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Neglected and Abused Male Reader x Soul Eater by alienator999
Neglected and Abused Male Reader alienator999
You were just a harmless kid but you had the worst life. You parents starved and beat you for no reason. What's worse is that your brother and sister thought it was funn...
  • marioandluigi
  • dreamteam
  • maka
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Mario characters x reader oneshots by Chaos-Prince
Mario characters x reader oneshotsby Chaos-Prince
Cover belongs to the original artist! Any of the characters involved in this book are not mine! (the only character involved will most likely be my persona!) I've been...
  • mario
  • antasma
  • princesspeach
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Mushroom High A Super Mario Fanfiction by SinewaveSanctuary
Mushroom High A Super Mario Sinewave
I don't really know where this story will go. Mario and friends go to high school! Bully Bowser's got a plan, and the new kid Antasma is helping.. And then there's the m...
  • dream
  • luigi
  • mario
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What about Angels? by SoulReader007
What about Angels?by JenniJam
"I don't know, I just thought you'd make a great angel. Maybe you were sent from heaven so we both wouldn't be alone" I wanted to write a drabble about Mario...
  • marioandluigi
  • nintendo
  • dreambert
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Luigi gets Possessed... Again.... And again...And Again! (Spoiler warning) by CheshirePorl
Luigi gets Possessed... CheshirePorl
(WARNING! SPOILERS!) I remake some bosses. All from Mario and Luigi games. Luigi gets Possessed/Corrupted...Again.... And again...Again.... And again...Again.... And aga...
  • bosses
  • antasma
  • possessed
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Heart of Dreams by Wishmaker1028
Heart of Dreamsby Amie J. Kuhn
Hey, Mario Manfredi here. Looks like Luigi, Violet, and I are going through some trouble again. We had planned to go on vacation with Peach, Toadsworth, and the Toads to...
  • starlow
  • polterpup
  • princesspeach
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Wait, High school?! ( Mario AU female reader insert) by Geno_629
Wait, High school?! ( Mario AU Geno_629
(Y/N) has just moved to the Mushroom kingdom. For what exactly? High school of course! Unlike the other school she went to....this will turn into her most interesting ye...
  • mario
  • daisy
  • bowser
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SSS Journal 2 by JamezonBond777
SSS Journal 2by Antasma, The Bat King
The wait for SSS Journal 2's entry is now over! Also, another few more characters join the crew! (All picture credits go to their original owners.)
  • antasma
  • thebatking
Kirby Star Allies: Dream Team! by GraciewritesFanfics
Kirby Star Allies: Dream Team!by GraciewritesFanfics
"Mario and Luigi: Dream team"? That sounds boring. Let's shake things up a bit. Anyway, Kirby and his team, the Star Allies, embark on the adventure of their...
  • dream
  • susie
  • crossover
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