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He Means Everything To Me | Ant & Dec in the Jungle by auctor_jade
He Means Everything To Me | auctor_jade
As part of a campaign to raise money for charity, Ant and Dec become part of camp along with ten other celebrities, deep in the Australian jungle. What will happen when...
You're Better of Without me | Ant & Dec by CaramelPenguin
You're Better of Without me | CaramelPenguin
Happens after Ant's drink-drive(whatever you wanna call it), the boys are arguing and talking and thinking. Two best friends that are torn.
Tumble In the Jungle by KathrynTownley
Tumble In the Jungleby Kathryn Townley
It's a well known fact that Ant is the clumsy one...that is until Dec proves everyone wrong.
Ten signs of true love by EverythingAAD
Ten signs of true loveby EverythingAAD
Ten signs of true love. Ten signs to prove Ant and Dec are made for each other. Chaptered fic Ten short chapters, each describing one sign of true love. Not spectacular...
Decs grief  by AntandDeclove
Decs grief by AntandDeclove
Ant supports Dec through the death of his father.
Early Discoveries by xenous
Early Discoveriesby xenous
Ant's parents moved away so now he lives with Dec and his mum. Meanwhile, the two young Geordies discover their feelings for each other. Dec's dad sadly passed away when...
The Little Brother by narnian_starkid
The Little Brotherby narnian_starkid
Stephen has been called many things ever since he began his presenting career alongside Britain's best-loved double act. But to the boys, he's the little brother that ne...
BGT House by jibber098
BGT Houseby jibber098
Ok, so this is a weird concept I keep thinking about: what if all the BGT hosts and judges lived in a house together? Let's find out...
True Friendship  by antdec-mylife
True Friendship by antdec-mylife
Short stories about the friendship of Ant and Dec
Baby of the family  by AntandDeclove
Baby of the family by AntandDeclove
The story of Decs life(or my version of it)
Fireball by narnian_starkid
Fireballby narnian_starkid
The smoke was getting thicker, the air getting hotter, the urgency to escape was increasing with every passing second. But there was one small problem: Ant was alone, an...
Why Can't We Be Like That? by antanddecfin
Why Can't We Be Like That?by The Cult of Ant and Dec
Will Ant's feelings for Dec stay a secret when they are guests on The Graham Norton show?
You Take My Breath Away by KathrynTownley
You Take My Breath Awayby Kathryn Townley
It's 2011 and time for two Geordies to return to the Australian jungle. A tragic loss is lingering in the minds of Ant and Dec. When danger strikes, help from a least e...
Be yourself by EverythingAAD
Be yourselfby EverythingAAD
When a girl sings an original song during the auditions of BGT and it moves Ant and Dec to tears because it's so recognisable. Ant & Dec are a closeted couple in this on...
A night that changes everything  by anthonyanddeclan
A night that changes everything by A-L B.
The boys have to share a single bed in a hotel room. Not a problem for the two best friends, but what will happen if one of them discovers their true feelings for their...
Head Over Heels || Matty Lee (I'm A Celebrity 2021) by blink_and_youre_dead
Head Over Heels || Matty Lee (I' Emma
Henry O'Connor went into the Castle to prove to the world she wasn't who they thought she was. However, when she was there, she crossed paths with Olympic Diver, Matty L...
Unconditional by kashariak
Unconditionalby Sha
"Respect is Earned Honesty is Appreciated Love is Gained and Loyalty is Returned" When 21-year-old Declan moved to a new college, he knew things will change. I...
selcouth; MYLES STEPHENSON IM A CELEB 2019 by checkeredflames
selcouth; MYLES STEPHENSON IM A checkeredflames
selcouth; unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvellous in which two find love in the strangest of places
Undeniable (MxM) by kashariak
Undeniable (MxM)by Sha
*A Sequel to "Unconditional"* "To the world you maybe one person But to one person you maybe their world" Since meeting 12 years ago, Anthony McPartl...
Joel Dommett - Jungle Love (I'm A Celebrity Fanfiction) by DogsSox231
Joel Dommett - Jungle Love (I'm DogsSox231
Most popular Joel Dommett fanfiction! Completed! "Do you like her?" | "Most definitely." When Connie enters the jungle, she doesn't k...