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Cancer Takes Another One by BeanPadd2283
Cancer Takes Another Oneby Syndria
Naruto Uzumaki Namekaze has lived a life of pain abuse of all kinds. He is hated for what he is and people beat him on a daily basis. On the night of his 13th birthday h...
Do you still love me? (rewrite) by sundrop_naruto
Do you still love me? (rewrite)by sundrop_naruto
Naruto uzumaki is dating Sasuke Uchiha, Neji Hyuga, Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka, Shikamaru Nara, Rock Lee, Itachi Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake, Sai Kankuro and Gaara. Everythi...
The Hitsugaya Brother. by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
The Hitsugaya Naruto Namikaze
Toshiro is Naruto's older brother. Ren Hitsugaya is Toshiro's father. Jushiro is Toshiro's grandfather. Ren abandoned Toshiro due to Ren doing a bad choice in life and n...
The Deranged Divinity by dfaltu
The Deranged Divinityby dfaltu
The decimating army crusher An ungodly presence The faceless god The strongest of divinities *scoff* So ironic. These titles bestowed... Demon Monster Traitor Murder S...
Broken but not defeated by Namikaze-Brat
Broken but not defeatedby Kaito Namikaze
Naruto Namikaze Uzamaki is what she has to go by to avoid being raped again but by playing it off as a boy she gets hit harder and beat more often, that is until her 16...
The brOKen Mask by Azuna062
The brOKen Maskby T.M.O
Description in book. This book isn't mine I adopted it from another person.
Ice Reincarnation. by CloudNarutoHitsugaya
Ice Naruto Namikaze
It's the Chunin exams. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are taking them. During the Second Rounds of the Chunin Exams when Orochimaru blasts away Naruto, Naruto becomes unconsc...
Naruto X Sasuke by naryaoi
Naruto X Sasukeby naryaoi
Naruto is mentally broken after never being bullied for his hole life and knowing sasuke would never date him
the demons power by shadowking4477112
the demons powerby Tobi Wiston
this is the same story in a way a boy who was treated like dirt seen as a monster somthing that should be locked up but this time naruto is not just ignored hes torutur...
Kakanaru: The pain behind Naruto's mask by NarutoLover579
Kakanaru: The pain behind Naruto' NarutoLover579
Naruto is a boy who has been abused by his village. To reduce the number of beatings he is forced to endure, he pretends to be a happy go lucky dead last idiot. Secretly...
Binding the Shadows by Dropsh0t
Binding the Shadowsby Dropsh0t
"When a winner is born there must also be a loser. Where there is light there must also be darkness." In the world of the shinobi there was always the temptat...