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My deepest apologies (Not a romance story) by Shikadai_Naara
My deepest apologies (Not a Shikadai_Naara
My Deepest Apologies {Not a Romance Story} Kireina H...... Actually, find out her last name yourself! She has a deep dark secret, that nobody knows. No parents, no great...
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Funny jokes and texts by hilmeg27
Funny jokes and textsby hilmeg27
This book is filled with hilarious texts and all over funnies
  • funny
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  • naha
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Vigilante? Izuku.. by ItMeJackson
Vigilante? ItMeJackson
Quick note: thanks to whoever drew this pic not mine!anddd Shout out to my friend Never4life and her followers. This is a story about izuku.. and that's all I'm going to...
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Goodbye by Markimoomoo_1615
Goodbyeby Markimoomoo_1615
"I....I can't believe this! I thought you loved me! I trusted you!" My vision started to become foggy as I tried to fight the tears back. "I would rathe...
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KYLE  by Http-FuckedUp
KYLE by Us fuck ups 👌🏻
just meee
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I miss her. by SpiritJoys
I miss Chocola
Btw I don't own this cover this is my followers icon so I give credit to her. Actaully I changed it so nvm
  • farewellmylove
  • sadness
  • love-loss
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open this to see who's behind this acc by mxrcyyy
open this to see who's behind ✨ Angela ✨
hey hoes it me
  • ass
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"I love you" (Markiplier X Reader) by SUFFOCATINGROSES
"I love you" (Markiplier X Reader)by tiredandgay
You had just moved to L.A. so you could find mark. What you didn't know was that his apartment room was right next to yours.
  • byeeee
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  • markiplier
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Half Blood Earth by alaskaofthenorth
Half Blood Earthby Alaska Barenal
When Lilly Silverson is given a necklace with two rings on it's chain for Christmas by her parents she doesn't question the properties of the ruby and sapphire that are...
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My boyfriend is a turd by DatRandomGurl123
My boyfriend is a turdby DatRandomGurl123
Jason is a hawt looking boy, but is personality is not. His personality is crappier than poop. Read the rest to find out.
  • crappy
  • byeeee
  • tiffany
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Kwak by BanaantjeLelle
Kwakby BanaantjeLelle
Hallo ik ben een meisje die verslaafd is aan covers maken. xD het is een hobby geworden. Echt extreem, wil je meer weten? Lees dan dit boek.
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Things I HATE About The World by TheSoullessGinger
Things I HATE About The Worldby Spock
Me talking about the race we call Humanity. Scientists call us Homo Sapiens. I call it ranting about idiots on this planet or basically the 3/4 of my race (#AmericaYo). ...
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Hello by JokinglySerious
Helloby Nongdam
Please, pick up the phone.
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The shadow by Theepicerin
The shadowby Theepicerin
ORIGINAL//SICK OF DRAMA//ITS ORIGINAL finished 5/01/17 (British)
  • scary
  • kidnapped
  • byeeee
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Friends by hmc2004
Friendsby Author Hayley C.
Friends are the best thing ever. That is all I'm putting. Read to find out more.
  • shortstory
  • friend
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