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Nexo Knights and Ninjago react/oneshots by LloydXNyaMacyXAaron
Nexo Knights and Ninjago react/ HiMyNameIsLin
Let's have the gang Clay, Macy, Aaron, Lance, Axl team up with Lloyd, Kai, Nya, Cole, Jay and Zane reacts to things. Requests are excepted.
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Shield of Love by Thryncloud7
Shield of Loveby Argh
A oneshot book with the Nexo Knights! I don't own the Nexo Knights characters. They are adopted for discussion and enjoyment purposes only between friends and fans (of t...
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Nightmare in Knighton by Sianithekid17
Nightmare in Knightonby Sian Taylor
After the defeat of the Book of Monsters, everyone thought life was back to normal for the better. But when Clay and Jestro start having terrible nightmares, they realis...
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Nexo Knights: Claytro One-shots (Yaoi) by FireKai
Nexo Knights: Claytro One-shots ( FireKai
ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL *Clay X Jestro (Clestro, Jeslay or Claytro/Clastro) Oneshots (YAOI). The image belongs to Jadeyar...
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Your fault by XxNightWolfmarexX
Your faultby Irys
It's just a first chapter I have written a story about Nexo knights. Okay, now synopsis. After the Nexo Knights won. What will happen to Jestro?
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Remember This Moment (Claystro Lemon) by One_Smol_Pint
Remember This Moment (Claystro One_Smol_Pint
In this AU Jestro finds stone Clay first before the knights do, Clay of course can't remember anything meaning Jestro can make clay do whatever he wants and well I'll le...
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"the hidden truth" by THE_one_shipper
"the hidden truth"by THE_one_shipper
After Everything that Happened Jestro's Life took a turn he Never Expected. Evil? nah.... he wouldn't have been suprised. Death? Not that two. But you will find out Soon...
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Nexo knights Roleplay  by THE_one_shipper
Nexo knights Roleplay by THE_one_shipper
We can try out Nexo knights roleplays if you want. different au's different stories.
Need A Hand? by One_Smol_Pint
Need A Hand?by One_Smol_Pint
Clay's been thinking about Jestro for a while so he decided to stay up and masturbate
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Nexo Knights artbook by Sianithekid17
Nexo Knights artbookby Sian Taylor
Some NK pictures drawn by me.
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Just cringy art by THE_one_shipper
Just cringy artby THE_one_shipper
Just some weird shiz
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Knight and the Beast by Sianithekid17
Knight and the Beastby Sian Taylor
When young knight Clay Moorington finds himself trapped in a castle with a cursed Jester and his group of monsters, he has trouble adjusting to the situation. But as Cla...
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Random stuff by THE_one_shipper
Random stuffby THE_one_shipper
dont ask
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Ask or Dare The Nexo Crew by THE_one_shipper
Ask or Dare The Nexo Crewby THE_one_shipper
Me: Come Here and Ask Any of the Nexo knights Characters Absolutely Anything!!! Jestro: Please don't ask Any Embarrassing Or Personal Questions...And Don't Make The dare...
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