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The Secret by Elvis26
The Secretby Isaac
This was my first story, written many years ago. I know the writing is....pretty rough. But hey, its an alright book. I think.
Ask Deadpool!!! by presidentDeadpool
Ask Deadpool!!!by Wade Wilson
Super badass ask book filled with super badass answers!!!! Keep in mind that filthy admin wont answer so it will just be me answering however i will be happy to spill a...
Drag Race Horror  by yah-yeet
Drag Race Horror by yah-yeet
A hungry girl watching her favorite show quickly turns chilling... you never know what will happen next.
Scars (Spideypool fanfiction) by _Hoodie_Squad_
Scars (Spideypool fanfiction)by _Hoodie_Squad_
"They don't even know you, all they see is scars." Peter said, shooting aggravated looks at everyone who glanced at his boyfriend's mangled face in disgust as...
Chimichanga s/mb by presidentDeadpool
Chimichanga s/mbby Wade Wilson
Yas! A weird thing that everyone is doing!
Chase by ScottMakenzie
Chaseby ScottMakenzie
How much Chad could a Chatty Chad Chad if a Chatty Chad could Chat Chad
DeadpoolXReader by Redswritingcorner
DeadpoolXReaderby Red
In this story you can interact with Deadpool! (Y/N) means insert your name. This story is gender neutral so don't worry if your a girl or boy.
Short Stories (meme edition) by snazzyskeIetons
Short Stories (meme edition)by snazzyskeIetons
This is a bunch of randomly generated short stories. It's not supposed to make sense lmao
Dream Journal by KioriMatsu
Dream Journalby KioriMatsu
EDIT: No longer pregnant with my daughter, so this will be a continuation of my dreams if I have any I remember. I am currently pregnant with my second child, and these...
Deadpools Dope Adventures by Adrizzzle89
Deadpools Dope Adventuresby Adrizzzle89
Swords, Guns, Fun Times and oh yeah... Chimichangas.
My Name is Carlos by WeAreMalechiteNow
My Name is Carlosby im sorry for my cringey usern...
In the land by the name of Chamcuaro, Guanjuato, Mexico, there lived a trio of dogs with their owners. As this story of love, betrayal, and reconciliation unfolds, be su...