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Richie Rich | A BrightWin Story by meinu_naruto
Richie Rich | A BrightWin Storyby moon catto
Billionaire Pretending to a commoner? Falling in love with a cold hearted Prince? Win Metawin Opas-Iamkajorn happens to be the son of a billionaire, living in the state...
Play pretend. by trynna_be_a_writer
Play pretend.by ams
that's all it was supposed to be, a game of play pretend, until feelings started to come in between. "Just pretend that you like him for 6 months Bright" shout...
【𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝: A BrightWin Story】
   by kanemeiro
【𝐁𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝: A BrightWin...by Leigh
‪ [COMPLETED] - a story where Bright and Win are childhood bestfriends, but Bright has no idea that Win secretly loves him in a romantic way ever since. Suddenly, a girl...
Set One's Heart On (Complete)  by metawinbvc
Set One's Heart On (Complete) by saraleo
- about a college boy named Win, who had dreams about a boy who he doesn't even know. Until one day he saw a guy who was very familiar to him. He was curious about him a...
The Heir & The Secretary [COMPLETE] by fly_ell
The Heir & The Secretary [COMPLETE]by fly, ell
"I did not know an heir can be this dumb." "I am not dumb, you are." "Dumb people usually do not know that they are dumb." Win Metawin i...
Right Where You Left Me [Sarawat × Tine] by ametawin
Right Where You Left Me [Sarawat ×...by hiatus.
Five long years had swiftly pass and yet Thailand's superstar Sarawat Guntithanon still couldn't seem to forget his ex-boyfriend named Tine Teepakorn.
Not as easy as i thought🌼 | Brightwin by ilovemgverymuch
Not as easy as i thought🌼 | Brigh...by Remmy 🤩
"P'Brighttttttttt!!!" Win whining while kicking the air . "No win. You cant follow me . you are a kid so a big no "Bright leave closing the door . ...
My online best friend (brightwin)(completed) by yaLL_mY_FrIenDs
My online best friend (brightwin)(...by astro_lence
[COMPLETED] what will you do when you're falling in love with your online best friend? here is a fan fiction of brightwin what do you think bright and win will do when t...
The Eternal Rest (Completed) by Emilliooooo
The Eternal Rest (Completed)by Emille Alejandro
A fanfiction for Bright and Win. Highest ranking: #1 hot rising stories - April 26, 2020 #1 BrightWin category - May 5, 2020 #1 Tine tag - May 5, 2020 #1 in Bright categ...
heartthrob [COMPLETE] by fly_ell
heartthrob [COMPLETE]by fly, ell
Tine happily walked to the cafe near his faculty before his shoulder bumped into someone as tall as he is. "I am sorry!!!" Tine said and gave the latter a bow...
A Quiet Mind Is All I Need by sabikinjannat2
A Quiet Mind Is All I Needby sabikin jannat
'Life is like wave of sea', because both of them change theirs direction within few seconds. 'The cool raindrops of monsoon' spread a peace in nature as well as in our...
My Bitchby BAIWIN
Warnings before reading! •contains detailed sex scenes! •smut! •17 below are not allowed! •steamy kissing scenes! •contains curses!
Which Spell did you cast on me?✔ by goribartist
Which Spell did you cast on me?✔by Nam jana laghbena
A story of two wizards falling in love with each other (A brightwin fairytale inspired by Harry potter).
Bet my love on you by geeseofafeather
Bet my love on youby cinnamon rolls
It all started with a bet - that Bright Vachirawit, the most popular kid in school, would be able to win the heart of the school's outcast, Metawin. The mission? As soon...
The Wrong Twin | Brightwin by nongmeyn
The Wrong Twin | Brightwinby preiah
Win might be a little bit inlove with his best friend, Bright. But the thing is, Bright is straight, and it shouldn't matter. He vows that no matter what, he will be the...
อกหัก : thorns of roses. by zinthxs
อกหัก : thorns of roses.by kzei
/Thyme and Kavin were best friends for a long time, They relied on each other as they grew up everything started to change... Kavin began to have feelings for his best...
rockstar || sarawatine au REWRITTEN by pretty-botz
rockstar || sarawatine au REWRITTENby pretty-botz
Tine's planning the best gift a boyfriend could give their girlfriend on her birthday. A personal concert from her favorite band. One small problem. The main singer and...
2gether by brattete
2getherby ٍ
sarawat trying to drop hints on instagram who his boyfriend is
My Annoying Neighbour : BrightWin by sunnuisance
My Annoying Neighbour : BrightWinby sunnuisance
Bright Vachirawit's life was fine until Win Metawin comes invading his calm space with his annoying and clumsy behaviour. To his surprise suddenly he has ability to hear...
STOP TEASING ME\2gether the series fanfic\BrightxWin\SarawatxTine by YourlocalShipper83
STOP TEASING ME\2gether the series...by YourLocalBlShipper
Tine was so done with Sarawat's teasing attitude.Tine questions his feelings and Sarawat just wants Tine to fall for him.Also contains some other ships :P Contains: Flu...