Sick with a Tumor by wendyccervantes
Sick with a Tumorby I follow back
A girl named Adalia discovers she has a brain tumor and is rushed into surgery. After surgery she stays in the hospital for a month and experiences the life she never th...
  • dolor
  • sick
  • cancerpatient
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Boys don't cry by theanoukarnold
Boys don't cryby Anouk
Kyle Maroon is an eighteen year old student in the small town called Dodge. After his mother passed away he turned into an agressive person who takes life for granted. B...
  • braincancer
  • boysdontcry
  • drama
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Zodiac Truth or Dare by Musiccakez
Zodiac Truth or Dareby ♡ Musa ♡
Warning: This book will only update after a request from a Wattpad reader. Requests are open throughout the book or messages to me. This used to be Universe High: Questi...
  • misadventures
  • drama
  • scorpio
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Anime Zodiacs (2018) by _contagion_
Anime Zodiacs (2018)by |Kaya Peters|
A collection of anime zodiacs put together by yours truly. I found some of these on the internet and some are made by me. Hope you enjoy!
  • deadlysins
  • aries
  • pisces
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zodic signs Memes  by moon1746
zodic signs Memes by 13_-_-_-_
one shots of zodic signs. facts and memes of zodic signs also I will write cute and funny zodice moments or facts so READ please~
  • zodicmemes
  • romance
  • taurus
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Loving Hallie by littletroublemaker_
Loving Hallieby Chloe
Amazing cover by @just_yasmin "Please don't leave," he begs me, grabbing my hands. I smile sadly at him. "You know I can't stop this from happening. It's...
  • teenfiction
  • fights
  • overprotectivebrothers
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Blake and Aimee by IfWallsCouldTalk02
Blake and Aimeeby IfWallsCouldTalk02
A John Green style short novel situated around the lives of two teenagers; Blake and Aimee. Blake is a pessimistic, self-loathing cancer patient while Aimee is a seeming...
  • cancer
  • teen-romance
  • john-green
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Zodiac Signs by -otherwxrldly
Zodiac Signsby ✰ dreamer ✰
Zodiac Signs rambles.
  • virgo
  • scorpio
  • aquarius
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All the zodiac signs by uth157
All the zodiac signsby 😰
This book is about people and anime characters you didn't know were Your sign. I'll make one-shots,any you want. I just do this cause I'm bored so.....enjoy the book
  • capricorn
  • scorpio
  • sagittarius
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Trường Học Mật Ngữ by Rinko_chann
Trường Học Mật Ngữby Rinko_chann
Một trường học chủ yếu là với các cung hoàng đạo... à lộn rồi, hành động mới đúng :D
  • libra
  • aquarius
  • gemini
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A Paper Memory (The Diary Series Spin-Off) by Chloe_Kaydee_x
A Paper Memory (The Diary Series Chloe Kaydee
Liam Hayes has been through a lot - a lot of which no one knows. His mother left when he was six, he used to have a twin who died during birth, and a year ago; His fathe...
  • death
  • memory
  • funny
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+Cancer+/Дууссан/ by Charlotenn
+Cancer+/Дууссан/by Charlotte
boyxboy Би хэзээ ч чамайг үнсэхгүй.
  • jungkook
  • sad
  • mongol
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Zodiacs by _Rin_Tohsaka_
Zodiacsby Rin Tohsaka
READ. THE. TITLE! Hello! Here I will post daily horoscopes and other zodiac stuff. Love y'all! Tohsaka Rin
  • aries
  • libra
  • random
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Who Do You Trust? by LOZFreak12
Who Do You Trust?by LOZFreak12
The Zodiac signs decide to go to a 'haunted' mansion and spend a couple nights there. At first, everything is all fun and games. Mysterious objects suddenly appear, each...
  • mystery
  • libra
  • leo
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Zodiac Signs by krizziya_mae2507
Zodiac Signsby krizziya_mae2507
As I said before, I am really interested in zodiac signs and thought, why not just make a book about it? So, here it is. I hope
  • gemini
  • leo
  • aquarius
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the boy who saved me || Brendon  by KatiePaulley
the boy who saved me || Brendon by Katie Paulley
A suicidal girl name Lizzy message one of her inspiration of a person brendon urie telling him that he has inspired her to do so much but that her happyness has disappea...
  • selfhate
  • depession
  • selfharm
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Zodiac signs  by aubree_fanfics
Zodiac signs by aubree_fanfics
All are from Pinterest what is your zodiac sign and what does it say about you???
  • virgo
  • pisces
  • aquarius
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Showing me the meaning of being lonely by Priceisrightrusher
Showing me the meaning of being Priceisrightrusher
Okay since i hit 800 followers I am going to do another book. Like my other book the one where i combined Nouis and Kogan together. This one is just going to be me. Like...
  • fighter
  • adoption
  • survivor
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Zodiac Signs by poseidonsgirl1
Zodiac Signsby Stuck in a Book
I know there is a lot, but, some of these I made up some I found anyways, if you wanna read it go ahead, if not *shrugs shoulders* don't.
  • scenarios
  • gemini
  • capricorn
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Young, Dumb and Sick by Ashleypoo132
Young, Dumb and Sickby Ashleypoo132
"Jude, please look at me. Stop trying to kill yourself. You have so much to live for. You're young and healthy. I wish I could live a long, life. But I can't, becau...
  • teenlove
  • cancer
  • romance
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