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Umeed by MostlySane_d
Umeedby MostlySane
Arnav has vowed to protect his brothers from every pain, every sorrow in the world but what happenes when his brother is not ready to accept the child he raised? What h...
The Fairy Of My Life ||JJK📚 by jeons_fairy7
The Fairy Of My Life ||JJK📚by rimsha
[why do I feel comfort around you] [why do I always confuse about my feelings for you ] [why I think we are meant to be together] [ I hope that you Will be mine but it'...
Lovingly Yours by KhushiKumari710
Lovingly Yoursby Khushi Kumari
Adrika Sharma A jovial girl who wears her heart on her sleeves. She makes everyone's day with her caring nature, charming smile and alluring aura. Ayaan Rathore A man w...
Unexpected ✨ by authorfloraa
Unexpected ✨by Floraa✨
Basically, it's about a girl who suffered a heart break and that heart break made her arrogant, not trusting anyone (trust issues), with that trust issues, will she ever...
FOREVER IN COMA???✓ by riddhip92
FOREVER IN COMA???✓by ShivikaIsLove❤️
Published Date : Sep 28 , 2019 Ended On : November 24 , 2019 Shivaay is in coma ???? Shocked 😲😲😲😲 Then peep into it to see what happens further
Family Love Story  by h25042547
Family Love Story by janki barbhaya
A story on manan with a lot of different-different people Family story To know more peep into the story
If He Only Knew 💕 by Missus_Grumpy
If He Only Knew 💕by Missus_Grumpy
03/10/2020 - 16/03/2021 Asad Ahmad khan Heir of Khan enterprises. His family is a big name in Shimla. His father had just not earned a lot of money but also the respect...
Hulm-e-manam by iraaa070
Hulm-e-manamby iraaa070
A story of 4 friends and 4 siblings what will happen when they will collide with each other. Armaan×Anaya Ayaan×Ayesha Haider×Hania Haris×Hoorain
Manan ff Our Love by concordia_intenebris
Manan ff Our Loveby little_snowy
heya sweeties... Ummm... what should I say... this contains drama, romance, betrayal and of course our very own manan... a broken girl who is holding on to the last stra...
Her Fate by Mxii00
Her Fateby Icing Crystal
He loved her, She loved him. He failed to take stand And She got married. But to whom hope in to story to know more.
~~~TRUST~~~ by asya___universe
~~~TRUST~~~by asya___world
What will THE ZOYA FAROOQUI do when she finds the love of her life and soon-to-be-husband on a bed with his best friend on the day of their wedding- knowing her real fac...
His crazy fake girl (Part 1 of Fake series) by Appyfizz_gone_crazy
His crazy fake girl (Part 1 of Fak...by Apoorva
We all say 'I love you' to someone within seconds not bothering if we mean it or not. This is the generation we are living. There is no trust or no value for the word ca...
"you... were everything." ---> Ayand. by armeensmilkcollector
"you... were everything." ---> Aya...by kyouka
Ayaan x Afrand. Angsty story about two classmates of mine :)) Y'all don't snitch on me to them pls. Warning: Cringe, Inconsistency, written by a 13 yo who has nothing el...
TRIDEVIYAN by Kajal Singh
This book is about three best friends who got betrayal by her own family. Three friends, with three stories, with three different identies, with three lives, with three...
Arya FF Gupt by krkavita
Arya FF Guptby Kavita Ramnarayan
Character Sketch Arjun Sharma(Kushal Tandon) He is the only son of Vandana from Arun's side and is from a well-to-do family. Photography is his passion.He f...
Dreaming of destiny by alviva_28
Dreaming of destinyby alviva_28
When everyone was complaining about their silence, their eyes met, and words that were never said were heard. In the bustling city of Jaipur, Aaradhya is a reserved co...
A Flicker Of light by Divya7860
A Flicker Of lightby Divya
Being an orphan is not a crime right? Being Alone whole your life not closing all the doors of your heart is not a fault right? when things didn't turn out as...
Something about you ✔️ by astralxx
Something about you ✔️by ਰ
They are young, the don't always show they care. Ayaan and Naina, they are in college, they are inseparable. He plays with his best friends feelings without realising...