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What the Hell Are You Doing Shitty Hair? by ThatSweetNatural20
What the Hell Are You Doing My Precious Children
When Class 1-A goes to lunch Bakugou stays behind to have an afternoon workout and shower. However, when Kirishima is out for lunch he has a gut feeling that something h...
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The Cast [Kirishima X Bakugou] by SilhouetteSilo
The Cast [Kirishima X Bakugou]by SilhouetteSilo
Kirishima is an actor casted in the show BNHA. When he lands a role as one of the gay characters. What happens when in shows love interested isn't just in the show.
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KiriBaku // BakuShima (OneShots) by coffeesins
KiriBaku // BakuShima (OneShots)by kiribaku is law around here
Pretty self explanatory,, oneshots of my fave BNHA couple. Most are fluff,, but here's the code because some will be different: 💌 - smut ☁️ - fluff 🥀 - angst 🍒 - o...
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Bakugou's pregnancy (kiribaku) by Randomwriter0013
Bakugou's pregnancy (kiribaku)by Bnha drabbles
these are mostly small and cute stories of bakugou being pregnant, featuring kiri trying his best to be the best future daddy he can be (this is my first story so sorry...
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My One And Only Merman (Kiribaku Fanfic) by Justthatweirdfangal
My One And Only Merman (Kiribaku Justthatweirdfangal
Kirishima has always been the insecure and shy merman that use to get bullied by the school bullies of Mizu Aqua Academy. That is until one day the prince of Mermainia...
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It Can't Be You || KiriBaku by MosuIsADumbass
It Can't Be You || KiriBakuby Mosu (燃す)
One day everyone wakes up to find the "sunshine of class 1-A" missing, but where has he gone? Was he kidnapped? Is he hurt? Will they ever see him again? Did h...
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Inarticulate || Kiribaku AU by kiri-shine
Inarticulate || Kiribaku AUby s h i n e
Bakugou isn't the best at articulating his feelings, by anyone's standards. After one drunken night of not being able to hold himself back, he sends a long and detailed...
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Everyone can be Manly by SpeckledAspen
Everyone can be Manlyby Aspen
There he sat, in the girls' bathroom, crying. Tap tap tap "Hey! Are you okay in there?" A very kind, feminine voice rang out. She only wanted to help whoever c...
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Kiribaku/Bakushima One Shots by __Mystic_
Kiribaku/Bakushima One Shotsby Mystical Moonlight
The title basically describes it all! To add a little more information to that, most, if not all, of these short one shots will be inspired by a piece of art that I have...
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Iida's Mistake~ A BNHA Chatfic by TheRealist_21
Iida's Mistake~ A BNHA Chatficby WHEEZUS LIVES
Join your favorite characters and watch Iida hit level 100 on instant regret. I'm sorry in advance. So is Iida. Everyone else has no regertz. . . . . . If I use any pi...
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The guy in my dreams <<kiribaku>> by bubbblex
The guy in my dreams >by anime weeb *^~^*
University au, no quirks. Bakugou Katsuki, a hot headed blonde eager to start the university UA of art and music, however The blonde has been having a recurring dream o...
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For You? Anything. (villain Kiribaku Au) by PassTheWeeb
For You? Anything. (villain Pass The Weeb
Kirishima is just a 15 year old boy, who wants to be a hero one day. He wents to ua hero school. He is living peaceful life until a villain, who has a ash blond hair, st...
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These Fucking Roses [KiriBaku] {Completed} by MomoDeKawaiiNeko
These Fucking Roses [KiriBaku] { Cheshire_Cat
Hanahaki Disease: The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from unrequited love, where the patient's throat will fill up with flowers, they will then proceed to throw, an...
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Only Us (Kirishima x Bakugou) by wwitchboy
Only Us (Kirishima x Bakugou)by wwitchboy
Just a fanfic about Kirishima and Bakugou and their gay shit
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Kirishima X Bakugou Oneshots  by 1lilpeep1
Kirishima X Bakugou Oneshots by 1lilpeep1
Will include smut & fluff! Sooooo enjoy ;)
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Kiribaku One-Shots by kiri-shine
Kiribaku One-Shotsby s h i n e
A collection of Kiribaku one-shots. Prompts corresponding to the part: 1. Love letters. 2. Fuck, marry, kill. 3. Injured and needs help undressing. 4. 'Helping' a '...
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Wave point Kiribaku by Megirl6473
Wave point Kiribakuby Megirl6473 y
This an Au were almost everyone is a mermaid/merman/other fish creatures Kirishima lost his parents at a young age because humans fished them up. So he was left alone wi...
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The three of us by beatooven
The three of usby beatooven
Kirishima and Bakugou are in quite an unusual predicament when two becomes three • • • How do y'all feel about it? I'm not sure if I should continue writing or not
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Average kirishima x bakugou by Thagodofkindness
Average kirishima x bakugouby Thagodofkindness
Kirishima Eijirou And Bakugou Katsuki That's it, that's the info you need to read this.
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Different Now (Kiribaku Fantasy AU) by yeetityyeetyeet
Different Now (Kiribaku Fantasy AU)by Satan’s Meyer Lemons
Bakugou has known Kirishima as a dragon for almost his entire life. How will he react when he finds out his loyal dragon companion is a shapeshifter? Get your daily ser...
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