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Beyond The Eternity by kusirs
Beyond The Eternityby kusirs
He's enigmatic and she's just another passerby on the street. He comes and goes like the seasons and vanishes like the wind. If she blinks, she'll miss him again. It won...
Snowflakes and Time (Hitsugaya Toshiro x Reader) by krazenground
Snowflakes and Time (Hitsugaya krazenground
(Y/N) Tempus, niece of the 1st division captain, has yet to activate her bankai. When Captain Yamamoto finds out that her bankai is none other than the Cursed Bankai, he...
Hopelessly Devoted to You (Gin Ichimaru love story) by Bleach-Gin
Hopelessly Devoted to You (Gin Gin Ichimaru
Changing fate, changing dreams, changing life as we know it. This tale brings to life the fates of two soul reapers trying to find their purpose. One of them is a man wh...
Grimmjow x reader lemon by YourMainInterest
Grimmjow x reader lemonby Sinner mothership
Positive feedback=continuation Watch out for lemons in later chapters Enjoy.
My Right by ShadowWriter2711
My Rightby ShadowWriter2711
*I wrote this story on MANY years ago! So many apologies for any spelling/punctuation errors. I will be slowly going back and editing these chapters!* Ane...
Strange One (Bleach Fanfic) by Debbekham
Strange One (Bleach Fanfic)by Debbekham
*Editing in progress* Everyone in Karakura Town and the soul society are happy. Doing there job. Especially the soul reapers. Ichigo Kurosaki protects his town. He isnt...
Percy Jackson and the Soul Society: The Weight of Betrayal by Ezras_Hargrave
Percy Jackson and the Soul Ezras_Hargrave
After the Giant War, Percy thought he could finally settle down with Annabeth and start a family. Instead, due to the meddling of Eros, Percy is heartbroken and wants to...
Inappreciable [BLEACH fanfic] [AiIchi] by AienKrei
Inappreciable [BLEACH fanfic] [ Haiden
*Inappreciable có nghĩa là không thể chấp nhận được. Aizen nhờ một cách kì diệu nào đó đã thoát ra được nhà giam. Nhưng sức mạnh của hắn chưa hồi phục hẳn. Trong lúc đ...
Lost (Bleach Fanfic) *Sequel Book 2* by Debbekham
Lost (Bleach Fanfic) *Sequel Debbekham
*Sequel if Strange One must read that book first* Nightmare just woke up from a year of sleep after almost putting a stop to Aizen by sacrificing herself. She doesnt kno...
In His Eyes ( Ulquiorra Cifer x Reader ) by _eiki_
In His Eyes ( Ulquiorra Cifer x _eiki_
Summary: Dare he say he feels more than lust? It is written in his P.O.V there is slightly mature content. I own nothing but the story itself. Thank you Italics are a...
Forgotten Promises by Alexandria211
Forgotten Promisesby Havain3911
I had no memories. I had no home. I had no name. I knew not what I was, only that I existed. And now I know. I have new memories. I have a new home. I have a new name...
Black Moon Warrior:The Path Of The Protecter(Book 1) by RajayTaylor8
Black Moon Warrior:The Path Of Rajay Taylor
(A/U) What if two and half years after Ichigo defeated Sorako Aizen and her Arrancar army ending the Winter War in favor of the Soul Society he is left alone by all of h...
Re:Member ( #twistfatechallenge) by Nikolean
Re:Member ( #twistfatechallenge)by Q
Ulquiorra Cifer- one of Aizen's strongest, most trusted allies. He was an embodiment of darkness, cold, dispassionate, callous, but despite his power was not particularl...
ASK OR DARE RUKIA! by KurosakiRukia
ASK OR DARE RUKIA!by Rukia Kuchiki Kurosaki
Hello! I'm Rukia Kuchiki and I would love to answer questions you might wanna ask me. I'll be accepting dares too so might as well dare me! I'll try my best to do it for...
Bleach Heart Beat (IchiRuki) Fanfiction by Reztera
Bleach Heart Beat (IchiRuki) EZUTER4
Ichigo and Rukia have started a relationship together in the human world having left Soul Society and their feelings for one another have greatly devleoped. Will their f...
~Bleach~ Toshiro Hitsugaya Fanfic ~ by _Local_808_
~Bleach~ Toshiro Hitsugaya Fanfic ~by Mel
Ok this is gonna be my first ever fanfic. So bare with me if it sucks. Its gonna be a mix to time today to then. Im gonna make Toshiro appearance a little different just...
Mythica Book 1: Shadows In the Leaves by _itsjustmika13_
Mythica Book 1: Shadows In the Gisha Keije
Shaquille Ashleigh Catastrophe has just come back to the legendary D. R. A. X Project from her suspension and there's a lot in store for her. The new mysterious white h...