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Enemies with Benefits by FTSKfan1108
Enemies with Benefitsby FTSKfan1108
He looked at me like I was supposed to agree. Did he honestly expect me to think that it was a good idea? Think again, buddy. I may be not the smartest, but I am no idio...
  • enemieswithbenefits
  • interpersonal
  • idea
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Graffiti (A Narry Story) by Niall_iLOVEHiM
Graffiti (A Narry Story)by Toni :)
This is a One Direction Fan Fiction - Narry Storan, BoyxBoy. I'm Horrible at Descriptions, so lets just cut to the chase and you get on to the first chappie ;) If you...
  • sad
  • thirteen
  • chap1
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You've Changed by FanFicChic
You've Changedby FanFicChic
He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...
  • boys
  • youvechanged
  • cool
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Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Chronicles. by hellgirl1998
Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Beautiful Filth
Each chapter is a different ninja. Do you have the will to make it out of the closet for the whole seven minutes?...... As a new person? Each beginning is different as w...
  • minutesinheaven
  • chapter5
  • nejihyuuga
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Ready(Jacquees Love Story) by WildForJacquees
Ready(Jacquees Love Story)by WildForJacquees
You are an 18 year old singer. Your cousin is Durante from FYB. You are going to stay with Durante , or Tae as you will call him, and his mom for a whole year to get you...
  • que
  • share
  • chapter4
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Raph's side by berrycola
Raph's sideby Berry
This story is about shredders youngest daughter, Celia who is not really sure whether she is on the good side or bad side. But with a long lost "relative" a &q...
  • tmnt
  • raph
  • chapter3
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Welcome home old friend  by Undergemartv
Welcome home old friend by iskelet oyuncu
Who can be know? you can be.... LAST HOPE
  • sammy
  • chapter5
  • chapter4
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"MY WORST ENEMY"//BTS// by JoyAh39
"MY WORST ENEMY"//BTS//by x🐥MingMing🐥x
  • chapter1
  • chapter2
  • chapter5
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Saviour [Larry Stylinson] by HipstuhPls
Saviour [Larry Stylinson]by HipstuhPls
Harry has been living on the streets for 3 years after his parents died. The street life is hard, but sometimes a man shows up. He's only a view years older then Harry a...
  • harrystyles
  • fanfic
  • kiss
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8th Grade(Niall Horan FanFic) by DildoDancer
8th Grade(Niall Horan FanFic)by Sidius, Darth
“Why do you love me?” I ask, as my husband, Niall, and I lay in bed together. The kids were just put to bed, and this was the first alone time we’ve had all day. “You...
  • 8thgrade
  • direction
  • fanfiction
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The Stone Leopard by MikaylaBurke1
The Stone Leopardby MikaylaBurke1
  • chapter1
  • chapter5
  • chapter2
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Seen  by N31LV3R6ARA123
Seen by
What if life give you a second chance to learn and love again?
  • chapter4
Chapter 1 by Secret_author1234
Chapter 1by Secret_author1234
  • chapter3
  • godvsdevil
  • chapter12
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The Suicidal Diaries Of Sephorah Channgins... by deleted__forever
The Suicidal Diaries Of Sephorah Deleted! bye
A story about little, Sephora Channings. Her parents are divorced, her dad just died, but her brother is here to keep her safe. She was close with her dad and she's read...
  • chapter6
  • chapter5
  • chapter2
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A new Path by iamteuton
A new Pathby iamteuton
What if Mizuki hadn't told Naruto his past? What if it was....? NaruHina, Sasusaku perceptive Naruto
  • new
  • chapter2
  • sasusaku
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Undercover by Nathan022
Undercoverby Nathan Washington
  • nathan022
  • spy
  • phoenix
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Tales From The Dark by EthanNew
Tales From The Darkby Ethan New
  • alien
  • whatwillhappennext
  • playgonewrong
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High School Love Life by maebrieta11
High School Love Lifeby maebrieta11
  • chapter5
  • chapter4
  • chapter2
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Unbroken by LoveLyfe
Unbrokenby Alyssa
Vannah has just been captivated by the most beautiful boy she has ever laid her eyes on. He falls in love with her and his love takes her to a new mindset where she forg...
  • theflat
  • chapter6
  • meetingtheboyz
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