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Drag Queen Preferences by thecandycanes
Drag Queen Preferencesby caroline
Gender neutral reader Queens featured: Aja, Adore Delano, Aquaria, Blair st Clair, Kameron Michaels, Katya Zamolodchikova, Miz Cracker, Sharon Needles and Trixie Mattel.
rupaul's drag race preferences by jaredkleinmeme
rupaul's drag race preferencesby e m i l y
the title says everything! . .. ... the queens so far in this book are trixie mattel, katya zamolodchikova, adore delano, violet chachki, miz cracker, jinkx monsoon, aqu...
RPDR Preferences by BoHoDyke_27
RPDR Preferencesby ✨𝔹ℍ𝔻_𝟚𝟟✨
RPDR Preferences, also known as Volume 1, Volume 1, Part One or 1.1, was my first preference book. Coming from the x reader area, it wasn't too much of a shift, but it w...
Drag Race Preferences by hausofzeconfused
Drag Race Preferencesby Confuzedt
Just some drag race preferences. Too on the nose, eh? Gender-neutral. There are disclaimers in the chapters intended for female readers. Most of this is plot-based 'caus...
Rupaul's Drag Race- queen oneshots by ThegoodThebadTheDrag
Rupaul's Drag Race- queen oneshotsby ThegoodThebadTheSickening
basically I wanna test the waters with my writing, I love drag race and wanna right imagines (etc) about my favourite queens. I'll take requests and am open to construct...
Drag Race smut + imagines by whenisaypostquam-
Drag Race smut + imaginesby whenisaypostquam-yousaynumquam
A collection of imagines that I've written about the drag queens from Rupaul's drag race
Drag Queen Preferences by cottoncandyitalics
Drag Queen Preferencesby cottoncandyitalics
REQUEST ALWAYS WELCOME! Queens in the preferences already : Kameron Michaels Aquaria Miz Cracker Adore Delano Brooke Lynn Hytes
Rupauls Drag Race Imagines And Prefrences by LottieBeau1
Rupauls Drag Race Imagines And Pre...by Beau
There may be spelling mistakes These are stories of the contestants from Rupauls Drag Race. If you cant find your favourite drag queen. Bare with! Ill try my best to...
Get Lucky by mateohyteslove
Get Luckyby mateohyteslove
Vanessa wants to start a new life so bad that finds herself in the streets with nothing but a suitcases, luckily a certain blonde is looking for a roomate
Adopted by drag queens by demimoi
Adopted by drag queensby demimoi
Hi, this is my first story in English so if I made mistake tell me please. --- This story is about a girl who will be adopted by some famous drag queen from rpdr. --- Ma...
I'd Rather Be With You *Rosénali* by rosexdenali
I'd Rather Be With You *Rosénali*by rosexdenali
Princess Denali of Wintry has just become of age to attend 'Madame Vaday's Schooling for Future Queens,' where she will meet her future husband, and learn the ways of be...
a q u a r i a by aquariuh
a q u a r i aby Q U E S T I O N M E
aquaria stories based on the QUEEN herself!! i am not a writer so if they're really really bad please done flame me because im a smol bean in need of luv:) female reader
Miz Aquaria by Edenella
Miz Aquariaby Edenella
Warning: It's pretty Cliche! *hate won't be tolerated* Some FANFICTION HENNY! Just read and there might be a few steamy scenes! (; Everything is made up and no hate pl...
Kameron michaels x Aquria by kameronisagoddess
Kameron michaels x Aquriaby kameronisagoddess
Aquaria had a bit of a crush on Kameron that was supposed to end after the show, but that's not exactly what happened after her celebration party.
Spill The Tea by enjxyyy
Spill The Teaby randomness
this is basically a group chat thingy of Season 10 RPDR girls. I got the idea from another story but i will not be copying anything, just taking inspiration :)
Rolling in the Deep by mateohyteslove
Rolling in the Deepby mateohyteslove
Roller Skating is Vanessa's passion, and apparently so is Brooke's, these two keep getting in each other's ways, but there's always something there to stop them.
Kameron Michaels x Reader by BoHoDyke_27
Kameron Michaels x Readerby ✨𝔹ℍ𝔻_𝟚𝟟✨
x Reader #6 Published: 08/10/2019 "Toxic masculinity before safety...I guess?" - Dane Lee Young, 2022 Kameron, You could kick my ass. That's why I feel bad ab...