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Beating Hearts (UNDER ON REVISING)by Argon Joshua
|Beating Hearts| [UNDER EDITING] Love starts when your heart beats fast pero paano kung may taong nag mamahal sayo pero ang puso mo di tumibok mg mabilis manhid ka kaya...
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Stormbringer: King by RainingStorms
Stormbringer: Kingby ・S T O R M W R I T E R・
"Family is an eternal treasure--" Xenor Avalon was the firstborn of the king of Argon. Storm Avalon was the second. They were brothers-- constantly bickering...
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Pink, Rising by LightFury_OfHearts
Pink, Risingby Resistance Girl
Arrosa. That's my name. And you know, it's finally getting a little interesting out here in Argon City, with the Renegade showing his face and all. Finally something oth...
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Lovestruck (COMPLETED) by gndrlsswrtr
Lovestruck (COMPLETED)by Delta Lame Sierra
Not just a typical story.
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Abyss of Malfeasance by qntngrycryslr
Abyss of Malfeasanceby guava-rra
Detective prodigy Elucel Klein wasn't like any other detective; he was young, cunning, intelligent, and wise - gaining him a reputation no detective before him ever had...
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Traitor by SilverDragonRider
Traitorby SilverDragonRider
Prequel to the Imperial Trilogy. I suggest you read the trilogy first, but I can't stop you, can I? No one is born evil, and Argon is no exception, and even those that a...
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Kpop edits! by ihavenoideas101
Kpop edits!by 🌙lil hiatus🌙
~_~ requests open ~_~ ~_~ more info in the first chapter ~_~ ~_~ I'm not the best soooooo ~_~ K that's all!
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Epidemos: Give Me a Remedy (On Going) by klosslips
Epidemos: Give Me a Remedy (On ZAYONNE
Argon Family is a wealthy family who have a huge clan. Another bright day comes to live, quiet and peaceful but chaos will arise as they accidentally spill an unknown ch...
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The Other World. by EmilyOkang
The Other Emily Okang
Hey guys, Emily here. This is a sci-if story I wrote a while back; we were made to write a story in the science fiction story, and ya know, this obviously happened. A/N:...
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Argon by Death_and_Unicorns
Argonby Levi's Booty
I Sulfur when you Argon. This's a children's book to learn about the element Argon.
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Selfish by Claire8216
Selfishby Claire8216
Luke Moore lost everything - including himself - when he lost his wife Elena. Follow along as he struggles to find himself again, and maybe even gain a little more. ...
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0813-8135-0600 Kami Importir Sarung Tangan Karet Nitril dan Vinyl Merk Nosiji by sarungtangankaret
0813-8135-0600 Kami Importir Sarung Tangan Karet
DISTRIBUTOR UTAMA !!!, Sarung Tangan Karet Merk Nosiji, Sarung Tangan Karet Tebal di Lampung, Sarung Tangan Karet Tebal di Maluku, Sarung Tangan Karet Tebal di Maluku Ut...
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× OCs × by Your_casual_sad_soul
× OCs ×by ` ` Friends? ` `
I know I keep deleting and adding this book but please don't be mean
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The Diary of an Angel by sodagreen_21
The Diary of an Angelby sodagreen_21
Mages are a race so illusive most believe them a fairy tale of space. Many tales differ, but all declare them as the most similar race to human -kind in the universe wit...
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0813-8135-0600 Harga Sarung Tangan Karet, Nitril Merk Nosiji  di Depok by sarungtangankaret
0813-8135-0600 Harga Sarung Sarung Tangan Karet
TERBAIK !!!, Sarung Tangan Karet Merk Nosiji, Sarung Tangan Karet Panjang Di Surabaya, Sarung Tangan Karet Pekerja Bangunan, Sarung Tangan Karet Pendek, Sarung Tangan Ka...
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ALEGRE SERIES : Ashed Alegre Oz by pogingilong
ALEGRE SERIES : Ashed Alegre Ozby Aeolús Alegre
Dedicated to Ashed Alegre Oz and Ashi Xyro Vlade
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Mystics and Mudcrows by MemeManDan20
Mystics and Mudcrowsby MemeManDan20
Join the adventures of Argon And Juniper as they escape their corrupt government and build a new society. Along the way, they'll meet several creatures and see several t...
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Journey by katiebeth_love
Journeyby Bethany
you want to read this. really, you do. and you should.
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