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Love The One You're With by Supidermaniston
Love The One You're Withby Elle
Jennifer has been happily engaged to her fiance Justin. But how if one night, he bumped to a person whom she had been forgotten for a long time, her ex-husband Brad and...
𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐒 | Chandler Bing by Tonymonroe
𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐒 | Chandler Bingby tony
"The actress Who had it all Found potential In a certain Mr Bing." ➣ Chandler Bing x fem!OC ©tonymonroe
Being Ellie Aniston by anistonflowers
Being Ellie Anistonby emma
Everyone knows who my parents are. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. So of course everyone knows who I am. Ellie Jane Aniston-Pitt. The media was obsessed with me from the...
This is me, Amber Aniston by FanistonxAlways
This is me, Amber Anistonby FanistonxAlways
Hello, my name is Amber. Amber Aniston-Pitt, please try to ignore the last 4 letter word. People presume being the daughter of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt is easy but...
Ross and Rachel - Stories by callioper45
Ross and Rachel - Storiesby callioper45
Stories about the FRIENDS couple Ross and Rachel because I love them. Taking place over the ten years of the show, sometimes showing alternate endings to scenarios. Some...
Jenvid: Rewrite the stars 💍💕 by alinesagi
Jenvid: Rewrite the stars 💍💕by ali 💛
"I have been thinking about many things in the past few days. I look at some pictures on my phone: they are pictures of David. I smile and remember everything that...
From ennemies to lovers ( Jolie // Aniston ) by anistonstories
From ennemies to lovers ( anistonstories
Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have disliked each other for many years. Is something which could make them change their opinion abt each other will happens? -Not tr...
Justifer: From the beginning by WritingLyfe
Justifer: From the beginningby Lyfe
Jennifer & Justin have been searching for something their whole lives. Neither knew exactly what that something was. They both had careers they enjoyed, friends and fami...
Back to you  by JenniferJAniston
Back to you by 🍸🕊🤍
I always felt different from my family, Like I didn't belong. Then I got some news that answered most of my questions, some news that changed my life forever. The writin...
Tell me something real  (vinnie hacker fanfic)  by ellieheart20
Tell me something real (vinnie Ellie Heart
Vinnie hacker The tik tok star The thirst trap god The fake player Every girls dream boy Slowly falling apart Amelia Joanna Pitt The girl with famous parents The o...
i still love you  by JenniferJAniston
i still love you by 🍸🕊🤍
Brad shows up at Jen's 50th unexpectedly with some unexpected news. A Brennifer love story <3
Loving you is forever. by Jauregayyy98
Loving you is Jauregayyy98
He knew from the moment they were declared husband and wife, that loving her would be forever.
Jennifer Aniston's Daughter by anistonbullock
Jennifer Aniston's Daughterby QueenB
I am Brooke Emily Aniston, the daughter of the ever so famous Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. I love to act, just like my parents, but for some reason I feel so dif...
Brennifer - Once again  by jenanistonss
Brennifer - Once again by jenanistonss
This is a story about when they meet again in 2021 and how it will take a turn in both of their lives, as some things in the past are still rough on them both. I hope yo...
I will always love you by choxle
I will always love youby choxle
A love story about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt and how their live will be in the future. And how it will be after all that happened in the past. This is just a stor...
Decisions by JenniferAnistonx
Decisionsby JenniferAnistonx
Being a famous actress isn't perfect you know. If you make the wrong decision you get judged, if you make the right decision you get judged, it's a lose-lose situation r...
Where I belong { Jennifer Aniston + David Schwimmer } by seattleperk
Where I belong { Jennifer seattleperk
David and Jennifer haven't seen each other since the show "friends" ended. What happens when Jen shows up on David's door step seeking comfort from an old frie...
Justifer Feels - Jen and Justin by glitter0104
Justifer Feels - Jen and Justinby Glitter0104
My first ever fanfic about Justifer aka Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux
We'll make it - A Brennifer fanfic by FriendsCrazyGirl
We'll make it - A Brennifer fanficby FriendsCrazyGirl
In the middle of the fight that ended all fights, something terrible happens to Jen, it may be too late to work things out. Ever. And only one thing can save her. Love.