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The Boy in the Lake (BEN Drowned x Female Reader) by a_simple_sir
The Boy in the Lake (BEN Drowned ahna simple
(Y/N) buys an old Majora's Mask cartridge from a thrift store, unaware of what horrors await when she plays it. When she meets BEN Drowned, (Y/N) wonders when the boy wo...
Misunderstandings // A BEN Drowned x Reader Story by justaperson2
Misunderstandings // A BEN ...
(Y/N) (L/N) was always a fan of creepypasta. She wasn't necessarily crazy obsessed with it, but she found the stories interesting. Sure she had pondered the idea of them...'re back ?!! (BEN DROWNED X READER) by Yona_Senpai
#3're back ?!! (BEN Hannigram 🤭👀
(Y/N) (L/N) and Benjamin Lawman were childhood best friends. They would do everything together. Until one day he had to move house due to personal reasons. 6 years later...
Cry Baby - BEN Drowned x Reader by jupiters-star
Cry Baby - BEN Drowned x Readerby Jup
It started with tears, but will it end in tears? -BEN Drowned x Reader -Profanity -Mature themes -LGBTQ+ representation (cause fuck homophobes) -Don't be an asshole if y...
Childhood friends |Ben drowned x reader| by aliceiswierd
Childhood friends |Ben drowned x aliceiswierd
You and Ben had been friends since you two met in school. But Ben meets with an unexpected fate one night. You meet Alex and he seems like a cool guy. But what happens w...
A Simple Virus - BEN Drowned X Reader by omorfa
A Simple Virus - BEN Drowned X andreana
Remember that little phase you had in middle school? Yea, the one where you were very invested in the idea that CreepyPastas were real. How about we fast forward a bit...
Free me (BEN Drowned x Reader) by likepercyjackson
Free me (BEN Drowned x Reader)by likepercyjackson
you were a normal girl except that your brother Alex disappeared 8 years ago he played a game Majora's mask but he claimed it was possessed he did not let you play the g...
Wrong Number {BEN Drowned x Reader} by RiahChai_
Wrong Number {BEN Drowned x Reader}by RiahChai_
You are 21 years old, who works at home, lives alone in a apartment. One day, you went to fetch your little sister because you promised her a fair treat at McDonald's. ...
BEN Drowned x Reader  by Absoladi
BEN Drowned x Reader by Absoladi
(Cover art is mine. Please do not steal) You've been alone for a couple of months now. You're parents left on a 'business trip' and haven't returned, leaving you all alo...
My Sweet Serial Killer (Ben Drowned x Reader) by SassyBoi8
My Sweet Serial Killer (Ben ❤️ClownQueen❤️
(Cover art is by me!) You, a writer. Him, a serial killer. Your friend insistently pestered you into downloading a dating app to try and get yourself about there. It w...
Trick your Treat (Creepypasta Various! X Reader) one shots by Maggie_Osborne
Trick your Treat (Creepypasta EatYourEgo
I couldn't exactly turn any of these into stories but- I can give you sweet little treats instead! I write these in between my actual stories, if you would, feel free to...
The Pretty Thing in My Home by RaelynBeloved
The Pretty Thing in My Homeby •` Daniel´•
The house may have been condemned, once, but it was selling for cheap and you were desperate for an escape from your overwhelmingly chaotic family. It seemed perfectly f...
Games (BENDrownedXReader) by The_OWLERY_1230
Games (BENDrownedXReader)by Freddy Jr.
First Creepypasta fanfic I've ever published (Hehe help) Cover by Kuroe911 (art is not mine full credit to this user) (Y/N)'s mother died in the fire. Her father thinks...
Cold: A Creepypasta X Reader (Finished) by SavageFandomGod
Cold: A Creepypasta X Reader ( The Ultimate Savage
This story focused around a fanmade comic dub called Creepy Frozen Pasta, inserting another character into the story, you. Hope you enjoy! Also, none of that crazy Necro...
A sock and it's gang || Creepypasta x teen reader CHATFIC by LoOs3_r1nG
A sock and it's gang || Itsuki
PLATONIC YOU HORNY FUCKS Like any cliche storyline, the reader talks with a random dude and then gets added to a group chat full of psycho killers ⚠READER IS 14 Y/O‼‼⚠
Creepypasta X Reader Scenarios by Riverssenpai
Creepypasta X Reader Scenariosby Senpai
My first Creepypasta X Reader. Includes: Jeff, BEN, Masky, Hoodie, Bloody Painter, Eyeless Jack, Ticci Toby, Homicidal Liu, Slenderman
《I trusted you》Ben drowned x GN!reader by aliceiswierd
《I trusted you》Ben drowned x GN! aliceiswierd
1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes, and 604800 seconds. Was all you had left with your friend, Ben Lawman till his sacrifice by a cult called the moon children. Wh...
Glitched Love ~ Ben Drowned X Reader  by WildChild289
Glitched Love ~ Ben Drowned X QueenOfSass👑
Fiery, passionate, but dangerous and unexpected love...kidnapped yet safe, your heart was his But he was a wild card, could you handle this strange love? Or would it dr...
Game Over... (Depressed Ben Drowned x Reader) by flowerprince4
Game Over... (Depressed Ben ._lilflower.prince._
"Why couldn't he press no..he died for a reason..He got a game over screen but he couldn't press no..He didn't want to continue in this pathetic game called life...
[NOT Complete!!] Ben drowned x reader (A Love Game) by just_awirdo
[NOT Complete!!] Ben drowned x memes
⚠️ warning this is really cringe ⚠️ (I've never wrote fanfiction before 😭) this will also have "bad words". Ben is 17 (almost 18) In this story (just pretend...