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The 100 smut  by maxsskateboard
The 100 smut by maxsskateboard
REQUESTS OPEN The characters of the 100 getting down and dirty;)
The 100 Groupchat by livvstories
The 100 Groupchatby liv
Inspired by the many other group chats - drama, relationships and (hopefully) lots of laughs!! --- {monty: embrace your inner softie bellamy: i'm good thanks bellamy: th...
My Love by Queen__A13
My Loveby A❤️
(On-Hold) Clarke Griffin lived on the Ark. She loves Bellamy Blake, who also lived on the Ark. They are now dating, but in secret. Nobody knew about their relationship...
From The Ashes | The 100 S5 [Bellarke] by joonfired
From The Ashes | The 100 S5 [ Tabi
Clarke's fight is not over. After surviving the end of the world, she lives in the small community of Nightblood survivors as she waits for the return of those she loves...
What He Left Behind by KittyRapp
What He Left Behindby theheartthehead
In a gut wrenching turn of events, Bellamy was forced to close the door on Clarke in order to save himself and his friends. Little does he know, he left more than just C...
Responsible for survival by hufflepuffrules
Responsible for survivalby hufflepuffrules
BELLARKE AU Bellamy and Clarke were together on the Ark, forced apart by Clarke's arrest. Will Earth leave them be or make it worse?
Hypocrite-Bellarke by MayaFriar77
Hypocrite-Bellarkeby Maya Penelope Friar
When Bellamy finds out his roommate is dating his little sister he forbids it because of the age difference. When he meets a girl of his own will he pick love or will he...
{The 100 text messages} by ravenxmoon
{The 100 text messages}by 🧚‍♀️
The 100 groupchat: The Delinquents and Trikru Characters: Clarke Octavia Raven Murphy Bellamy Jasper Monty Harper Emori Lexa Luna Lincoln Anya Niylah Gaia Maya Echo ... ...
The Million Dollar Lie •Clexa AU by BeneditM
The Million Dollar Lie •Clexa AUby Benwenthome
Clarke's an art thief. And a con woman, and a pathological liar. What happens when a detective of the FBI, Lexa Woods, gets accepted into Interpol. And manages to hunt...
The 100 GroupChat by iamtraassshh
The 100 GroupChatby Absolute Trash
Just another 100 group chat fic but with more gays.
May We Meet Again by earthtoemi
May We Meet Againby Emi
It's been 6 years since Clarke and Bellamy have last seen each other, but what happened during those 2199 days?? Follow the crew in the Ark and Clarke on the ground a...
The 100 WSHH by RavenReyes15
The 100 WSHHby LittleBird
This is my opinion on how the end of the 100 should have happened, it includes ships such as Clexa, Memori. It starts off just after S7 EP16, so just a spoiler alert. Cl...
Forever Us by SandraWilliamson7
Forever Usby Warrior Of The Clans
This is a sequel to "Forever Yours" so I highly recommend reading that before you read this or you might be lost. Through all the trials and tribulations they'...
~❤️ SakuHina pics 💜~ by eccentric_ace
~❤️ SakuHina pics 💜~by soulace
• | just some cute SakuHina pics | •
Online friends - The 100 by Octavennn
Online friends - The 100by Raven’s Wife
Raven is bored and makes a group chat with random people.
Jarak bukan penghalang  by mschestttnutt
Jarak bukan penghalang by 𝑆𝑐𝑟𝑡𝑐𝑎💙
- jarak bukan penghalang persahabatan kita - kau adalah kau , aku adalah aku . - kau kawan yang terbaik , dan sempurna dimataku - inilah persahabatan yang aku jaga , h...
This summer by Commanderofthewolves
This summerby Sasha
Three years after graduating high school, Clarke, Raven, Octavia, Murphy, Bellamy, Miller, Bryan, Jasper, Monty, and Harper reunite in the south of the country for the s...
Jealousy [A Bellarke fic] by Wren_Winchester
Jealousy [A Bellarke fic]by Wren
This is a high school fanfiction that follows the 100 characters Clarke Griffin and John Murphy through the highs and lows of high school. This is my first fanfic so pl...
ONE SHOTS ⇨ THE 1OO by the100clique
ONE SHOTS ⇨ THE 1OOby ˗ˏˋ THE 100! ˎˊ˗
Here we will post all of our one shots with The 100 characters. [ requests are open ] [ cover by neogothics | template from GraphicShit ]
Sebelum Luka by Pluviophile214
Sebelum Lukaby Hulk Pink
perasaan bahagia yang pernah aku rasakan sebelum akhirnya kau torehkan luka dengan meninggalkan