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Operation Holiday Cheer - A Spy School Story by AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Operation Holiday Cheer - A Spy Sc...by AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Ben has a problem. Something he has never told anyone for some time. And it's hurting him. If it isn't resolved soon, the consequences will be devastating. Can the rest...
Spy School: Zoe or Erica? by Dboy69420
Spy School: Zoe or Erica?by Dboy The First
-#1 in #spyschool- After an enemy organization kidnaps Zoe and Erica, Ben is forced to pay a ransom. Sadly, he only has enough money to spare one of them. Who will...
Spy School: The Sequel by bobthepilot
Spy School: The Sequelby Zixiao Zhang
Disclaimer!!!:This is a fan fiction. All copyrighted material belongs to Stuart Gibbs, as well as quotes that I might have accidentally borrowed. This story takes place...
Spy School Goes to Trial by wriley2021
Spy School Goes to Trialby wriley2021
Ben Ripley is a spy-in-training at the CIA's Academy of Espionage. In his short time there he's had a lot of success, but made many enemies in the process. He just wants...
Spy school on the Dunes by KLewis2608
Spy school on the Dunesby KLewis2608
The Spy School crew goes to Egypt. SPYDER is plotting something (once again) and all of the villains they have captured so far have escaped. Will Ben be able to thwart...
Spy School: Danger is my Middle Name by Dboy69420
Spy School: Danger is my Middle Na...by Dboy The First
Sequel to Spy School: Zoe or Erica? Benjamin Ripley has defeated SPYDER, though, unbeknownst to him, the Croatoan have suddenly started going on a rampage, destroying...
Spy School: Dead Weasel by Lotsofunyeah
Spy School: Dead Weaselby Lotsofunyeah
Ben and Erica and the gang are set for another mission. Ben learns some things about himself that Erica was trying to hide. There are things that will cause many emotion...
Spy School: Why did you leave me? [EDITING] by VarchasianKookie
Spy School: Why did you leave me...by Cookie
It was just a normal day at Spy School. It was supposed to be a routine extraction. Nothing too dangerous, and definitely nothing life threatening. They thought everythi...
Mind the Gap: a Spy School Collection by AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Mind the Gap: a Spy School Collect...by AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Stuart Gibbs has created a universe in which he presents a hypothetical scenario in which the Central Intelligence Agency would be like if middle and high schoolers were...
Spy School X by willthethrilluwu
Spy School Xby William
Murray Hill has just ordered a hit on Benjamin Ripley. As Ben and Erica's relationship is growing stronger they now must face the challenges ahead of them. Ben's greates...
Spy school Civil war (COMPLETE) by Hycoon
Spy school Civil war (COMPLETE)by Hurricone
Yeah! revenge! Another kid said. Then the students started to chant: REVENGE! REVENGE! The spy school 2.0 kids were going berserk. We will attack tomorrow! Dillian yelle...
Spy School: Spyder Dies by Lotsofunyeah
Spy School: Spyder Diesby Lotsofunyeah
Ok you might want to read the first book to this for just reasons. This does seem easier then the mission before(the mission I made in the book before this). Or is it. W...
Spy School Viva Vegas by wriley2021
Spy School Viva Vegasby wriley2021
With all of their enemies bearing down on them, Agents Ben Ripley and Erica Hale go on the offensive to track them down. They'll need the help of their friends if they w...
Spy School Reunion by smh204
Spy School Reunionby SMH204 *INACTIVE*
"In conclusion, the Academy of Espionage will be closed forever, effective immediately." Those words changed Ben Ripley, Erica Hale, Audrey Hale and the whole...
Spy School: Little sister, big problems, giant future by MSORAR
Spy School: Little sister, big pro...by Jade J
It's been 5 months since the defeat of SPYDER. Ben and the gang are doing well in Spy School. No signs of any evil organizations anywhere. Everything is just fine. Unti...
Spy school treasure hunt (DISCONTINUED BC OF WRITERS BLOCK) by Hycoon
Spy school treasure hunt (DISCONTI...by Hurricone
Ben found out that the trophy of Nathan hale leads to the treasure of Nathan Hale himself, the treasure dating back to 1778. Nathan had struck it rich when he found a tr...
Spy School Oneshots by Ultraflame101
Spy School Oneshotsby {insert name here}
This is a book of spy school oneshots. Also, I do not own the characters, Stuart Gibbs does. I only own the plot.
Spy school: Oneshoots by Lotsofunyeah
Spy school: Oneshootsby Lotsofunyeah
Fun games redos of parts from spy school Texts. Events More...
Spy School: Back in the game by TheEverlastingWriter
Spy School: Back in the gameby EverlastingWriter
Sequel to Spy School: Flash Deals I woke up with beeping machines around me. (hint,hint)
Spy School as Vines by AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
Spy School as Vinesby AlphaDeltaFoxtrot2
The title is self-explanatory. Purely humor! Watch out for a little bit of language (because it's Vine... what do you expect?)