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The Dursley/Potter Family Reunion {Sequel to Hermione's Family Reunion} by RoseMalfoy2005
The Dursley/Potter Family RoseMalfoy2005
Hermione's family reunion just finished, when Harry got a letter from Dudley. Apparently, his daughter Daisy is a witch, and he needs Harry's help. What will happen wh...
  • dursley
  • draco
  • pranks
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The Granger Family Reunion by SashaVern
The Granger Family Reunionby Mrs Sunflower
Hermione Granger has not been to the Granger family reunion in 12 years. She is now 29 and married, has 3 children, rich, and owns some of the most famous hotels in the...
  • romance
  • spew
  • dramione
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Left You Behind by CerulliMIW
Left You Behindby Sara ✌
One girl ran away from her problems, away from the people that loved her, away from everything hoping to find where she belongs. What happens when her new band starts do...
  • riandawson
  • alexgaskarth
  • bands
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Granger family reunion by Sakurawd
Granger family reunionby Sakura Ward
The Granger family reunion, that has been written about so many times.
  • familyreunion
  • hermione
  • dramione
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Hermione Granger and the Horrible Family Reunion by Kat_Botelho99
Hermione Granger and the Kathleen Botelho
Hermione Granger hasn't been to a family reunion in 10 years. Why? Simple she absolutely hates them. What happens when she is forced to go to a reunion where almost ever...
  • reunion
  • malfoy
  • granger
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I've Run Out Of Excuses (Granger Family Reunion) by Umbra_Ignis98
I've Run Out Of Excuses (Granger Umbra Ignis
It's 2009, and it's been years since Hermione's seen anyone in her family aside from her parents, she doesn't think she's seen them since the summer after third year. No...
  • familyreunion
  • grangerreunion
  • afterthewar
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Hermione's Family Reunion by MidnightHerondale
Hermione's Family Reunionby Midnight
- Dramione - - Earlier known as 'Reunion of Grangers' - Hermione is luckily married to the love of her life, Draco Lucius Malfoy. The worst day of her life comes: the da...
  • dracomalfoy
  • draco
  • dramione
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An Unlikely Relationship (A Dramione Fanfic) by FanficFinesse
An Unlikely Relationship (A Finny
Most people would never think of Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy as friends, themselves included. However, their relationship took a turn in their re-do year. Now, wit...
  • hermione
  • malfoy
  • weasley
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Why love something like me? by AceRWolf
Why love something like me?by Ace.R.Wolf
"Why didn't you kill me right there?! I was a lone in your territory that brought a whole pack with me and yet you want to heal my wounds...?". I faced him wit...
  • abuse
  • werewolf
  • jelousey
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Warner Luck:A Loud House No Such luck Tale by Programersaurus
Warner Luck:A Loud House No Such The story writer dinosaur
Years after Lincoln fell into the water tower and the bad luck incident the Loud return to Warner bro's land the place where Lincoln fell in but when Luna's daughter fal...
  • lynnloud
  • drama
  • lunaloud
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Ms. Mafia likes to play... by smart_cookie_bitch
Ms. Mafia likes to smart_cookie_bitch
Follow the life of a girl with a dark secret as she stumbles through life, hoping and dreaming, but knowing deep down that she'll never be normal. What happens when her...
  • mafia
  • familyreunion
  • daddy
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The Bad Boy's Hijabi by halalangel
The Bad Boy's Hijabiby հ Մ ʍ Ɑ Վ ɾ Ɑ
He was keen on unravelling her. She was determined to show him another world. He loved her smile. She hated his smirk. He found himself in a pool of darkness, And, in th...
  • bengali
  • family-drama
  • familyreunion
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marriage - jack gilinsky. by ARREAGALOGY
marriage - jack litzy
MARRIAGE. "gosh you're so cute." "goodness gilinsky what are you doing to me?" - UNDER MAJOR EDITING - Started July 16th, 2016 Completed July 31st...
  • teenromance
  • diamond
  • familyissues
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Granger Family Reunion by Winged_Shadow
Granger Family Reunionby Winged_Shadow
Hermione Jean Granger, now Malfoy nee Zabini, has dreaded one thing in the world above everything, even Voldemort, her family reunion. She went when she went her cousins...
  • dramione
  • familyreunion
  • grangerfamilyreunion
Granger Family Reunion by Cyanbluebear
Granger Family Reunionby Cyanbluebear
After making excuses for years, Hermione finally decides that it is time to face her fears and see her family after all these years. However she's changed a lot, accompa...
  • dramionefanfiction
  • harrypotter
  • hermionemalfoy
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Seduce Me: Memories Return by MochiYumms
Seduce Me: Memories Returnby Kawaii Mochi
Based off the otome game "Seduce Me & Seduce Me 2" this is a fan fiction story about what happens when the incubi brothers found out about the true secret on t...
  • incubi
  • romance
  • demons
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The Family Reunion { A Tangled and Frozen Crossover}   by nataliejessierodgers
The Family Reunion { A Tangled nataliejessierodgers
Princess Rapunzel and her husband, Eugene Fitzherbert, travelled all the way to Arendelle to meet her long-lost cousins on her father's side: Queen Elsa and Princess Ann...
  • summer
  • crossover
  • winter
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Granger Family Reunion by JillieJane
Granger Family Reunionby Ty Lee and Narcissa
Soooo. I've read a ton of Granger Family Reunions and they were interesting at first but then got boring so here is my version. Hermione hasn't seen her family or been a...
  • draco
  • malfoy
  • fanfiction
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Our Promise-The Beginning by Firestar80
Our Promise-The Beginningby Glitterstar_sparkle
Meet a girl and a boy whos lives changed with an attack that killed their family. An attack that made them promise each other to protect each other no matter what secret...
  • love
  • wattpad
  • adventure
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The Originals a klayley &  family Story by reneealexandra1998
The Originals a klayley & @Mikaelsonprincess
Hi everyone this is My very first fanfiction so plss dont Judge and plss tell me what you think about it? :) anyway This is set just after season 3 after klaus was put...
  • theoriginals
  • familyreunion
  • alwaysandforever
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