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Nexo knights clay's Werewolf little sister [on hold till I get more ideas] by lAURENCETHEHOTTIE54
Nexo knights clay's Werewolf Wolfgamer2002
"I'm Y/n Moorington" "CLAY GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW" The red knight yelled
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More Random Nexo Knights And Ninjago Stuff by AngelTheLEGOFan
More Random Nexo Knights And Obsessed_Pianist
Looks like one book isn't enough... So I'll have to write TWO!!!
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[Completed] Random Nexo Knights And Ninjago Stuff by AngelTheLEGOFan
[Completed] Random Nexo Knights Obsessed_Pianist
Just some random stuff about Ninjago and Nexo Knights(aaaannnnnnnddddddd maybe some other stuff). Enjoy! This book has a 'sequel' LOL (and will probably get more XD)
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Fʀᴀᴄᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ||Nexo Knights x Reader|| by Madame_Diamond
Fʀᴀᴄᴛᴜʀᴇᴅ ||Nexo Knights x Reader||by Madame_Diamond
||Nexo Knights x Reader|| You come from no where, no one knows who you are and where you came from. Just a shadow in the night, a person no one remembers. You have a nam...
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Nexo Knights Hex girl by Detectivegel
Nexo Knights Hex girlby Mystery A
a lonely wild girl who lives in the Spooky Hollow (within the dark forest) thought she was the last of her kind; the only magician or rather a hex girl. All she wanted i...
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My Blog About Nexo Knights by AngelTheLEGOFan
My Blog About Nexo Knightsby Obsessed_Pianist
I am AngelTheLEGOFan and welcome to my new work! This work will contain separate blogs of the characters of Nexo Knights. I will mention in every post about which charac...
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Angel's Short Stories by AngelTheLEGOFan
Angel's Short Storiesby Obsessed_Pianist
So, this is where I'll post random short stories about our favorite cartoons, movies, books, and more! Some of them are self-created. (Dude, the stories are ALL self-cre...
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[Completed] Jestro x Macy-The Princess And The Jester by AngelTheLEGOFan
[Completed] Jestro x Macy-The Obsessed_Pianist
I'm pretty surprised that I couldn't seem to find any shipping stories regarding them. So I decided to make one myself. I don't really ship them, because I am more of a...
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Jestro infinite journey  by Jestro56789234
Jestro infinite journey by Jestro's Jester empire
What if Jestro got the infinity gems from marvel This is an idea I had I hope you all enjoy
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Nexo Knights artbook by Sianithekid17
Nexo Knights artbookby Sian Taylor
Some NK pictures drawn by me.
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Raising a jester by Sianithekid17
Raising a jesterby Sian Taylor
The story of a group of outcasts, and the child of the team. Leading to an unfortunate event. Prequel to Knight and the Beast
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Just cringy art by THE_one_shipper
Just cringy artby THE_one_shipper
Just some weird shiz
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Nexo Knights Random Trash + Dares ( Lotta stuff help XD ) by BridgetTh3B1RD
Nexo Knights Random Trash + Savi
Just the title. Just gonna shove all mah trash I think of in here I guess. Help XD Probably WILL involve A LOT OF SHIPPING and ocs Probably XD So... YeE? And feel free t...
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Shield of Love by Thryncloud7
Shield of Loveby Argh
A oneshot book with the Nexo Knights! I don't own the Nexo Knights characters. They are adopted for discussion and enjoyment purposes only between friends and fans (of t...
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Nexo Knights Randomness  by Pixie0204
Nexo Knights Randomness by Sike-
Random and Stupid times with the Nexo Knights characters Hope you enjoy~
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Nexo Knights: Claytro One-shots (Yaoi) by FireKai
Nexo Knights: Claytro One-shots ( FireKai
ENGLISH/ESPAÑOL *Clay X Jestro (Clestro, Jeslay or Claytro/Clastro) Oneshots (YAOI). The image belongs to Jadeyar...
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Nexo Knights & Ninjago Oneshots by AwesomeWriter103
Nexo Knights & Ninjago Oneshotsby Brea Michelle
This book features various of stories revolving around your favorite characters from both Nexo Knights and Ninjago! Enter the realms to encounter a world as never seen b...
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My Little Knight (Nexo Knights Daughter Scenarios) by JustLikePinkiePie
My Little Knight (Nexo Knights Skittles
Not the first one, but hey! Why not! Here's a list of the characters I'll be including! Clay Lance Aaron Axl Macy Madison Merlok (Before Merlok 2.0) Jestro Ava Robin The...
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NEXO Knights Clay and the Bad girl by Clanceshipper
NEXO Knights Clay and the Bad girlby Sweat but Crazy
This is my firs story so sorry if you're bored or so on. Anyway, to make my stories better i will consider everything that you tell in the coments. Clay was strugglin...
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Nightmare in Knighton by Sianithekid17
Nightmare in Knightonby Sian Taylor
After the defeat of the Book of Monsters, everyone thought life was back to normal for the better. But when Clay and Jestro start having terrible nightmares, they realis...
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