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His Prince by LocalTwink
His Princeby PlutoBlue
(Was named, Call Of the Wolf) You wouldn't expect spying on the new kid would get you into all of this. Into, falling in love with him, nearly dying right in front of hi...
My Prankster Mate by ARoberts2525
My Prankster Mateby ARoberts2525
**NEW** I grew up hating my step-father's mistresses' child. She was like a tiny creepy doll. She looked five years younger than she should and always dressed in overall...
Redacted ASMR one-shots and short stories by spicyromancechelseab
Redacted ASMR one-shots and @spicyromancechelseab
Requests open most of the s.o characters will be she/her pronouns as it is easier for me to write this book will include David, Asher, Milo, Sam, Vincent, and Gordie. ...
DAMDAMIN by esmethedreamer
Mga tula na naglalarawan sa damdamin ng aking kamusmusan at hanggang sa kasalukuyan.
Chained  by zantera21Boo
Chained by ZanteraHardman💕📚
She was left for dead, until she saved his life. He couldn't understand why this she rogue just stared at him, there was nothing in her eyes that gave off any em...
Chosen by Rose_And_Kasey
Chosenby Rose & Kasey 🌹🌸♥️
Started writing on 11/19/17; incomplete. Every year ten packs in the district come together with their Alpha, Beta, and their Echanters; for the Mate Choosing Ceremony...
Stiles Sister Peters Love by BrooklynHats
Stiles Sister Peters Loveby Rose
They were the OG trio Stiles, Scott and Hallie but what happens when they add Allison and Lydia to the mix will Hallie get bumped down?
Will you leave me alone!(Derek Hale Love story) by Puppy_Lee
Will you leave me alone!(Derek Coby-lee
My Name is a mysterious thing...everyone calls me something different then the last. One time it could be Izzy, the next it could be Snow or even Chloe, but you know its...
Lata [Short Story] by darkwarriorkeita
Lata [Short Story]by kiiittaaannn
Ang pagmamahal ng isang kapatid ay walang katumbas. Pero paano kapag nabibilang na lang ang kanyang panahon sa mundong ito? Anong gagawin mo. P.S. Kung nagustuhan mo m...
AWITIN KAY CHUCHAY by maixinkwell
AWITIN KAY CHUCHAYby Mariel Adorable
Ang kuwentong ito ay para sa lahat ng mga mambabasa. Sana ay inyong maibigan. Maraming salamat. - Mariel Adorable (maixinkwell) © All Rights Reserved
Bata read, please by MichelMellJD
Bata read, pleaseby Roger Onadowen
This is a collection because I need bata readers. Please comment on stuff and tell me how to improve. I need it. Well, enjoy.
𝕱eral  P͜͡ᴀ𝒄k̶ 𝘈ꪀd̲̅  P̸ȗ̈p҉p̶𝐲 🄺𝓲𝚜s̺͆ĕ̈🆂 |Bᴛᔕ 𝑋 M̆̈̑̈R҈e̸a̸d̥ͦe͟r̺͆ by YoongelNoodle
𝕱eral P͜͡ᴀ𝒄k̶ 𝘈ꪀd̲̅ P̸ȗ̈p҉p̶ Remi
The 'Project' is something that I signed up for but now I don't want to leave
The Vampires Addiction by ZazaSherwood
The Vampires Addictionby FallinXXangel
Chasity and Alba were best of friends- because they were different they were faster, stronger than others. Because they were the supernatural. Alba was a white wolf, the...