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Fairytail: Next Generation!!! by PomeranianPups
Fairytail: Next Generation!!!by PomeranianPups
In this Next generation you will meet the following Characters *Nashi Layla Dragneel *Nash Igneel Dragneel *Storm Fullbuster *Sylvia Fullbuster *Rin Fullbuster *Nova Dre...
  • nextgenerationfairytail
  • rosemary
  • rin
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Casanova's  Wife by LadyInBlue95
Casanova's Wifeby HOPELESSS
Song Jong Ki as Hanniel Curtis Song Hye Kyo as Hana Fernandez-Curtis Masarap ma-inlove lalo na sa taong gusto natin pero, mapaglaro ang tadahana kaya may pagkakataong ib...
  • wattpad
  • misisko
  • mister
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Lohan was the only man who could make her happy. But he was also the man she couldn't have. Now, she is soon to be married to a man she doesn't know, and since si Lohan...
  • romance
  • writer
  • series
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Magic Of The Stars by Mrs_Dragneel1203
Magic Of The Starsby Hime-sama
Lucy feels that she's weak because she lost both her battles in the Grand Magic Games and allowed her future self to die. She feels even worse when Natsu doesn't let her...
  • fairytail
  • marvell
  • meredy
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Jerza Shorts by Jewellery_Bits
Jerza Shortsby Jerza Author
(Ew the cover sucks) This is technically a drabbles book, but I thought 'shorts' would be better. These ideas are just small scenes that randomly pop in my head. There m...
  • erzascarlet
  • fernandez
  • onewordtitle
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A Rainy Day (Hetalia [Spamano]) by LUNAticX
A Rainy Day (Hetalia [Spamano])by Cindy
After a difficult day at the office, Romano goes to the bar and manages to get himself drunk. While in his drunken stupor, the Italian, for some reason, finds his way to...
  • lovino
  • hetalia
  • fernandez
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CHIM - One Hundred Dozen (Lesbian Story) by RacyLacey
CHIM - One Hundred Dozen (Lesbian...by Racy Lacey
The year is 2013 and Girls Aloud are finally simmering down into the band's retirement, still making sure to keep their close bond as friends. Deep down, however, Cher...
  • sensual
  • love
  • cole
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Fairy Tail : Next Generation by weaklingsbeshook
Fairy Tail : Next Generationby weaklingsbeshook
They're the kids of Fairy Tail's finest and they have a lot to live up to. Join the next gen kids as they embark of their own hectic adventures. There will be tears shed...
  • fernandez
  • jerza
  • nalu
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protector | c. mcknight by thedaydreamofyou
protector | c. mcknightby ᗩᑎGᕮᒪ
Skylar Nicole is the new girl at Reefside and immediately makes friends with Conner McKnight, Kira Ford, Ethan James, and Trent Fernandez. During a trip to the forest, S...
  • dinothunder
  • connermcknight
  • dino
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Yuzuru Hanyu Imagine (Yuzuru x reader) by MaliksMalika
Yuzuru Hanyu Imagine (Yuzuru x rea...by Aria
Worlds 2019 Yuzuru x reader
  • brian
  • saitama
  • brianorser
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Happy Birthday! Hetalia Countries by furubaJB15
Happy Birthday! Hetalia Countriesby It starts with the letter 'K'
Don't you think the cover is absolutely cute? Anyways each of these is a drabble for the Hetalia characters birthday's! Currently there is: Taiwan, Austria, Turkey, Latv...
  • gambling
  • ice
  • italy
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Fairy Tail Next Generation by weaklingsbeshook
Fairy Tail Next Generationby weaklingsbeshook
Lucas Dragneel has a lot to live up to. His dad is the famed fire-breathing Salamander of Fairy Tail, his mom is an esteemed wizard herself and best-selling author and h...
  • fernandez
  • dreyar
  • gruvia
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Fairy Tail Next Generation by fanficlover127
Fairy Tail Next Generationby Animegodess
This story is about the children of our favorite Fairy Tail Mages. Read along as they tackle problems concerning love, health, and power. Including; Nash Dragneel, Nashi...
  • romance
  • redfox
  • fanfiction
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Legacy (FT Next Generation) by ASHtheINTROVERTED
Legacy (FT Next Generation)by Ash
The Lost Princess - "Life is better when you laugh, Don't you think?" The Forgotten Descendent - "There are some things that you learn in the calm, and so...
  • miraxus
  • nova
  • kingdom
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Chim - Make You Stay by chezfezvez
Chim - Make You Stayby ❤️
Cheryl is broken and in desperate need of a friend. Kimberley is trying to rebuild her life. Can Kim bring Cheryl back from the brink?
  • aloud
  • cheryl
  • kimberley
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Fairy Tail: Our Generation by ASHtheINTROVERTED
Fairy Tail: Our Generationby Ash
SEQUEL TO: Fairy Tail: Next Generation Nashi Dragneel and the rest of the guild try to continue their lives normally with a guildmates death. It's been difficult, but t...
  • dreyar
  • nextgeneration
  • fairytail
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 💔 Manu Ríos 💔 by manuelriosfdez
💔 Manu Ríos 💔by manu rios
  • manu
  • manurios1234
  • manurios
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Un Romance Roto (Yandere! Spain x reader) by HotSpanishAss
Un Romance Roto (Yandere! Spain x...by Spanish booty
The sequel to Mi Amor: The bad guys always lose in the end, according to your best friend. Is that necessarily true for all cases? Your supposed captor has been caught...
  • fernandez
  • clingy
  • yandere
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Julietta Mina by somosloswayland
Julietta Minaby Something🧞‍♂️
  • lorenzo
  • carla
  • zidane
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Fairy Tail Next Gen {Instagram} by min_lee_hyo
Fairy Tail Next Gen {Instagram}by 1-800-Y00NGAY
All of the next gen teens posting on their Insta! Random, yeah I know. but diversity!! CX
  • instagram
  • fullbuster
  • eucliffe
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