a Baby by biscuit_dunker
Elsie-Rae's Having a Babyby biscuit_dunker
After a series of disastrous dates Elsie's sister set her up on a blind date with Will. He was obnoxious, unbearable and totally irresistible. Find out how one night o...
Submissive by Wolfdevilrose
Submissiveby Cheese Sticks
Elijah Callen, only 23 years old and everything is going to shit. what did he do to deserve a fate like this? he doesn't remember hurting anybody or being at all nasty...
Pictures And Ideas💡  by _NoShitSherlock_
Pictures And Ideas💡 by NoShitSherlock
A compilation of pictures of some useful and very random things. Feel free to use.
Spencer Reid and Tom Cruise Imagines by RubyTheRocker
Spencer Reid and Tom Cruise tosh_is_vibing
The title says it all! I know Spencer Reid and Tom Cruise is a little bit of a random duo, but I love them both so here you go. These imagines will probably be publishe...
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☆ cocktail ☆ Tom cruise x reader by jack_fuckingtwist
☆ cocktail ☆ Tom cruise x readerby jack_fuckingtwist
This is a lot like the 1988 movie cocktail staring Tom cruise, might be a little bit  different though! a lot of it is his story at first
Bartender Beauty(Tifa Lockhart × OC reader) by Sparky824
Bartender Beauty(Tifa Lockhart × Khiry Cleveland
This is a alternative/similar version to Love is Like a Cocktail. Khiry Cleveland is a calm & collected assistant office manager who have a soft spot for alcohol. Howeve...
"Dude Looks Like a Lady" by Nonbeliever
"Dude Looks Like a Lady"by Nonbeliever
"When your bandmates find out you're borderline transvestite, they'll freak." Sometimes the best way to find out where your childhood sweetheart has gone is to...
Tom Cruise by james12324
Tom Cruiseby james24
Tom Cruise
(12cs|Song Tử x Thiên Bình) Cocktail by haikushiro
(12cs|Song Tử x Thiên Bình) Kuu
Cocktail Quán bar Bartender Mọi thứ đều khác với trong tưởng tượng của Song Tử. Bắt đầu: 1/2/1019 Đăng: 5/2/2019 Tình trạng: On-going
Drunken Make Out  by yancheala
Drunken Make Out by yancheala
Jasmine and Zacharias never get along with each other. But only Zach have the secretly shot for Jasmine. One night, one of their friends birthday, they both get drunk an...
Strengthening Ties  by Am_Deenah
Strengthening Ties by MMA. Usman
"You see my dear, this is actually on me. You will be assisting an old man in fulfilling his promise and strengthening the bond between two families who have histor...
Cherry Swirl (Rated R) by BeccaJTyrer
Cherry Swirl (Rated R)by BeccaJTyrer
"How is it that when your chest is against mine, that even though our hearts don't beat the same, and your breath exhales when I inhale. I feel as though we are in...
concentration (diluc x reader) by red_rayne
concentration (diluc x reader)by red_rayne
this is a modern au, not set in teyvat. I hope you enjoy, but idk the probability of me continuing this story :)
COCKTAIL HARP  by theautumnversion
What did you think I would say to that? Those things they said about us..? It doesn't matter because you are mine in the end.
Geet & Gautam #HBDImtiazAli by sapnaxz
Geet & Gautam #HBDImtiazAliby sapnaxz
Geet from Jab We Met meets Gautam from Cockatil.
Easter Barlow One Off by BarlowLover2811
Easter Barlow One Offby Gary's Fangirl
This is a special fanfic since it's Easter on Sunday and everyone loves mr Gary Barlow so much as I have come to a conclusion that I'm dedicating this special one off ch...
Pickleball Outfits by pickleballhighlife
Pickleball Outfitsby
Finding the perfect balance between style and functionality, our curated collection of unisex pickleball outfits ensures that both men's pickleball outfits and picklebal...