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"Found ya~" | Blice story | On Going  by AngelCercan
"Found ya~" | Blice story | On AngelCercan
Two childhood friends who was seperated meet again 12 years later will they still remember each other again? will they still be friends after so long? Or will they be mo...
Who's Your Ideal Guy? by Sharlamin
Who's Your Ideal Guy?by Amano
Raints High School has such influential male students. Although, it's in a few different ways. Some of them are good student, has good grades and manners. Some others a...
Boboiboy Oneshots and Randomness by FieryBlaze777
Boboiboy Oneshots and Randomnessby Abby
This Book contains oneshots and author randomness related to Boboiboy. It will also contain le tags~ ⚠️⚠️Warning: The book contains shipping, genderbends, angst and som...
Boboiboy Oneshots by Matchmakerlover
Boboiboy Oneshotsby Matchmakerlover
Just some BBB oneshots! OwO This includes: - Ships ~ Such as, ThundClone, BlIce, ThoLar, FaKe, HaliSol, etc. Just some yaoi stuff lmao xD - Sibling/Brotherly Love - Rand...
Ikaw (Blice) [SU] by Sya_Mochii
Ikaw (Blice) [SU]by Silent
"Kamu anugerah yang terindah. Kau berikan erti hidup ini, aku berjanji cinta aku hanyalah kamu." "Ketulusan cinta ini. Dewasakan jiwa ini. Ingin selamanya...
BBB Elemental Ships by PurVioGirl456
BBB Elemental Shipsby Fraxus101
Thunderstorm x Cyclone = ThundClone Blaze x Ice = BlIce Solar x Thorn = SoRn Fang x Quake = FaKe Ships are sailing everywhere!
The Legendary Kingdom [Boboiboy Elemental Fanfic] by hyouka-chan256
The Legendary Kingdom [Boboiboy hyouka-chan256
Every kingdom in this world have it's own power and ruler. But there's only 7 kingdom that've been said Legendary because of their special powers. They also say that th...
Boboiboy Truth or dare challenge by Misshangel
Boboiboy Truth or dare challengeby WinglessAngel
you can request anything guys!!!!! I mean it!!! anything at all!!!!! here are the ship couples: Blice ( blaze and ice) Fake ( Fang and Quake) Tholar (Thorn and solar) Th...
IF HALITAU MEET TAUHALIby I'm swag right...?
Apa akan jadi bila HaliTau(Seme!Hali Uke!Tau) jumpa dengan TauHali(Seme!Tau Uke!Hali)?Macam 'IF YOONMIN MEET MINYOON' versi Boboiboy sebenarnya cuma lain sikit ceritanya...
Boboiboy Sibling Truth Or Dare by -_Boboiboy_Cyclone_-
Boboiboy Sibling Truth Or Dareby Luke Montgomery
Hey I'm back with another randomness here and this time its the Boboiboy siblings turn!! Cyclone:Why are we in this again Thunder:I don't really care as long as I'm not...
Bbb Oneshots by catfan1303
Bbb Oneshotsby Catgirlfan003
Warning: Fluff, boyxboy, Yaoi This is my first story know the tittle Ships: -Fake -Thundclone -Blice (Ice is the seme) -Sorn
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Boboiboy Truth or Dare!! >:3 by CrystallineGamings
Boboiboy Truth or Dare!! >:3by CrystallineGamings
Hewwo! I am le back with a new book! Put your dares in the comments!! THEY BETTER BE YAOI!! I JUST SHIP YAOI SO HARD
(COMPLETED) Wake me up (A Blaze x Ice story) by ImLonely11307
(COMPLETED) Wake me up (A Blaze simp sand of the potatoes
"Ice, I'm here.." Blaze said to Ice "Hello Ice" A figure said Boboiboy doesn't really split up for any thing unnecessary, but what if a girl find so...
Our Special Teacher! [BoBoiBoy Elemental AU] by ainan_b
Our Special Teacher! [BoBoiBoy ainan_b
WARNIG: CONTAINS SHIPS DON'T LIKE DON'T READ Ice adalah cikgu yang mengajar 7 orang pelajar yang kaya, Fang, Gempa, Halilintar, Solar, Thorn, Blaze dan Taufan. Ice ada...
Boboiboy Siblings Truth or Dare by Cynthia_Scythe
Boboiboy Siblings Truth or Dareby betrayal
Hey Guys! So another random book brought to you by Bea. And guys don't be shy to give dares.
BoBoiBoy Chatroom by bebzkie_twinnierose
BoBoiBoy Chatroomby catto
CHAT CHAT CHAT is what the siblings' do. ENJOY...... MotherEarth - Quake ThundereChu - Thunderstorm Cycute5 - Cyclone BurningFire - Blaze FrozenLazyBear - Ice CacThorn...
Boboiboy ( What if ) by Misshangel
Boboiboy ( What if )by WinglessAngel
Request are open~ Enjoy!~ *wink*... Not accepting OC's (^_^") Sorry my bad
Boboiboy Randomness Book (Discontinued) by blazingfireyelement
Boboiboy Randomness Book ( BlazeKunoKun
Hi am zaza, this book is about random roleplay and doing, everyone has there own role including me, its like a family roleplay. Heres the main chachters 7 bbb elements...
Random Boboiboy Elements Texts by DontCallMeCuteBaka
Random Boboiboy Elements Textsby CloneStan/GorillaTortilla
ahahahahahhahahaha I'm a cringy little boi ;)
Ships! Truth or Dare!!! by BangtanBoys_BTS13
Ships! Truth or Dare!!!by BTS fan!
Hey guys! This is my second book! The first one is "I Love You Till The End". It was really random and filled with ships *cough*tholar,thundclone,blice,fake*co...