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Shrouded by curlynerd4ever
Shroudedby CurlyNerd
Thalia Alfonsi, has finally moved in with her father's sister in order to live a life full of promise, keen and good away from the shattered home she had been bought up...
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Flora~ The Dumping Ground Fanfiction❀ by lilliemaex
Flora~ The Dumping Ground lilliemaex
flora ~ the plants of a particular region, habitat, or geological period. ✧ or just a young girl, in care, who needs help to overcome her past. ~The Dumping Ground Fanfi...
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DISCONTINUED ~ Stuck In Care  {Liam O'Donovan fanfic}  by miss_penguinxo
DISCONTINUED ~ Stuck In Care { miss_penguinxo
Crystal Adams is not the definition of normal. Her past is absolutely horrendous; but her future is not pleasant either.. She started of being an average normal girl; r...
  • horriblepast
  • love
  • frankmatthews
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the dumping ground // one shots  by handoverthe_tea
the dumping ground // one shots by handoverthe_tea
a collection of one shots and drabbles for a television show that deserves more recognition. this will be centred around one of my favourite characters, ryan reeves, bu...
  • pastabuse
  • jodyjackson
  • ryanreeves
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dumping ground love || liam o' donovan ff by softwoo_
dumping ground love || liam o' -ˋˏ 美学ˎˊ-
"No. We're not dating. But he's mine." When two people are meant for one another, No time is too long, no distance is too far, no one can ever tear them apart...
  • romance
  • tracybeakerreturns
  • fanfiction
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Ryan Reeves: Unwanted by CLewisWheeler
Ryan Reeves: Unwantedby C. Lewis
This is an (fanfic) about Ryan Reeves. Big TW of tags listed (Horror) I suggest you to be aged 15+ to read this. I hate how people assume things about people when they...
  • ryanreeves
  • sexgang
  • sad
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ryan reeves oneshot book by TDGfan_xxx
ryan reeves oneshot bookby shynight
i will have tee, carmon ,bailey, kaz and Johnny This is sickfics book where I write a whole different bunch sometimes oneshots but if u get confused about it they are...
  • ryanreeves
  • alex
  • fainting
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The runaway girl by our_second_lawleyy
The runaway girlby Dallas
  • kianlawley
  • runaway
  • kian
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The Dumping Ground - Charlotte (Liam O'Donovan fanfic) by secretscribblings
The Dumping Ground - Charlotte ( secretscribblings
Charlotte has quite a bit of unfortunate history, and after a incident in her old care home, burnywood, she gets moved to Elm Tree House. Will she fit in? Will secrets b...
  • claustrophobia
  • ground
  • gina
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unlocking the memories by TTRose16
unlocking the memoriesby Tia Rose
since the day the brunette tomboy first arrived in the dumping ground And changed a young pranksters life they would create a friendship that neither of them were ever g...
  • tylerlewis
  • jody
  • timetravel
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Hi, I Live In A Care Home by __queenly__
Hi, I Live In A Care Homeby 𝐂𝐡𝐥𝐨𝐞
This book is in the process of being rewritten. C O M P L E T E D O N 2 3 / 0 4 / 1 6 My life is stupid, no one cares. Who can care? No one I love is alive, just...
  • love
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jyler in love by DGRose123
jyler in loveby DGRose123
After the two best friends realise they are love they have to stay friends but when people start to realise they like each other they find out they might not have to a...
  • jylerstories
  • lewis
  • ground
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the dumping ground [o n h o l d ]  by blairetonks
the dumping ground [o n h o l d ] by blairetonks
Cassie Jones has been in care for as long as she can remember and the only parental figure has been Mike Milligan head care worker at Elm Tree House - Ashdene Ridge. Gr...
  • alex
  • elmtreehouse
  • thedumpingground
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The Dumping Ground Quizzes by writingrabbit6
The Dumping Ground Quizzesby writingrabbit6
A selection of Quizzes about the TV Show 'The Dumping Ground' ************************************************************************************************ My Other B...
  • thedumpinggroundquizzes
  • thedumpingground
  • gina
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Care Kid by Bascicallytilly
Care Kidby Bascicallytilly
Based off Tracey Beaker Return's and The Dumping Ground. About a messed up girl who finally learns to trust again. COMPLETE
  • carehome
  • damaged
  • savethedg
Haunted (A Ryan Reeves fanfic) by lmtmonty
Haunted (A Ryan Reeves fanfic)by lmtmonty
A Ryan Reeves from The Dumping Ground fanfic about his past (spoilers for season 4 if you haven't watched that yet)
  • chloereeves
  • ashdeenridge
  • carehome
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Bad Boys Girl | The Dumping Ground [SLOW UPDATES] by eemoo1o
Bad Boys Girl | The Dumping ⬇️ 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐬 ⬇️
Tyler's mum; Sally, shares a secret with the care-workers at The Dumping Ground. Once the secret kid arrives at Ashdene Ridge, who will love her?
  • carehome
  • ryanreeves
  • thedg
Rose *Matt Furnish / The DG* by OswaldDallas
Rose *Matt Furnish / The DG*by Chelsea Baynem
Rosie Clark hasn't really had a normal life, her mother was useless and she never really got along with her father. At the age of 9 Rosie was involved in an accident whi...
  • liamodonovan
  • katewestwood
  • dumpingground
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Broken passions {BxB} by cosmichildren
Broken passions {BxB}by Cosmichildren
A life full of pain is no life at all. Well that was Nathan's point of view towards the situation he was in. After escaping his abusive father, there was nothing left to...
  • orphan
  • bxblove
  • boylove
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reluctant heroes (i wanna be brave like you) by handoverthe_tea
reluctant heroes (i wanna be handoverthe_tea
• under construction • chloe's accident was the final straw, but it wasn't the only reason he was put into care. he made it his mission to keep that quiet - they already...
  • phobia
  • ryanreeves
  • flossguppy
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