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Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do Us Part by flemingsara
Ink Bendy x Reader - Till Ink Do sara
You're a young and hopeful voice actress in your late teens and your name is (Y/N) Pendle. You had a quite peaceful life until your sister, Allison, and her husband, Tho...
Masked Ink [Bendy x Reader] ( BATIM/BATDR )  by Fancy__Dancy
Masked Ink [Bendy x Reader] ( Fancy__Dancy
⬆️⚠️THE BOOK COVER IS MADE BY ME⚠️⬆️ (Y/N) lived a normal childhood. It was just her, mom, dad, and her older brother Benjamin. Benjamin had found out "Bendy Cartoo...
The Studio Stalker by HorrorLibarian030
The Studio Stalkerby HorrorLibarian030
This is my first story so sorry if you don't like it or not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As the other workers see Henry overworking and isolating himself, Wally had enough of it and went...
BATIM/BATDR Angels X Female Reader Oneshots  by CiphensNarrative
BATIM/BATDR Angels X Female CiphensNarrative
Because they aren't enough of these and there aren't many for Allison or Susie. Plus, with BATDR coming soon, people are going to do Reader Inserts for Audrey. I mean, a...
BATIM x Reader (Bendy and the Forgotten Dream: AU) by ItsMilkshakeTime
BATIM x Reader (Bendy and the ItsMilkshakeTime
"The studio pulled you back..." "...What scares me is the question of how he's still gone." "...Even if he forgot the experience, the feeling st...
BATIM x Reader One Shots by sleepysongbirdd
BATIM x Reader One Shotsby mentally ill <3
Leave a request on the first chapter, and I'll do my best to write it! Enjoy xx
Sisters and Angels - A BatIM fanfic by Spasticon1
Sisters and Angels - A BatIM fanficby Spasticon
Shay Winter, and her older sister May enjoy gaming. Their favorite game, Bendy and the Ink Machine. However after Shay made a drunken wish that not only came true, but l...
The Creator Lied To Us (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) by The_Theorist456
The Creator Lied To Us (UNDER The_Theorist456
"Besides, who's going to turn it on anyway?" In modern day America, the world has mostly forgotten about Joey Drew and his cartoons. All they know about him is...
Joey Drew Productions Rambles by vivalasenry
Joey Drew Productions Ramblesby h
One-shots about my designs for the workplace before the events of BATIM!
Tales of Ink by HistoricalMusical1
Tales of Inkby [E]ternal[M]emories
It needed its own book, okay? But yeah I'll do basically anything here. Anything involving the reader will feature the reader from not today bendy. cover design made by...
Batim oneshots by IamaliveIthink
Batim oneshotsby IamaliveIthink
This one shot book will focus on relationships in Joey Drew Studios. I will do popular, not so popular, unpopular and nonexistent ships, but I will definitely not do NSF...
BATIM oneshots by Screamyourdeath_ST
BATIM oneshotsby 🤍Graywill🤍
Just random scenarios about you and the employees at Joey Drew Studios. I might take xreader requests if I'm feeling up to it. I just hope this book makes you laugh so...
Ink Covered Memories by AilynYuki16
Ink Covered Memoriesby AilynYuki16
Simple story with Allison and Thomas since I can't seem to find any with them. Also has some spoilers as this relates to my other BATIM story.
What Lies Beneath The Ink by AilynYuki16
What Lies Beneath The Inkby AilynYuki16
Faith and Danny Stein grew up surrounded by Bendy and his friends. When their Father, Henry Stein receives a letter from his old friend, Joey Drew, the two go with him t...
Ink And Blood~A Bendy And The Ink Machines Fanfiction {Under-heavy editing} by AreebaDazzle
Ink And Blood~A Bendy And The ♥️Amber Heaven Dremurr♥️
Ink and Blood... Ink can be poisonous to the ones who have it in contact It can claim and control the minds of someone and take over them Making them someone they are no...
BATIM oneshots for funzies  by noah_justnoah
BATIM oneshots for funzies by noah
This is oneshots, there will be no smut but there will be fluff and angst. you may put suggestions in the comments if you wish, this is all for fun so dont hate. - your...
BATIM oneshots  by RainbowSpinch
BATIM oneshots by RainbowSpinch
This is just a thing for me to do when I feel like writing. I do take requests! Please! I need ideas! Just for funsies :) Some of this is based on online roleplay betwee...
I Will Set Us Free by The_Theorist456
I Will Set Us Freeby The_Theorist456
Alyssa thought she was done with the studio. The world thought they were done with Joey Drew as well. But, as it turns out, the past is never done with you. And so, nea...
Kalhia's Audio Logs by EdenCrowleyFell
Kalhia's Audio Logsby EdenCrowleyFell
Audio Logs of Kalhia Stein's days at the studio.