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Unconditional by kashariak
Unconditionalby Sha
"Respect is Earned Honesty is Appreciated Love is Gained and Loyalty is Returned" When 21-year-old Declan moved to a new college, he knew things will change. I...
Ant's new son by Kels1009
Ant's new sonby
Neil (little Ant) has ran away from home as he was getting abused by his father. He gets found by Ant and Ant decides to take him in. After seeing the state Neil is in...
Undeniable (MxM) by kashariak
Undeniable (MxM)by Sha
*A Sequel to "Unconditional"* "To the world you maybe one person But to one person you maybe their world" Since meeting 12 years ago, Anthony McPartl...
selcouth; MYLES STEPHENSON IM A CELEB 2019 by checkeredflames
selcouth; MYLES STEPHENSON IM A checkeredflames
selcouth; unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvellous in which two find love in the strangest of places
Ant and Dec Pics & Gifs by xxxantanddeccerxxx
Ant and Dec Pics & Gifsby antanddeccer
Book number two so I can continue blessing you with collections of Ant and Dec :D All these pics and gifs are not mine and are from tumblr. All credit goes to the ones w...
Five Little Words by narnian_starkid
Five Little Wordsby narnian_starkid
It's another series of Saturday Night Takeaway, and another round of Ant vs Dec. The challenge this week? An obstacle course ending with a terrifying zip wire. But what...
As we fall apart by MyEyesAreCircles
As we fall apartby MyEyesAreCircles
"Maybe it would be best if..." "What's that supposed to mean?" "I don't think I can do this anymore." It felt like it came out of nowhere...
The world, coming down by MyEyesAreCircles
The world, coming downby MyEyesAreCircles
One way or another, Dec had been captivated by it all; those eyes, that smile, his somehow calm but chaotic energy. He was captivated. Enthralled. Desperate to live the...
The nanny from hell by AntandDeclove
The nanny from hellby AntandDeclove
Dec and Ali employ someone to look after their children,but things don't turn out as expected! Yes,I do work as a nanny,no this is not based on me or anyone I know😊
I would start a riot by MyEyesAreCircles
I would start a riotby MyEyesAreCircles
When he was younger, back when it had all been a secret, Dec had felt strangely brave. He knew Stephen had too, like that time he told him he'd felt invincible. With eve...
Stranded by AntandDeclove
Strandedby AntandDeclove
Ant and Dec are stranded on a desert island.
Cold Water by MyEyesAreCircles
Cold Waterby MyEyesAreCircles
He no longer felt the water surrounding him. He didn't register his own heartbeat. He didn't really feel as if he was anywhere at all. ~~~ One act and the aftermath it l...
The Prince's Pursuit (David Walliams) by cranean
The Prince's Pursuit (David c
Callista Miller, the fifth judge of Britain's Got Talent, is head over heels over the comedian slash children's books author, David Walliams. She was persistent, motivat...
Until the very end by MyEyesAreCircles
Until the very endby MyEyesAreCircles
2018 is coming to an end. Dec isn't sorry to see the worst year of his life go, ready to get back to normal - well, as normal as life can be with a baby on the way. 2019...
Ant and Dec OneShots by _th33_g3rm4n_girl
Ant and Dec OneShotsby happy hellmut
Basically what it says in the title xD. I do NOT ship them, they are simply best friends, if you don't like that don't read it. Love you!
Early Discoveries by xenous
Early Discoveriesby xenous
Ant's parents moved away so now he lives with Dec and his mum. Meanwhile, the two young Geordies discover their feelings for each other. Dec's dad sadly passed away when...
The Show Must Go On by ZoeWilliamz
The Show Must Go Onby ZoeWilliamz
Dec has come down with a bad case of flu, and needs looking after. But with the live Britains Got Talent approaching, can Dec grin and bear it for the sake of his fans? ...
Girl in the shadows by PinkandBlue1234
Girl in the shadowsby Ant and Dec fan
Dec has had his eye Ashley Roberts for quite a while now but doesn't know how to ask her out. Ant's daughter finds out something that changes her life forever. Will Dec...
If I could shelter you by MyEyesAreCircles
If I could shelter youby MyEyesAreCircles
Since the proposal, things have been easier. Dec is going to spend the rest of his life with Stephen and the permanence of a promise like that is more reassuring than he...
Joel Dommett - Jungle Love (I'm A Celebrity Fanfiction) by DogsSox231
Joel Dommett - Jungle Love (I'm DogsSox231
Most popular Joel Dommett fanfiction! Completed! "Do you like her?" | "Most definitely." When Connie enters the jungle, she doesn't k...