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Haikyuu ships by Toiymmi
Haikyuu shipsby Tommy
just a bunch of haikyuu ships
Kiribaku/Bakushima Oneshots by bc_why_not_be_trash
Kiribaku/Bakushima Oneshotsby blek 😶
I decided to try my luck on fanfiction. I'm sure that the uploading schedule will be wack, but I'll finish. Most of these stories are when everyone is 18+ and no quirks...
Are You All That Bad? |Miraculous: Enemies to lovers| by Bugaroo24
Are You All That Bad? | Bugaroo24
!!!CRINGE WARNING!!! this was my first book and it's kinda all over the place, so read at your own risk ig !!!CRINGE WARNING!!! Marinette and Adrien had been enemies fro...
Kiribaku Oneshots by milkteabobabear
Kiribaku Oneshotsby a :)
(released 09/03/18) 🖤Angst ☁️ Fluff 🍋Smut 🍈Lime 😂 Special - Thanks for reading!!💕 Enjoy!!! ~~ Cover Art by @_Red_Riot_ ~~ Best Moments Kiribaku Oneshots #1 ~ C...
EN | An encounter she will never forget | ᴄʜɪʟᴜᴍɪ by Tartatsuna
EN | An encounter she will never Tartatsuna
Tears flow without her being able to hold them back. She shouldn't have grown attached. This, she only discovered until it was too late. Now that the bonds are firmly i...
Try Me, Bitch. (Scaramona) by frxnchi
Try Me, Bitch. (Scaramona)by frenchi
Scaramouche has been stationed in Mondstat while Signora heads to Liyue, and just his luck, there are going to be more than a few run-ins with a certain astrologist that...
Genshin One shots/ Drabbles by Kaede1221
Genshin One shots/ Drabblesby Silly:3
Requests are open ( If I don't like the ship I won't write about it though ) I will not be writing : Character x Reader Adult x Minor Smut I will be writing : Characte...
Ninjago: The Path Of Destiny  by miraclequeen45
Ninjago: The Path Of Destiny by Miraclequeen45
After the defeat of lady bone demon, young jing(or bei he) sets off on an adventure of her own in the city of Ninjago, where she finds out there is more than meets the e...
Mortal Enemy | Valorant by JustKokio
Mortal Enemy | Valorantby kokio
Reyna x Sage x Jett ff 📌CANCELLED📌 In which 'Jett' Sage's bestfriend happens to be in love with her but her mortal enemy 'Reyna' is also unexpectedly in love with her...
Genshin One-Shots ♡ | Requests Open! | by Str0z0
Genshin One-Shots ♡ | Requests StrøZø
! Book made by August Hehe, you can request ships if you'd like!! --------------------------------------------------- 🍋- Smut Gay obv.
Leopika short stories by bayley2
Leopika short storiesby Sage.
A series of hunter x hunter one shots and short stories based on one of the cutest ships. Leorio X Kurapika
Fold (Dallypop) by valsunic
Fold (Dallypop)by ★🎧🖤🎸🦋★
Not many would consider Dallas Winston to be a gambling man. Though he doesn't mind playing cards, hitting pool, or betting on races. All Dally wants is entertainment, t...
The Avocado and the Aikido Master (RANTENKO CUTENESS!!!!!!) by NaomiRose1112
The Avocado and the Aikido QUEENOFAMACHA!!
Hiiiiii! Here is a bunch of Rantenko cuteness!! Rantenko is probably my favorite ship of all time!! I hope you enjoy! (Anyone who says that Tenko is a Lesbian will be in...
Rubatosis { Crowley Eusford x Reader} by Asherluna145
Rubatosis { Crowley Eusford x Luna Asher
Rubatosis (Noun) The unsettling awareness of your own Heartbeat. Once he was turned in to an vampire He never felt his heartbeat, it disappeared with his humanity. Bu...
Hase story/love story by Daphne_catty
Hase story/love storyby Catty
this time they will be 3rd year high school hawk and rose will start their date idea and there will be a new villan Kira will always curse Rose every time she want and s...
Scp x reader oneshots (request open!) by fantasyfandomwriter
Scp x reader oneshots (request Fantasy
As in the title states I am finally actually gonna do an SCP x reader story. For those of who are worried I am gonna quit my other x reader sorry. Don't worry! I'm not g...
Attack on Titans lemons by K1dInTheC0rner
Attack on Titans lemonsby ._xMiax_.
[On Hold] Just some lemons with characters from Attack on Titan
{discontinued}yandere kny oneshots. by hellomelon8
{discontinued}yandere kny humanbeing1
This is a yandere oneshot book because I said so, all chapters will go between 600-1000 words, updates will take a long time because of my other books, also all requests...
adored • little bakugo by Blackout9294
adored • little bakugoby 🌻💙🌻💙
oneshots//short stories age play bakugo|non-sexualized ageplay/little space warnings:: Cussing, possible forced ageplay, etc. I'll put it at the top if any serious warni...
Happy Tree Friends oneshots/headcannons by KnorkTheFourth
Happy Tree Friends oneshots/ Phaedra Janssen
So Happy Tree Friends (or Htf) is a cartoon show that is NOT made for kids (should take my own advise). It has lots of blood and body parts through out the show. It's ch...