bts zodiacs by nvmggukie
bts zodiacsby /\ beth \/
[lower-case intended!] honestly, i'm not sure why i made this. but anyways, here you go, reader. *hands over book* ^-^ (some mature stuff is included, by the way, but th...
  • jungkook
  • libra
  • aquarius
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Zodiac High by xXBonnieDatBaeXx
Zodiac Highby PoPpY
Follow the twelve zodiacs as they battle their way through the hell known as Highschool! But with a twist...
  • virgo
  • pisces
  • air
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Zodiac Sign Stories by RedPhoenixFlames
Zodiac Sign Storiesby RedPhoenixFlames
A book of what zodiac signs would do in different scenarios. Full of short stories or descriptions. New chapters coming soon :)
  • gemini
  • aquarius
  • zodiacs
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Gates of The Ghetto  by cookray1017
Gates of The Ghetto by Cookray1701
In the hood of New York City where many suffer the imprisonment of the projects lives a thirteen year old boy, his grandma, and his older brother. Like most kids his mai...
  • cancer
  • hood
  • drugdealer
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Give me Time  by MaddieZeta
Give me Time by Mads
Landon Cage is the stereotypical 16 year old golden boy of Crystal Water High School, except he has a big secret. Landon left school at the end of April and hasn't been...
  • life
  • time
  • death
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~Zodiac Signs~ by suprisinglyspirited
~Zodiac Signs~by Smoky Sax Solo
Welcome! These posts will come from Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, ect. I will label a chapter so if I've created it. I don't claim any of these things...
  • leo
  • taurus
  • zodiacsigns
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Star Signs by Elora0619
Star Signsby Elora0619
Zodiac/star signs !!This is all for fun and entertainment and shouldnt be taken seriously!!
  • zodiac
  • aries
  • capricorn
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Last Moments | HUAZE LEI by smolmochi7
Last Moments | HUAZE LEIby Exai
Liu Mei is Huaze Lei's childhood best friend, she grew up with him and the rest of F4 including Jing, Mae is known for her talent in music and her kind and happy persona...
  • youth
  • dying
  • darrenchen
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Rewrite the Stars by Lila-K
Rewrite the Starsby Lila-K
Rosalinda and Benjamin were madly in love and planning their future together. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for them and Rosalinda moved away leaving Benjamin to w...
  • adult
  • possessive
  • funny
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Heal My Heart by browningpages
Heal My Heartby Tabby
~UPDATES WEEKLY (USUALLY)~ STARTED: SATURDAY, AUGUST 25TH, 2018 COMPLETED: -- Talia James' traumatic past completely defines the way she lives her life. From serious tr...
  • rich
  • harrassment
  • cheating
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Zodiac Signs Conversations  by Weird_Zodiac_Queen76
Zodiac Signs Conversations by 👑👽Weirdness👽👑
Basically, this is just funny things the zodiac signs do, or just zodiac conversations.
  • scorpio
  • moments
  • libra
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nct zodiacs • honbbs by honbbs
nct zodiacs • honbbsby yuuki 🎋
[?] - "to the world 여기는 nct!" ✨ zodiac book for nct 2018✨
  • nct
  • scorpio
  • sagittarius
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Zodiac Love [Requests Are Open] {SLOW UPDATES} by Musiccakez
Zodiac Love [Requests Are Open] { ♡ Musa ♡
Warning: This book only updates when a fellow Wattpad reader recommends a ship. Requests are open via the book or messages to me. We know the ships from Universe High, Z...
  • capricorn
  • aquarius
  • pisces
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In The Beautiful by Trivial_Universe
In The Beautifulby Micah Sebs
Everyone has a beautiful. That one place or person or thing that they love unconditionally. Except for Andrea. She doesn't have one, becuase she doesn't think anything i...
  • love
  • family
  • death
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zodiac signs by v_for_vendetta2401
zodiac signsby vendetta
  • taurus
  • scorpio
  • aries
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Zodiac Sh*t by lilyyyann
Zodiac Sh*tby lily
This is basically going to be like the squads and stuff so yeah!! Also everything that I'm posting I found on google or Pinterest unless stated otherwise!!
  • squads
  • taurus
  • scorpio
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My life blog by XxPunkGothxX
My life blogby Raven Pierce
The title...
  • sad
  • blog
  • stuff
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In Loving Memory Of Elin Snow by ellas6
In Loving Memory Of Elin Snowby (e)
This whole book is fiction, therefore NOT real. - And so she held me. She held me and it felt like the whole galaxy touched me, and this feeling of gratefullness paralyz...
  • hbtq
  • sad
  • sadness
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ZODIAC SIGNS | BOOK:1 by TheMystWolf00
ZODIAC SIGNS | BOOK:1by The Mysterious Wolf
Title says it all❤️
  • zodiac
  • leo
  • situations
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