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falling for you... again by gracebatt123
falling for you... againby grace
Be apart of Brooke and Lucas' journey as they find their way back to each other.
The One That Got Away by 2000sGirl
The One That Got Awayby Faith Hope
It's been five years since Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer drove into the sunset, and into their happily ever after. They left behind their family, their friends, and Broo...
Save Me Now (One Tree Hill) by vinantee
Save Me Now (One Tree Hill)by vinantee
After all, they were two stupid kids who had no business being in a relationship in the first place. Brooke and Lucas have been best friends since they could remember...
The Girl behind the red door🦋 by okkay_briana
The Girl behind the red door🦋by okkay_briana
This Fictional character name Brooke Penelope Davis she is from one tree hill. And this book is about her life. She is the main character so the other characters won't b...
Cross My Heart (One Tree Hill) by vinantee
Cross My Heart (One Tree Hill)by vinantee
This is the story of Brooke Davis who mysteriously disappeared one day without giving any hint to her family and friends. Now she returns, seven years later.... But she...
My Ships by DramaFangirl25
My Shipsby Delena Salvatore
This is who I ship and fangirl over if you don't like them just don't comment and move on, you don't like my opinion then I don't care for yours, if you do like them fee...
One Tree Hill-For the Brucas Fans by EmberlyDavis-Baker
One Tree Hill-For the Brucas Fansby Emberly
After being away for so long, Brooke decides it's time she comes back to her home, back to Tree Hill.
Never let me go by swimgirl26
Never let me goby Gallavich_naley
ONE TREE HILL like never before, including things we all wished would happen and moments that we all missed
Falling For Nathan by JANA_MADZ
Falling For Nathanby JANA_MADZ
Haley james is a 17 year old girl best friends with brooke davis and lucas scott. And there Nathan Scott Lucas's half brother and a total dick. But he needs a tutor and...
One tree hill - Naley by tvopinionss
One tree hill - Naleyby tvopinionss
It's about a young teenager name Haley James who lives with her best friend Lucas, his mom Karen and his uncle Keith. They rented a beach house for the summer. They star...
Naley & The Four Years Missed by swimgirl26
Naley & The Four Years Missedby Gallavich_naley
We all were sad when we missed the time gap inbetween seasons four and five, and always were curious as to what happened. I hope that I can help with that feeling and gi...
5 Years Later. by alishakhali
5 Years leeeeshyy_123
Brooke returns to Tree Hill to tell her friends some exciting news, What will happen when Lucas Finds out? and now that Lucas and Brooke have moved will they let their f...
Riverdale Imagines/Preferences by Fuinnforever05
Riverdale Imagines/Preferencesby Fuinnforever05
I do take request it might take me awhile to do them because of How lazy I am . I'm only doing the boys for now but you can still request for me to do the girls.
Second Chances  by xpluvios
Second Chances by lover of rain ♡
Brooke and Lucas had become a power couple over the few months that they'd been dating. When Lucas left Brooke for her best friend, Peyton, everything fell apart. Brooke...
Christmas Countdown One-Shots by DramaFangirl25
Christmas Countdown One-Shotsby Delena Salvatore
Just some short stories of my favorite ships to brighten up the holidays! One a day until Christmas! (two today because I was a day late lol) Some are going to be song f...
Holly Scott> Q.F season 6  by OneTreeHillFanFics_
Holly Scott> Q.F season 6 by OneTreeHillFanFics_
Holly is Nathan and Lucas's little sister in this book she is a 17 year old girl and is just now in high school who is living with her brother Nathan and his wife haley...
The Youngest James Sister: Elizabeth James by mybabiesarewestallen
The Youngest James Sister: Vanessa
This about the youngest James Sister. Bethany James. Sister to younger sister to Haley, Quinn, and Taylor. Youngest daughter of Lydia&Jimmy
long & lost by mytreehill
long & lostby fanfiction
Brooke Davis was one of the strongest girls in Tree Hill. yes, she had her moments, but who didn't? one night ruins everything when she has a drunken one night stand wit...
Mermaid. by carlyprince1
#19 carlyprince1
Para Bella Swan sair de Forks depois que seu pai garantiu que já bastava de sofrer para quem não liga para ela, era complicado, mas completamente verdadeiro. Mas está em...
Quite Days by AwkwardLoner19
Quite Daysby AwkwardLoner19
Steady breathing Hearts beating Nothing but the rain. Based off Disconnect -5 Seconds of Summer.