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Inky Darkness - Bendy x Reader by Killerwolfgirl1987
Inky Darkness - Bendy x Readerby TheRoseGoldWolf
Your dad Joey Drew brings you back to the workshop planning to leave you for dead, to be slaughtered by bendy. Instead you befriended him and make his life better.
  • alice
  • fluff
  • projectionist
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A Story Like Our's by EthanOcampo
A Story Like Our'sby Ethan Ocampo
Sometimes the smallest things have large value. And large issues can be tricky to solve. Sometimes we need to reflect on life to love it better.
  • 1weektogo
  • chapter2
  • chapter3
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Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Chronicles. by hellgirl1998
Naruto Seven Minutes In Heaven Beautiful Filth
Each chapter is a different ninja. Do you have the will to make it out of the closet for the whole seven minutes?...... As a new person? Each beginning is different as w...
  • lee
  • chapter5
  • minutesinheaven
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Martha cecilia endlessly 1 by JennieKimofficial1
Martha cecilia endlessly 1by Jennie Kim Official
Bernard - Ibinigay niya ang pangalan at pag-ibig sa iisang babae. And blamed himself that she died. Nawalan ng direksiyon ang buhay niya and thought that Diana could bri...
  • chapter12
  • chapter1
  • chapter9
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Raph's side by berrycola
Raph's sideby Berry
This story is about shredders youngest daughter, Celia who is not really sure whether she is on the good side or bad side. But with a long lost "relative" a &q...
  • raph
  • chapter3
  • tmnt
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Welcome home old friend  by Undergemartv
Welcome home old friend by iskelet oyuncu
Who can be know? you can be.... LAST HOPE
  • chapter5
  • inkbendy
  • henry
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"MY WORST ENEMY"//BTS// by JoyAh39
"MY WORST ENEMY"//BTS//by x🐥MingMing🐥x
  • chapter1
  • chapter3
  • chapter4
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How MGSV Should Have Ended: Chapter 3: Peace by IroquoisPliskin01
How MGSV Should Have Ended: Austin Mcmath
This isn't so much a fic, as it is a synopsis. If the community wants me to turn it into a fic, I'll consider it, but for now I just wanna share what gives me closure to...
  • chapter3
  • miller
  • mgsv
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"I'll Repaint Your Heart~" {Ink x Depressed Reader} by CaptainWoofles
"I'll Repaint Your Heart~" {Ink CaptainWoofles
Poor Y/N. your parents have died in a car accident. Grandpa died from an infection. Grandma..... is close to her death. Now what? who will protect you in ur depressed an...
  • chapter3
Lost In Paradise --- MIGHT DELETE --- by gymxlissy
Lost In Paradise --- MIGHT Alysia
Two teenagers who are different in every possible way, in their last year of high school, Austin the troublemaker hottie who just got expelled from his old school and no...
  • california
  • mystory
  • championship
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Get In Danger (Kwon Mina) (Baek Hyun) by BlessEscana
Get In Danger (Kwon Mina) (Baek Bless Escana
A girl w/ special powers named Mina Yoon (Kwon Mi na)And a simple boy named Byun Baek Hyun (Byun Baek Hyun). He fall in love to Mina even he knows what is she.
  • chapter3
  • firsttime
Ships:Jovisha by _Au_thor
Ships:Jovishaby Hannah K.
This is the story of two classmates.. Falling in love with each other • • They'll face some difficulties..but in the end they still love each other.. • • They might not...
  • inlove
  • seloso
  • girllove
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PROMESA [Kai Y Tu] by salazarsofia88
PROMESA [Kai Y Tu]by salazarsofia88
Esta es la tercera parte de mi obra "secuestrada" espero le den mucho amor. Esta vez la vida de _____ y kai ha tomado un rumbo muy diferente, pero muy interes...
  • exo
  • kai
  • secuestrada
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taken by the sea 3 by LB_story
taken by the sea 3by LB_story
Sofia is eager to know if it was all a dream, so she desprettly looks for truth.
  • chapter3
Isolated by Jun_Dae_4L
Isolatedby Wong Ji Soo
A once beautiful dimension is destroyed by humanity no one dares to step foot in a place like this after it turns into a toxic wasteland. This one boy cannot leave his o...
  • chapter3
  • unbelievable
  • sighting
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The Jester ( Candy Pop )  by AvaKietzmann
The Jester ( Candy Pop ) by Ava Kietzmann
What happens if there is another jester in town? Cupcake is new in town, with her 5 year old brother called Zac and her mom, since her dad died when she was 13. That sa...
  • chapter3
Introduction by btsfanfics_s
Introductionby Btsfanfic
Hi my names destiny and I'm 14 i used to live in Compton, California but I got bullied in my school when I was 12, the kids were called Steven,Anna,Dianna,and Brandon...
  • scummy
  • stevenfernandez
  • chapter3
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The Bad-Boy And The School Nerd. by xXxTessiixXx
The Bad-Boy And The School Tessii
  • bad-boy
  • nerd
  • chapter3
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[ Norman meets Henry ] (For my dad.) by Addie_Balek
[ Norman meets Henry ] (For my Addie_Balek
I made this only for my dad, but did a Bendy Fanfic because why not.
  • fanfic
  • chapter3
  • theprojectionist
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The Stone Leopard by MikaylaBurke1
The Stone Leopardby MikaylaBurke1
  • chapter3
  • chapter4
  • chapter2
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