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That Divine Beauty by ThatDrawingGirl_17
That Divine Beautyby ThatDrawingGirl_17
What happens when Astrid and Hiccups love life escalates? When intruders invade Berk? When arguments occur? Will Hiccup and Astrid make it through this, what will happe...
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Hiccstrid one shots by httyd_k
Hiccstrid one shotsby Rtte_httyd
Hi This is some random ideas I have for some stories. I have read a lot of httyd one shots an thought why not try myself so please give me feedback and come with requests
  • rtte
  • httyd2
  • hiccstridoneshot
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That Divine Beauty: Perfect? by ThatDrawingGirl_17
That Divine Beauty: Perfect?by ThatDrawingGirl_17
This story is the sequel to 'That Divine Beauty' so if you haven't read it I highly suggest it before reading this one. Summary: Everything on Berk is perfect... Or so e...
  • astrid
  • astridandhiccup
  • hiccstrid
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Hold me thight by hiccstridfanfiction
Hold me thightby hiccstridfanfiction
A hiccstrid fan fiction
  • httyd2
  • astrid
  • astridhofferson
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The Best Friend by hofferson_haddock
The Best Friendby Hofferson_haddock
DISCONTINUED! You can still find the story on my Instagram Astrid was a regular teenager, wanting to live life to its fullest, that was until she had to take a trip ove...
  • astrid
  • howtotrainyourdragon
  • hiccuphorrendoushaddockiii
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Astrid The Mysterious  (Hiccstrid Fanfiction) by astridlovehiccup
Astrid The Mysterious ( hiccstrid lover 2
This is actually my first story of wattpad . Sorry. I'm actually a girl and astrid lover at how beautifull and tough she is . My ideal. So hiccstrid lover too...
  • httyd2
  • hiccstrid
  • astridandhiccup
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Team Riptude (Complete For Now) by ToothlessRider404
Team Riptude (Complete For Now)by Jess Keats
This is my very first Percabeth book that I'm partnered with my twin. We will have the same characters and chapter names. But we will have different stories. This book...
  • naza
  • starwars
  • percabeth
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The Choice (Mericcup/Hiccstrid FF) by Lanie345
The Choice (Mericcup/Hiccstrid FF)by Lanie Miller
Hiccup knows he can't be with Merida because he already loves Astrid. He can't choose which girl, but then something came up that made him force his decision.
  • hiccup
  • pixar
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