Glee Club: Freshman year (book 1)  by Weirdly_dorky
Glee Club: Freshman year (book 1) by Weirdly_dorky
Keaton High is your regular high school with your regular stereotypes. You have your cheerleaders, jocks, band geeks, et cetera... And at the bottom of the stereotypica...
  • malya
  • kax
  • jax
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 IF I KNEW  HIM. by GraceAllieu
IF I KNEW Grace Havana
Sometimes not everyone you should trust and Believe. Ariel is 16yrs and she loves approachable looks. Falling in love with the principal's son whose looks are perfect, s...
  • bianca
  • alexis
  • jason
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Your Authors First love by Undeniably__Bitter
Your Authors First loveby Eunice Marcaida--Kim 😍😍
Dati ang paasa lang sa buhay ko ang mama ko na bibilan dapat ako ng barbie kaso joke lang pala pero ngayon 'sya' na Ang paasa na di ko makakalimutan sa buong buhay ko Da...
  • tanga
  • bianca
  • love
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Enchanted-Solangelo AU (continuing) by FantasticOnFireAl
Enchanted-Solangelo AU (continuing)by FantasticOnFireAl
Hey guys I'm continuing this book for bandsbooksrepeat. I will add here original chapters so you don't have to go back and forth. Hope you enjoy!😋
  • bianca
  • solangeloforlife
  • vamphalfblood
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backstage season 3 by starrunner2526
backstage season 3by amp
follow the lives of keaton students as they pursue their dreams. ships: beckett and vanessa, miles and alya, jax and kit, aidan and scarlett some new characters, which...
  • tv
  • music
  • dance
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Fight for you  by auggywifey04
Fight for you by Queens ❤💜
Bianca has been in a relationship with Jamar since high school they were child hood sweethearts but over the years Jamar's obsessive of having a child takes over him he...
  • micheal
  • bianca
  • creed
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That One Fear (PJO/HoO Children of The Big Three) by UnnieKi_10
That One Fear (PJO/HoO Children UnnieKi_10
"Hey, I heard about this legend that if you close the lights and say the name of the monster ten times, he will come out." "Oh yeah I don't believe you.&q...
  • thaliagrace
  • percy
  • nico
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Entrevista con mis Personajes by LeslieMorgenstern
Entrevista con mis Personajesby Lsly Mrgnstrn
Como lo leen exclusiva oportunidad, ahora puedes hacerle preguntas a TODOS MIS PERSONAJES DE LA SAGA TOUGH. Si quieres respuestas exclusivas solo entra y averigualo.
  • andrew
  • victoria
  • liam
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Bianca the Vixen REVAMP by iiRadio
Bianca the Vixen REVAMPby iiRadio
Do you remember the 10 part story that I made years ago about Undertale? It was titled "Bianca the Vixen." Well, I recently looked at the comments of the stor...
  • iiradio
  • bianca
  • undertale
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GHOST v.s Ice Boy by melladiespot_
GHOST v.s Ice Boyby Melly Permata
"Aku tak perduli walau dia sedingin es. Yang aku tahu, aku menyukainya." -Keenan Elizabeth "Kita, dua mahkluk yang berbeda. Perbedaan itulah yang tidak da...
  • hantu
  • caradelevingne
  • vs
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The Daughter of Khione by littlehanari
The Daughter of Khioneby littlehanari
Bianca Neve wasn't a normal teenage girl, but she wasn't exactly a normal demigod either. She was the only demigod in existence that could harness the powers of two gods...
  • rickriodan
  • greekgods
  • demigods
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First Love by HonorableReader019
First Loveby A E Y A
Si Bianca Perez ay isang Grade 10 student at consistent honor since grade 6 at isa siyang certified "NBSB" or meaning No boyfriend since birth and "NFLSB...
  • bianca
  • christian
  • love
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Backstage Season 3 by DaGreatLife
Backstage Season 3by DaGreatLife
This is my version of a backstage season 3. There will be drama, heartbreaks, and secrets. Follow on the adventure of these young and talented students. This story is ju...
  • backstage
  • sasha
  • miles
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Three Switches At Once by cratfs
Three Switches At Onceby Hauwa Gali Tanko {Aurora}
Morgana is a simple girl who has blonde hair and green eyes and has a best friend Megan and also has and older sister Andrea and her mother Bianca. So one day she'll fin...
  • andrea
  • megan
  • morgana
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Más que el amor © by TatiSoledad
Más que el amor ©by · Life is too short to wait ·
¿Puede uno enamorar a la misma persona, dos veces?
  • segundaoportunidad
  • combate
  • pasion
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Never Leave You (Solangelo) by _Sierra_The_Whisp_
Never Leave You (Solangelo)by Sierra Mitchell
'I scoffed at Will. "Yeah yeah sure! I totally believe you." He smirked. "Maybe you should." What he did next surprised me. He...' Nico was the lone...
  • willsolace
  • nicodiangelo
  • solangelo
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Fanfiction Bootcamp by Wizardcrazy1
Fanfiction Bootcampby Wizardcrazy1
Here are my entries for the fanfiction bootcamp of 2017-18 year. Most writing Nico stuff. GL *Disclaimer: I do not own the demigod world. That is owned by Rick Riordan...
  • hoo
  • tartarus
  • percy
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Différente by Anabelle_Wmart
Différenteby Anabelle
Bianca est une renarde blanche, alors que ceux de son clan sont roux. Elle est rejetée, alors elle part. Elle part pour aller nulle part. Mais dans son voyage, elle fera...
  • difference
  • renard
  • sauvage
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Percy Jackson Reacts to Ships by _LeaveJasonAlone_
Percy Jackson Reacts to Shipsby [dream on and see me]
You like Percy Jackson? Me, too! This is them people reacting to their ships. Anyone of them. You can request, if you wanna.
  • everyoneelse
  • piper
  • annabethchase
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Crazy Love (gabru) by hyunzyra
Crazy Love (gabru)by hyunzyra
Angel(gabbie) anghelo(ruru)
  • bianca
  • kyline
  • fantasy
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