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[Completed] Ruina Stoneheart - A Corrupted Soul by AngelTheLEGOFan
[Completed] Ruina Stoneheart - A Obsessed_Pianist
So... This is a story about Clay's mom and Merlok's sister, Wanda Moorington. Nothing much to say, you'll have to read the story to understand, lol The story might not b...
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[Completed] Clay, Lance, and Macy - Two Knights and A Princess by AngelTheLEGOFan
[Completed] Clay, Lance, and Obsessed_Pianist
Clay and Lance both have a crush on the Princess Knight-Macy Halbert, who happened to be one of their teammates. And Macy doesn't seem to know that both of them fell for...
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More Random Nexo Knights And Ninjago Stuff by AngelTheLEGOFan
More Random Nexo Knights And Obsessed_Pianist
Looks like one book isn't enough... So I'll have to write TWO!!!
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[Completed] Random Nexo Knights And Ninjago Stuff by AngelTheLEGOFan
[Completed] Random Nexo Knights Obsessed_Pianist
Just some random stuff about Ninjago and Nexo Knights(aaaannnnnnnddddddd maybe some other stuff). Enjoy! This book has a 'sequel' LOL (and will probably get more XD)
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Fʀᴀᴄᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ||Nexo Knights x Reader|| by Madame_Diamond
Fʀᴀᴄᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ||Nexo Knights x Reader||by Madame_Diamond
||Nexo Knights x Reader|| You come from no where, no one knows who you are and where you came from. Just a shadow in the night, a person no one remembers. You have a nam...
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My Blog About Nexo Knights by AngelTheLEGOFan
My Blog About Nexo Knightsby Obsessed_Pianist
I am AngelTheLEGOFan and welcome to my new work! This work will contain separate blogs of the characters of Nexo Knights. I will mention in every post about which charac...
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Angel's Short Stories by AngelTheLEGOFan
Angel's Short Storiesby Obsessed_Pianist
So, this is where I'll post random short stories about our favorite cartoons, movies, books, and more! Some of them are self-created. (Dude, the stories are ALL self-cre...
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Nexo Knights artbook by Sianithekid17
Nexo Knights artbookby Sian Taylor
Some NK pictures drawn by me.
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Olivia Moorington, The second child of the Falcon by Falcolnsshadow
Olivia Moorington, The second FalconsShadow
We all know about Clay Moorington, the leader of the Nexo Knights, but no one knows about his long lost twin sister. They might as well be worlds apart, though they phys...
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Nightmare in Knighton by Sianithekid17
Nightmare in Knightonby Sian Taylor
After the defeat of the Book of Monsters, everyone thought life was back to normal for the better. But when Clay and Jestro start having terrible nightmares, they realis...
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NEXO Knights: Power Rangers by Starpower638
NEXO Knights: Power Rangersby Starpower638
Clay, Macy, Lance, Aaron, Axl are five people from the Human world and are chosen by Merlok himself to battle the King of Monsters, Monstrox, in order to protect the mag...
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The Wolf : Fanfiction (Nexo Knights) by Leopardas212
The Wolf : Fanfiction (Nexo SWRDLFNKN
rewriting history in English Crossover ninjago x Nexo knights imagine Ruina who meets a wolf who is not ordinary because of the powers in him and who agress to help him...
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Nexo Knights Randomness  by Pixie0204
Nexo Knights Randomness by Sike-
Random and Stupid times with the Nexo Knights characters Hope you enjoy~
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Nexo Knights & Ninjago Oneshots by AwesomeWriter103
Nexo Knights & Ninjago Oneshotsby Brea Michelle
This book features various of stories revolving around your favorite characters from both Nexo Knights and Ninjago! Enter the realms to encounter a world as never seen b...
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The werewolf knight by Aaron434
The werewolf knightby Landon
(Another clay one cuz my bro doesn't seem to wanna make this XD) Clay is bitten by a wolf when he and the knights go on a mission Little did they know that some "si...
It's Complicated by bookwriter1235
It's Complicatedby Sparkles🦄
Jessica Walker goes to the Knight academy at age 16 and meets Clay Moorington. They both fall for each other but there's one thing that Clay and his friends don't know...
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The Lion King: Simba's New Son by aidaninsask
The Lion King: Simba's New Sonby aidaninsask
Now Before Any Of Y'all Start, Let Me Explain, I Did This Because I Love To Do Crossovers And When I Was Really Little, I Loved The Lion King Which Is Embarrassing Enoug...
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LEGO_Art2019 by zera_myra
LEGO_Art2019by ZeraMyra
Just upload my art about ninjago,lego movie,nexo knights and others
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"the hidden truth" by THE_one_shipper
"the hidden truth"by THE_one_shipper
After Everything that Happened Jestro's Life took a turn he Never Expected. Evil? nah.... he wouldn't have been suprised. Death? Not that two. But you will find out Soon...
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Remember This Moment (Claystro Lemon) by One_Smol_Pint
Remember This Moment (Claystro One_Smol_Pint
In this AU Jestro finds stone Clay first before the knights do, Clay of course can't remember anything meaning Jestro can make clay do whatever he wants and well I'll le...
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