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two worlds ( by Emily bandicoot and marcusrak) by EmilyBandicoot
two worlds ( by Emily bandicoot BranchieBoi
SO I want to say this now! this was a story I started when I was like 12! and iv been thinking about rewriting it! but I feel bad redoing it... see my friend and I star...
crash bandicoot x reader by whyworry143
crash bandicoot x readerby whyworry143
yeahhhh it says it all in the title
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Tawna Bandicoot x Unknown Hunter  by RogueHunter99
Tawna Bandicoot x Unknown Hunter by Ethan Chiesa
the bandicoot's meeting a mysterious being
Spyro and Coco, A Love Forged by the Loss of Loved Ones by MarcusRak
Spyro and Coco, A Love Forged by Marcus R
Tragedy and Disparity, an unfortunate reality and the cause of a unique beauty. Cover art graciously illustrated by Yunicka of DeviantArt
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet Crash Bandicoot by DanielJackson109
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DanielJackson109
After Donatello uses new technology with an old gaming station, the ps1, he ends up teleporting all four turtles into the world of Crash Bandicoot. The Teenage Mutant Ni...
[Junk Jewelry] Dingodile x Reader by Dispenda
[Junk Jewelry] Dingodile x Readerby Dispenda
We living in the beautiful world, full of mystery, danger and... treasure, of course! Treasure, relic - things that keeps the history of this planet. And yet, you can't...
Crash & Verona: Coco's Inside Story by marlinzander87
Crash & Verona: Coco's Inside Storyby marlinzander87
One day, Nitros Oxide decides to get revenge on Coco Bandicoot for the fact that she has rather-recently beaten him in a kart-racing giving her a fatally...
Smokin' Hot by MatiesseVice
Smokin' Hotby MatiesseVice
Crash Bandicoot Fanfiction: Pinstripe Potoroo and Coco are SMOKIN' HOT! It's LIT! PSA: Folks, don't use tobacco. It's only glamorous when Australian taxonomy does it. Se...
Trouble at Cortex Castle by Venom_Wolf
Trouble at Cortex Castleby Venom_Wolf
A fic about the bad guys. When Cortex Castle is under repair, the N.Team and their minions are forced to stay at a hotel. As you'd probably guess, chaos ensues.
Favorite Music from the Crash Bandicoot Franchise by 5wilsonr
Favorite Music from the Crash Ryan Wilson
These are my favorite music tracks from the different games within the Crash Bandicoot franchise. These mainly include those from games I've either watched a playthroug...
Mario Kart Racers by Michaelelmore9
Mario Kart Racersby Wildman
What if Mario Kart had an actual campaign? This is how I think that story would go. A mysterious shadowy figure has gather some of the greatest racers in the Nintendo Un...
Héroes Multiversales: 2D by HyperShadicPro
Héroes Multiversales: 2Dby Ultra HSP [UX]
Después de Mr. Manueh VS Fake HSP, Regresan a un estilo clásico y nostálgico.
Una caótica perdida (Lectora en el universo de Crash Bandicoot) by ValentinaHaruno
Una caótica perdida (Lectora en Valentina Haruno
Hace poco se me ocurrió una buena idea para un fic de la cual le había estado hablando a mi pareja, entonces al ver sus reacciones pensé que sería una buena idea publica...
Crash Bandicoot Fanfic (Unfinished) by nicogh9
Crash Bandicoot Fanfic (Unfinished)by Nico
Just a little story that I'm throwing together :3 (Note: If the story looks weird and cuts off randomly, that might mean I stopped working on it in the middle of somethi...