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5 times Ant and Dec were best friends by allhantsondec
5 times Ant and Dec were best duncan donuts
+ the 1 time they were boyfriends as well. (Note: This is a Hogwarts AU.)
Baby of the family  by AntandDeclove
Baby of the family by AntandDeclove
The story of Decs life(or my version of it)
Oneshots and Other Things by MyEyesAreCircles
Oneshots and Other Thingsby MyEyesAreCircles
This is my place to put oneshots/shorter multi-chapter things that I write about Ant, Dec and Stephen Mostly hurt/comfort and fluff, probably some angst Feel free to sug...
Stranded by AntandDeclove
Strandedby AntandDeclove
Ant and Dec are stranded on a desert island.
The nanny from hell by AntandDeclove
The nanny from hellby AntandDeclove
Dec and Ali employ someone to look after their children,but things don't turn out as expected! Yes,I do work as a nanny,no this is not based on me or anyone I know😊
Dec's Daughter by TheDonnellyDaughter
Dec's Daughterby Charlie
What Would It Be Like If Declan Donnelly Had A Daughter? Or If Diversity had a girl troupe member? Or Stephen had a co host? Or Got To Dance had another girl judge ? Or...
Ant and Dec videos by PinkandBlue1234
Ant and Dec videosby Ant and Dec fan
YouTube videos of Ant vs Dec, end of the show show and a lot more great videos of them from YouTube!
An unexpected love   ||   Ant x Stephen by mulhernfan16
An unexpected love || Ant x Stephen mulhern <3
After the 2016 NTA awards, ant, dec, Stephen, Phil and holly all go back to celebrate at ant house. When Stephen gets a bit too drunk and ant has to take him to the gues...
The Joys of Friendship by jenkins300
The Joys of Friendshipby jenkins300
Everyone knows it's normal for children to have imaginary friends growing up. However, what happens when that imaginary friend turns out to be not so imaginary?
Ant's road to recovery  by Kels1009
Ant's road to recovery by
This an alternate version of Ant's drunk drive accident back in 2018. Ant goes on a spiritual journey after ending up in a coma from his car accident. During the journey...
Decs grief  by AntandDeclove
Decs grief by AntandDeclove
Ant supports Dec through the death of his father.
Ant and Dec Pics & Gifs by xxxantanddeccerxxx
Ant and Dec Pics & Gifsby antanddeccer
A collection of pics and gifs so you can be blessed with Ant and Dec's faces Literally all of these gifs are from tumblr so I do not own any of them. All credit goes to...
Going Solo by Rhumbleduo
Going Soloby Rhumbleduo
Ant and Dec have never had to present alone before - that's how they like it. Now, during one live show, it looks like Ant might have to find out what it feels like with...
Ant and Dec OneShots and Stories by ADFictions
Ant and Dec OneShots and Storiesby Ruby~
What is says in the title~ Slash (Romantic) and Non-Slash (Friendship) Fics included~ More info in my bio~
i love you, can't you see? by antanddec_exe
i love you, can't you see?by 𝕷𝖚𝖈𝖎𝖋𝖊𝖗
ant and dec both love each other, but neither of them can see it. then one night ant gets drunk at the pub. what happens next, you'll have to read to find out. ~ if this...
Forbidden love by chuckisgod1967
Forbidden loveby chuckisgod1967
Ant has hidden his feelings for his best friend for as long as they've known each other. There's just one problem, he's married and depressed about the whole situation...
Ant and Dec drawings✨ by StrawberryBoi
Ant and Dec drawings✨by Snacc
All of my AaD drawings❤️
Monsters in the night by _th33_g3rm4n_girl
Monsters in the nightby happy hellmut
Nobody can explain the sudden changes in his behaviour. Nobody gets a word out of him. Nobody knows what happened. Only he does. And he's not telling anyone... to keep t...
Ants crisis  by AntandDeclove
Ants crisis by AntandDeclove
Based on Ants struggles from last year and Decs support. I actually wrote this months ago but didn't want to publish it until Ant was well on the road to recovery and ba...
Adopted By Ant And Dec by nevadawashere
Adopted By Ant And Decby nevadawashere
What will happen when a 15 year old girl auditions for BGT? What will happen when she gets a life changing phone call? Find out in this story.