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Tales of Demons & Gods (Ch 241+) by ravenshadow711
Tales of Demons & Gods (Ch 241+)by Raven. A
Killed by the Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13-year-old self, Nie Li was given a second chance at life. A second chance to change everything, save his loved ones and hi...
  • weak
  • demons
  • reborn
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Tales of demons and gods by RAMAGILIDITE
Tales of demons and godsby RAMAGILIDITE
Killed by a Sage Emperor and reborn as his 13 year old self, Nie Li was given a second chance at life. A second chance to change everything, save his loved ones and his...
  • talesofdemonsandgods
  • tdg
Can't Forget You by Fallenangel1807
Can't Forget Youby Walst's 💖
Matt Walst love story! ⚠️kinky shit will be in here along with a bit of a threesome ⚠️ so i got this idea from a book that i will label in the description. So if you hav...
  • salcosta
  • reidhenry
  • mdd
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Deserted by LoopyFandom4
Desertedby JustaFangirl
When Older brother Liam leaves the dumping ground Teagen feels deserted. When the other residents are exactly nice to her how will Teagen cope with being alone.
  • jodyjackson
  • tracybeakerreturns
  • tdg
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Jyler ~ In love with your best friend  by Jyler4thewin
Jyler ~ In love with your best Jyler4thewin
I sit next to Jody in the ambulance and strokes her hair. I lean down and whispers: " Everything gonna be okay...please don't leave me Jodes I love you " - - ...
  • tyler
  • jackson
  • jyler
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the dumping ground // one shots  by handoverthe_tea
the dumping ground // one shots by handoverthe_tea
a collection of one shots and drabbles for a television show that deserves more recognition. this will be centred around one of my favourite characters, ryan reeves, bu...
  • pastabuse
  • carehome
  • drabbles
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The Lost Girl (dumping ground)  by Banana1073
The Lost Girl (dumping ground) by Banana1073
Jess is only 12 and hasn't had the greatest start to life, neglected by her parents and then bounced between care home to care home and Foster parents to Foster parents...
  • tyler
  • wattys2019
  • tdg
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falling in love with your best friend (Completed) by TTRose16
falling in love with your best Tia Rose
what if your perfect match lived just across the hall from you.. Tyler and Jody are best friends but what happens when they both face their growing feelings for one ano...
  • family
  • dg
  • feelings
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The dumping ground ~ Happy Davies by Jyler4thewin
The dumping ground ~ Happy Daviesby Jyler4thewin
This is a story about Happy Davies, she's moving in to the dumping ground. Her past isn't really something she wants to talk about.
  • ground
  • alex
  • thedumpingground
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jyler in love by DGRose123
jyler in loveby DGRose123
After the two best friends realise they are love they have to stay friends but when people start to realise they like each other they find out they might not have to a...
  • tylerlewis
  • tyler
  • soulmates
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unlocking the memories by TTRose16
unlocking the memoriesby Tia Rose
since the day the brunette tomboy first arrived in the dumping ground And changed a young pranksters life they would create a friendship that neither of them were ever g...
  • jyler
  • tdg
  • tyler
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Past Present and Future - A Dumping Ground Story by tdgdiscuss
Past Present and Future - A tdgdiscuss
Jody is haunted by her past and grows closer to Tyler
  • jody
  • tdg
  • thedumpingground
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ryan reeves oneshot book by TDGfan_xxx
ryan reeves oneshot bookby shynight
i will have tee, carmon ,bailey, kaz and Johnny This is sickfics book where I write a whole different bunch sometimes oneshots but if u get confused about it they are...
  • migrane
  • teetayler
  • throwingup
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The Devouring Tyrant by Azhtaroth
The Devouring Tyrantby Azhtaroth
The almighty creator! Azhtaroth is still pretty pissed off by the stunt pulled by his brother. So he created another TDG universe and pick a random dude to be put there...
  • cultivation
  • harem
  • overpowered
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ink; rylex by -dumpers
ink; rylexby stan rylex ✨
ryan looked down onto his palm and there it was again. purple ink. [boyxboy / lowercase intended / soulmate au]
  • chloereeves
  • tdg
  • boyxboy
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150 reasons Jyler  by TTRose16
150 reasons Jyler by Tia Rose
What is it that has me stuck on these two The dumping grounds pairing of Tyler Lewis and Jody Jackson can I give you 100 reasons why those two are the OTP right now... W...
  • 100
  • opinions
  • jyler
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The further you'll go to find your dreams- The Dumping Ground Fanfiction  by The-Queer-Bookworm
The further you'll go to find The-Queer-Bookworm
When Poppy is moved from her home town of Leeds to Newcastle she is sent to Ashdene Ridge. She doesn't want to be fostered as she thinks her sister will come for her bu...
  • jodyjackson
  • tdg
  • baileywharton
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if only i could; ryan & alex [tdg] {DISCONTINUED} by -dumpers
if only i could; ryan & alex [tdg] stan rylex ✨
i would do it all again, if only I could. [lowercase intended] [boyxboy]
  • alex
  • ryanreeves
  • jyler
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Difficulties ~ Ryan Reeves by sleepyslytheringirl
Difficulties ~ Ryan Reevesby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
It would be wrong to say that Bella didn't have issues. Most began when she went into the care system, and the rest began not long before. Having to be separated from he...
  • ryanreeves
  • jennaortega
  • reeves
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Old Silly Bear. by Parlev
Old Silly 『Lieute♕nant』
Cuidar de Nicky ha sido la mayor experiencia de todas. Es como si la infancia volviera y trajera sus recuerdos con nosotros. Riren. Levi x Eren
  • niñero
  • rivaere
  • tdg
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