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"My Perverted Boyfriend~" | Blice story | On Going | Icelaze Solthorn | ☑ by AngelCercan
"My Perverted Boyfriend~" | AngelCercan
Two childhood friends made a promise after being seperated then meet again after 16 years will they still remember each other? {Completed} Most impressive rank [7 Dece...
A story about septuples, but where one of them loses his memory due to an accident. Will others be able to recover his memory? Or will they fail miserably? Will they hav...
Boboiboy Truth or Dare!! >:3 by CrystallineGamings
Boboiboy Truth or Dare!! >:3by CrystallineGamings
Hewwo! I am le back with a new book! Put your dares in the comments!! THEY BETTER BE YAOI!! I JUST SHIP YAOI SO HARD
Ice And The Elementals 50%(LoL edition UwU) by doro_roti
Ice And The Elementals 50%(LoL doro_roti
(AU version) (maybe there'll be some ship °<°) a bunch of short story that related to Ice, maybe you think he's quite but who knows what is on his mind UwU. a comedic...
BoEl dkk book ToD (yaoi) {hiatus} by blue_bear57
BoEl dkk book ToD (yaoi) {hiatus}by blueeee
Ship For This Book! ->blice (Blaze SEME) ->halitau (Halilintar SEME) ->solthorn (Solar SEME) ->fanggem (Fang SEME) ->frostglac (Frostfire SEME) ->s...
Who's Your Ideal Guy? by Sharlamin
Who's Your Ideal Guy?by Amano
Air is more cool! Nah, can't you see how hot Petir is? Hey watch it! Look how elegant Tanah is instead! As the three argue
BoBoiBoy Chatroom by bebzkie_twinnierose
BoBoiBoy Chatroomby catto
CHAT CHAT CHAT is what the siblings' do. ENJOY...... MotherEarth - Quake ThundereChu - Thunderstorm Cycute5 - Cyclone BurningFire - Blaze FrozenLazyBear - Ice CacThorn...
Boboiboy Sibling Truth Or Dare by -_Boboiboy_Cyclone_-
Boboiboy Sibling Truth Or Dareby Luke Montgomery
Hey I'm back with another randomness here and this time its the Boboiboy siblings turn!! Cyclone:Why are we in this again Thunder:I don't really care as long as I'm not...
[SHIP STORIES] by mikageaikawaa
[SHIP STORIES]by mikageaikawaa
This book will contain stories about the ships I said so. it will be fill with [Fluff], [Love], [sadness],[R18] and more. If you dont like this ship or uninterested in...
The Legendary Kingdom [Boboiboy Elemental Fanfic] by hyouka-chan256
The Legendary Kingdom [Boboiboy hyouka-chan256
Every kingdom in this world have it's own power and ruler. But there's only 7 kingdom that've been said Legendary because of their special powers. They also say that th...
(COMPLETED) Wake me up (A Blaze x Ice story) by ImLonely11307
(COMPLETED) Wake me up (A Blaze simp sand of the potatoes
"Ice, I'm here.." Blaze said to Ice "Hello Ice" A figure said Boboiboy doesn't really split up for any thing unnecessary, but what if a girl find so...
Boboiboy Elementals - Truth or Dare! by Sorii17
Boboiboy Elementals - Truth or Sorii17
I'm bored and got nothing else to do, was feeling nostalgic too so how bout a little Boboiboy Truth or Dare for our dear elementals ohhh that includes the og too^^ Boboi...
The Ghost Doctor {SUPER RARELY UPDATED} by Fangboi_shipper
The Ghost Doctor {SUPER RARELY Fangboi_shipper
Thunderstorm/Hali is a genius doctor but arrogant and selfish. One day, he gets involved in an unexpected case; his spirit possesses another doctor's body. These two doc...
Listen (Boboiboy Poetry One-shots) by ZhezcaIero-Way
Listen (Boboiboy Poetry One-shots)by fuckthis
These boys may be fictional, but their stories are worth telling. Poems about Boboiboy, his seven elements, Fang, and Kaizo. I own only my poetry and headcanons; the cha...
☯️The Boboiboy's Family And The Reverse's Family☯️ []ON GOING[] by KuroiKitsune4507
☯️The Boboiboy's Family And The _Icelaze&Blice_
Remember this is my au! Reverse and boboiboy's are cousins And in this my au Boboiboy Lunar and Boboiboy Blaze are the same person And only Blaze has the power of Boboi...
Random Boboiboy Elements Texts by DontCallMeCuteBaka
Random Boboiboy Elements Textsby CloneStan/GorillaTortilla
ahahahahahhahahaha I'm a cringy little boi ;)
✨The things the 7 element brothers always do that you need to know✨ by KuroiKitsune4507
✨The things the 7 element _Icelaze&Blice_
hola OwO this Is inspired by @RoselineHatsune