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Bendy And The Ink Machine x reader oneshots by TurnipAndCarrots
Bendy And The Ink Machine x reader...by Turnip & Carrots
This includes oneshots, headcanons, x readers and other stuff like that. I'll do ships but they will be most likely shitty. -No OCs -Only females because I don't know ho...
BENDY X HENRY ONESHOTS *cough*(CLOSED) by Lunatic_Loser
BENDY X HENRY ONESHOTS *cough*(CLO...by Shipping Cesspool
Sammy Lawrence oneshots by taliaduskwalker2005
Sammy Lawrence oneshotsby taliaduskwalker2005
Sammy Lawrence x the batim characters I will NOT be doing smut only fluff and maybe angst I do not do x reader
BATIM x Reader One Shots by sleepysongbirrd
BATIM x Reader One Shotsby a heart full of love
Leave a request on the first chapter, and I'll do my best to write it! Enjoy xx
Ink Has More Than One Purpose (Slow Updates) by dessert_foreverXD
Ink Has More Than One Purpose (Slo...by desserts_foreverXD
Henry receives a letter to return to the workshop. He does verious things so he can turn the ink machine. He does this again, and again. He gets so tired of doing the sa...
You're Mine Kid  by Eevee122894
You're Mine Kid by Eevee122894
While on his training trip with Jiraiya they end up at the studio so Jiraiya could meet up with an old friend whom is Henry and Joey while they are there Joey makes Naru...
My Opinion on BATIM Ships (COMPLETE) #3 by Aristeroid
My Opinion on BATIM Ships (COMPLET...by ariana thee asteroid
It's ya girl Aristeroid back at it with Part 3! Today, we're going down into the inky depths of Bendy and the Ink Machine and its ships! Each ship will be given a rating...
BATIM x Reader Oneshots (Discontinued.) by CruunchyBabyToes
BATIM x Reader Oneshots (Discontin...by CruunchyBabyToes
Just some 'x Reader' oneshots with your favorite BATIM characters! (Warning: Very slow updates :/)
Sammy Lawrence shorts 2 by HippieMoonWitch
Sammy Lawrence shorts 2by HippieMoonWitch
((Book image not mine)) Some characters are mine Savannah Steven Sammy's parents Aunt Erin Lexi Iris Charlie More maybe later Some characters belong to the meat...
BATIM: My opinions on ships by SleepyPastell
BATIM: My opinions on shipsby Fynn
* Won't be updated anymore * I've seen a few people doing that, so I thought I make one as well! :D This is just my opinion, so if you have another, feel free to tell th...
BatIM AU: Henry's Path (OLD - rewrite in progress/consideration) by DarkCanid19
BatIM AU: Henry's Path (OLD - rewr...by IM BACK
Cover is not mine. Part 1 in the Shadowed Mind Trilogy Warning: contains profanity and MILD, VERY MILD suggestive material (goes as far as kissing) Henry never thought...
BatIM Oneshots - BatIM x Reader - Fanfic (OPEN) by Glitchtrapped
BatIM Oneshots - BatIM x Reader...by Glitchtrapped
Yeah, BatIM is dead. But that won't stop me. Exactly what the title says. Bendy and the Ink Machine Oneshots. This is what I will be writing in my spare time. Please m...
Nostalgias Collide (fnaf and Batim crossover) by ccmcdaniel2
Nostalgias Collide (fnaf and Batim...by ccmcdaniel2
After they left their father due to his insane possession that was unexplainable to them, The Afton Kids now live with Scott Cawlton, his wife and three sons, where they...
The Inky Truth//BATIM story// REWRITING AND ON HIATUS by ACursedDemon
The Inky Truth//BATIM story// REWR...by Puppet Demon
The studio was a mess. The walls were covered in ink. The employees have died. Inky abominations roam the studio. And an old friend is trapped in a loop. Tell me, Where...
BatIM Oneshots by imtiredlmaoo
BatIM Oneshotsby imtiredlmaoo
This is from the Hell's Studio Au on Tumblr, go check it out, it's really cool! I know I'm making a new book, but I will continue the other books later because writing u...
Batim incorrect quotes by Uncrowned620
Batim incorrect quotesby Uncrowned620
Just a bunch of incorrect quotes featuring your favorite Batim characters! Also, all of these come from Tumblr
Henry x Joey  by gone1deleted1bye
Henry x Joey by bye
BATIM has taken me over. This is one of the many ships I ship. Henry x Joey. Wally x Sammy. Bendy and the toons are siblings. . This is set pre game.
A book dedicated to my favorite BATIM character, Wally Franks by FuntimeOverhaul
A book dedicated to my favorite BA...by FuntimeNoHands
Yeah so this is a book full of oneshots or head canons to my favorite BATIM character, Wally Franks.
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