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Daughter Of Dragons: A Hobbit Fanfiction by GodismyDD
Daughter Of Dragons: A Hobbit Elisabeth Anne
Valadhiel is not only the daughter of dragons, but she is also part elf, and she is capable of skin-changing, despite the fact that both of her parents were dragons. ...
Saphira in the Hobbit by BiancaEvans2
Saphira in the Hobbitby LegolasG5*
You have all read or watched the Hobbit and know that 13 dwarves, a hobbit & wizard set out on a quest. But what if a young elf maiden joined them on their quest to recl...
Journey to Middle Earth // Thorin Oakenshield by JadeCross4ever
Journey to Middle Earth // Jade Cross
Sara Aldhard is a simple girl in college, living happily with her parents and brothers when a disaster occurs with one of her brothers and she gets into a life changing...
Staying Alive {Hobbit Fanfic} Thorin/OC by Element-Of-Dreams
Staying Alive {Hobbit Fanfic} Lithôniel (Ashley)
A young dwarven child is found one cold night on the outskirts of the Blue Mountains by a guard. Questions and problems slowly rise. For instance, Who left her their to...
Overlord: the March of Mordor  by WriterFreemanHL
Overlord: the March of Mordor by WriterFreeman
It's a different story no aniz or his servants characters. Only kyluron and his servants and allies and some of the maids I love and some characters maybe. This is the w...
Daughter of Dragons: A Hobbit Fanfiction by GodismyDD
Daughter of Dragons: A Hobbit Elisabeth Anne
All Rights to J.R.R Tolkien and Peter Jackson. Valadhiel is not only the Daughter of Dragons, but she is also part Elf and is capable of Skin-Changing. How, she doe...
Algo como reseñas by unascomelibros
Algo como reseñasby Unas Come Libros
Blog literario: reseñas, recomendaciones, y más. 💻 📚
The Beginning by legxcyhaiz
The Beginningby CEO of Emily Junk
She is 2 when she leaves Rivendell to go Mirkwood as there is a darkness growing and her father has to go north while her mother has business and cannot take care of her...
The Valar's Chosen {Hobbit Fanfic} by Element-Of-Dreams
The Valar's Chosen {Hobbit Fanfic}by Lithôniel (Ashley)
What happens when The Valar see what's to come in Middle Earth to their creations? The horrors and deaths that will happen? This time, they won't let their creations suf...
Website Content Writing Services -SDAD Technology by diyaverma150
Website Content Writing diya verma
SDAD Technology, the Best Content Writing Services, has reinforced its position amongst Top Content Writing Companies with its extremely powerful and quality content wri...
Bolg de tu kuinaza by __cloudyVY2
Bolg de tu kuinazaby Roro 66
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Sonic Portal to Middle Earth. by ArafinweCarnesir
Sonic Portal to Middle Hi! I'm Hans
Uh-Oh! Shadow accidentally opens a portal going into Middle Earth, and, thanks to Knuckles, Team Sonic is sucked up in the portal. Upon this, they meet a Hobbit named Bi...
Mi blog fake by -heyKaito-
Mi blog fakeby Kaito
Jjaja le el título .-.
The Revenge Of Gundabad by sonadow759
The Revenge Of Gundabadby Brigitte
The war is over and peace is seemingly all over in the light, but in the darkness a hatred goes strong... And Mirkwood's own Prince Legolas has to bear the consequences.
Army against azog by Bel_Silverleaf
Army against azogby Rosey_patch
My name is Isabellalana Green-leaf, Princess of Mirkwood. I can heal any injury and I mean any! So that means that no one will die on my watch and if you do, I will brin...
Un Blog Más  by X_SoyArsloid_X
Un Blog Más by 《 Akira Kano 》
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