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The 100: Before & After by ariaajoleen
The 100: Before & Afterby ariaajoleen
[COMPLETED] Clarke and Bellamy dated before getting sent down to earth. They had a pretty messy breakup, what will happen when they see eachother again after everything...
Soulmate by AwayWithWriting
Soulmateby Amelia
When two people who hate one anothers guts are trapped, with only each other for company, words are spoken, sins are forgiven and feelings change. And what will happen...
Bellarke College AU by roseravens
Bellarke College AUby Bellarke Trash
My first Bellarke fanfic! Please don't be rude! I also promise not to overuse "princess" because that's super annoying.
The 100 groupchat by bellarkesdelena
The 100 groupchatby bellarkesdelena
Raven likes to blow things up
the unexpected // the 100 by ElizabethLSullivan
the unexpected // the 100by Eliza Sullivan
Clarke was left behind on Earth during Praimfiya. Five years and seven months later, Raven, Bellamy, Harper, Monty, John, Emori, and Echo return to the earth as planned...
What He Left Behind by KittyRapp
What He Left Behindby theheartthehead
In a gut wrenching turn of events, Bellamy was forced to close the door on Clarke in order to save himself and his friends. Little does he know, he left more than just C...
The house guest by bellxclarkex100
The house guestby bellxclarkex100
Clarke loves her best friend, so when Octavia's brother needs a place to stay, Clarke doesn't think twice about offering up her loft. It's no trouble at all, that is unt...
Right before Bellamy and the rest of Spacekru leave for the Ring, he and Clarke sleep together. When he comes down six years later, he's surprised to find Clarke alive...
Earth Binding by The100_bloodreina
Earth Bindingby The100_bloodreina
The command of the grounder government is collapsing. The clans and commander realize one commander isn't suitable to lead 12 clans. Fixing the problem won't be easy. Co...
Hidden | A Bellarke Story: Book 1 by lyc_morel
Hidden | A Bellarke Story: Book 1by lyc_morel
Clarke is four months pregnant. One night Clarke and Bellamy were drunk and Clarke got pregnant. The first month she didn't know that she was pregnant, but after she's b...
The 100: Highschool by TrustBellarkeForever
The 100: Highschoolby TrustBellarkeForever
Just a story of what it would be like if "The 100" took place in high school. I don't own anything. CW and Kass Morgan do. Thank you!
complicated | bellarke by bellakru
complicated | bellarkeby ☾ L ☆
bellamy and clarke are great leaders, and turn into close friends. when they both want something more, things get complicated.
One by Oesthetixs
Oneby Oesthetixs
Betrayal, Love, Pain, Fighting, Trust "What if the fight is all we are" "Love is weakness" "I bear it so they don't have to" "I did wh...
Home. (Bellarke The 100 FanFic) by B0o_f4f
Home. (Bellarke The 100 FanFic)by B0o_f4f
I cried out trying to get the pain away. It hurts so bad I was starting to feel pain in my chest. I laid my head down on the cold ground. Hugging my feet sobbing. "...
I can't lose you...(editing)#wattys2015 by jjbookworm
I can't lose you...(editing) jjbookworm
This is Bellarke fanfiction based on the characters and Universe created by Kass Morgan and the CW. This starts after the truce with the grounders in S2 Finn is not dea...
message me by ineedalifepleasse
message meby ineedalifepleasse
Text between Bellamy, Clarke, Octavia, Raven, Monty, Jasper, Murphy, Miller and Finn
Grounders(#wattys2016) by jjbookworm
Grounders(#wattys2016)by jjbookworm
Bellarke and Linctavia modern AU that follows Octavia as she moves out on her own and gets a job working at a bar called Grounders owned by Clarke Griffin. She starts da...
Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake were roommates to what Clarke thought of as fate for them both. (Bellamy called absolute BS) Bellamy was a criminal justice major and w...
I Never Meant To Fall by AwayWithWriting
I Never Meant To Fallby Amelia
*We shouldn't fall in love, for everything that falls gets broken.* Clarke is Privileged. She's the daughter of a council woman and she was the best in all her classes...
Delinquents by Hungergamestribute05
Delinquentsby Samantha
A modern group chat with your favorite characters and some underated characters! The Delinquents are all in hgh school and Octaiva decided to create a groupchat with eve...