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♡ Family reunion 2.0 ♡ by Juceboxie667
♡ Family reunion 2.0 ♡by Pink
This is my version of family reunion. It might not be the original but it's mine ♡ Also I'll post a chapter once a day and on Friday's I do 2 chapters .
Love Thy Neighbor ~ Part 1 by SlIcKnInJaKiD
Love Thy Neighbor ~ Part 1by 🦋Slick’s Stories🦋
It's always a good day in Columbus, Georgia! When Y/n sees M'dear's family visiting she decides to introduce herself. She finds one of them cute, but she will only see h...
Attract • Shaka McKellan by nayzahmay
Attract • Shaka McKellanby Nayzah
Sooo basically Shaka (Isaiah) & Y/n catch feelings for each other and the rest is ✨history✨
Gwain Saga: PROJECT SOVEREIGN by The_Smoker
Gwain Saga: PROJECT SOVEREIGNby The Smoker
Gwain Saga belongs to GeoEXE. on YouTube. OCs are mine. With some crossover. #6 in Marlow
RANK MY TAG STORY✔ MYSTERYFANTASY RANK #1 LOVETEAM RANK #1 AMI RANK #4 WATTY2021 RANK #3 MYSTERYROMANCE RANK #6 Isang binibining may taglay nakagandahan Isang binibinin...
kim taehyung- bắt quả tang by _tinabaee_
kim taehyung- bắt quả tangby 𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖆
chính tôi đã bắt quả tang được anh và cô ấy đang làm tình sau cánh gà, anh không còn gì để chối nữa ! book cover by nu-ful; plu-to team
miyako tsukino | the star of night by wafflesx
miyako tsukino | the star of nightby angela.a
Rabbit and Beautiful Night. Usagi and Miyako. Being the more quiet and calm of the two, Miyako would prefer to stand back and watch her younger twin sister, Usagi, the l...
taehyung ✦ sugar daddy  by justmintt
taehyung ✦ sugar daddy by ✦ bạc hà ✦
© taehyung ✦ sugar daddy © justmintt ---- chú giống một người tôi quen hai năm trước lắm, tôi chỉ muốn xác nhận thôi chứ thôi không có ý gì đâu .." "là ai? t...
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#EsZan One Shots  #AşkMantıkIntikam by IWriteByNight
#EsZan One Shots #AşkMantıkIntikamby Sarah
One shots for #AşkMantıkIntikam #BurcuÖzberk #IlhanŞen #EsZan
 Rigel x reader {Star vs the forces of evil} [Discontinued ] by SunInnit
Rigel x reader {Star vs the s u n
in which Rigel Butterfly Lucitor the eldest child of star butterfly and Tom Lucitor meats a girl who is not like any other girl which is Y/n frost. she is the only daugh...
A Couple of Shy mutes, A Gwain Saga fanfiction (Geo x Ami,) by DIO_Official
A Couple of Shy mutes, A Gwain ゴDIOSAMA...OVER HEAVENゴ
Contains: Geo x Ami, Deva x Savien, Agni x Lanney, noobe x being a good bean (theres like 0 gwain saga fanfics!!! why tho?! ) (i did not create the art for the MENACING...
Soulmates |Jeon Jungkook ✓ by Eternityjjk
Soulmates |Jeon Jungkook ✓by Eternityjjk
"Please don't speak anything and you need to touch me for the next twenty four hours in order not to be in pain." He was calm. "Umm, I-I wanted to ch-chan...
gumball guardian in gwain saga ( On Hold ) by Perk2019
gumball guardian in gwain saga ( Perk2019
during a fight against hunson abadeer berserker the gumball guardian fell through a portal with hunson in fist range and managed to kill him while coming out the other s...
Cùng Anh... by HwangYi130613
Cùng HwangYi
Phần chuyện yêu đương mình tạo ra cho các anh nhà BTS
(Crossover) Dragon Ball Z: Sailor Stars. by Black_Shade60
(Crossover) Dragon Ball Z: ッブス60.
The Princess Kakyuu reached a dimension fleeing from Sailor Galaxia, unfortunately she is about to perish, but before that tragedy she asks the Saiyans Goku and Gohan fo...
Pyar Jaisa Bollywood In Korea  by JennieIsGoddess
Pyar Jaisa Bollywood In Korea by 𝕸
{Magic~L Amina x Atomic BOMB Zaid} Magic~L, a girl-group under BigHit Entertainment, has made history by being the genre's first group to be fully comprised of foreigner...
Power Rangers Beast Morphers: The Pink Ranger {Slow Updates} by LupinrangerPatranger
Power Rangers Beast Morphers: :)
Set in the future, a secret agency combines a newly discovered substance called "Morph-X" with animal DNA to create the Power Rangers Beast Morphers team. The...
Forbidden Love (Naruto: Jiraiya love) by Ink0006
Forbidden Love (Naruto: Jiraiya ★Tam★
When love hits things get hard and Jiraiya will find that out the hard way.
My Beloved Sailor Uranus // BOOK 1  by leon0writer
My Beloved Sailor Uranus // BOOK 1 by Leon 🦁
❗️--COMPLETED--❗️ Usagi and Mamoru have been through so much together and have survived through all obstacles, but something is missing inside of Mamoru and he's known t...
Gwain Saga: G.T. [On Hold] by xdRemix
Gwain Saga: G.T. [On Hold]by KN-SzN
Only an insert (°-°) Story starts during the end of episode 4 • 'Hello' = Thoughts • "There" = Speech Gwain Saga, it's characters, and it's contents are all ow...