Who's Your Ideal Guy?

Who's Your Ideal Guy?

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Amano By Sharlamin Updated Jan 04

Raints High School has such influential male students. Although, it's in a few different ways. Some of them are good student, has good grades and manners. 

Some others always makes problems and disturbances. They're the raucous one. Still, they're all known in their own way.

One day, three girls were discussing about these boys. They wouldn't agree with each other. Thus, the fight between them begin.

Boboiboy Fanfiction

✨This story revolves around Boboiboy's 7 Personalities.

✨Name in the 7 elements of Boboiboy

✨Three girls, own characters, also revolves around these three.

✨Elemental AU

-Romance ❤️
The main story IS NOT ROMANCE.
But I'll add some of course, since the main character are both Boboiboy and the girls.

-BL 💕
Maybe I'll add some BL (Boy's Love) but I'll tell you beforehand if you don't like it just skip the chapter.

-Comedy 😂
I'm not good with comedy but I'll try my best!

Will only start in the middle of the story

The story will be in English Language 
(I may add Malay Language if there's a request)

Disclaimer: The characters are Monsta's
I'll also add some of my OC
Book cover are Art Comm by @/grumpyaera (IG)

The plot are mostly mine but also from the art I'll be mentioning in the story.