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Taboo (Xmen fanfic) by etherella
Taboo (Xmen fanfic)by etherella
Analise is a normal girl living a normal life until she meets someone who changes her life for ever when she meets a young handsome devilish mutant named Erik Lensherr. ...
Existing Ariolus. (X-Men: First Class) COMPLETED! by Caseye
Existing Ariolus. (X-Men: First Cl...by Caseye Malfoy Black Snape
(Based on X-Men First Class and a little X-Men Origin's) Amelia Reed, mutant and in hiding. The year is 1962 and not many know about mutants and their true powers, they...
Mutant Love(X-Men First Class/Erik Lensherr) by Poison_Ivy99
Mutant Love(X-Men First Class/Erik...by ινу
Erica is searching for her little sister Sofia who was taken from her by Klaus Schmidt.Not only does she want to find her sister, she wants to kill Schmidt for what he d...
Requiem  by mishamingo27
Requiem by Mishamingo27
After Charles and Erik save Peter and Wanda from a life of being lab rats, they move into the mansion and enroll as students there. Can Wanda and Peter help Erik put ba...
x men imagines by muxisium
x men imaginesby ツ
x men oneshots and x readers. this is an old book so some of them are super cringy lmao
New Divide by Inconvenient_Ideal
New Divideby 🌻I Drift; I Fall🌻
There is a rare – border lining non-existing – understanding on those who have developed mutations. Skill sets which far outdo and exceed the norm of everyday humans. Be...
The Positive of The Magnet by janamondc
The Positive of The Magnetby janamondc
Raphaella Rosabella Rothschild. Daughter of Mr. William and Mrs. Charlotte Rothschild. Raphaella grow up in a perfectly normal family that consists a mother, a father an...
Breathe {Charles Xavier} by rexlitywxrping
Breathe {Charles Xavier}by Wanda Murdock
Ivory Graffix is the most unique Mutant in the world. But she's been ridiculed for her powers all her life. It's only when a man, Charles Xavier, finds her on the verge...
Craving Forgiveness by etherella
Craving Forgivenessby etherella
Atarah Kennedy is the forgotten adopted daughter of President John F. Kennedy. Although she isn't treated with respect and is not completely accepted because of her comp...
Government Lies [ Erik Lensherr] by dumdasswh0re
Government Lies [ Erik Lensherr]by Unknown
"I'll fucking kill you If you go anywhere near my family." "You and Y/n are Alike, Talk to her" Y/n Alyona Dane Maximoff and Henry Philip "...
X-Men✔️ by theAkgirl
X-Men✔️by Auni
What if Erik had a sister? What if Moria was just a CIA agent who was crazy about mutants? What if Charles was in love with another? What if this girl all the talk about...
I'll never forget  by lalatilana
I'll never forget by hawkeye stay away
Tale told with one sentence at a time After collage Charles' parents cut him off completely from the family's money after finding out about Charles' mutation Broke and...
The X-Games by barakatballs
The X-Gamesby sofie ✌️
The X-Games, the televised procession in which twenty-four mutants must fight to the death, until one lone victor stands, proving they have the more superior power. Twen...
Changing Fate by Cerberous10
Changing Fateby J̷͙͓̝͉̺̫̯̘̇̌͑͂̑ǎ̢͚̦̩̤̆̓͂͂̇̑ͅ...
Marae is a mutant with control over time, Charles Xavier sends her back in time by helping her control her powers. Her mission is to stop Magneto in the past so that in...
One Shots by I_Am_A_Ghost1
One Shotsby Chloe
One Shots from multiple fandoms hope you enjoy Requests Welcome
calypso by hellvar
calypsoby rune
a college student working as a diner waitress meets a special duo on a particularly slow night.
True Focus (X men Cheirk fic) by BlackRoseReaper
True Focus (X men Cheirk fic)by Dragon
The scene in X men first class where Charles and Erik train.....and....... ^^
Quicksilver and Dadneto One Shots | X-Men Universe by mishamingo27
Quicksilver and Dadneto One Shots...by Mishamingo27
One shots between your favorite father-son duo! Open to any and all recommendations.
An In-Between Interlude by aeskis
An In-Between Interludeby aeskis
... in which Raven doesn't understand why Charles feels the need to get drunk and sleep around, and Erik does.
7 seconds by fox-in-a-box
7 secondsby - - •
There's a theory you might be aware of, in which, just as a person reaches the gaping crevice between life and death - of which the latter is certain - they are presente...