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Sasunaru Lemons by Best_Bitch___
Sasunaru Lemonsby Best_Bitch___
Lemons based around the ship Sasunaru and the alphabet. A is for Apology B is for Bondage C is for Cold D is for Daddy Kink E is for Example F is for Fluf...
  • blowjobs
  • naruto
  • omega
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Let's Learn Korean (English Tagalog Explanation) by katbrielle
Let's Learn Korean (English Katrisha
Easy to Learn Korean Writing ,Reading ,And Pronunciations of korean. English- Tagalog Explanation
  • hangul
  • reading
  • numbers
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Pokemon Creepypastas A.K.A scary stories by kirby64
Pokemon Creepypastas A.K.A scary kirby64
Some Pokemon Creepypastas from the internet. (One story not included).
  • alphabet
  • pokemon
  • creepypasta
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A Malec Alphabet by HolyHephaestus
A Malec Alphabetby ALEX
An A-Z of all things Malec! 26 short stories that will take you through the highs and lows of Magnus and Alec. Available in both Spanish and Polish via chapter one. Copy...
  • malec
  • alphabet
  • magnusbane
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Drabbles ✓ by Priya_siva
Drabbles ✓by Priya
Cover credit: Sujzwriter❤️ #1 in Drabbles for months. #1 in Arshi. Alphabetical drabble series on our beloved arshi❤️ ➡️SERIES 1: Arnav POV on Khushi {COMPLETED} ➡️SERIE...
  • alphabets
  • shortscenes
  • drabbles
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Solangelo Alphabet by GoldenAuthor13
Solangelo Alphabetby Sammy
This is just a cute little alphabet of Solangelo. Enjoy!
  • fluff
  • boyxboy
  • solangelo
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You've Got Mail by HasiVA
You've Got Mailby Hasini
I get emails everyday, so I decided to make a collection of them. Check them out! DISCLAIMER: ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE RELEVANT MAILERS. I JUST COLLECT THE EMAILS.
  • ashe
  • numerals
  • past
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Anime alphabet by dajissabrat
Anime alphabetby Ms. Issa🍜
Read the title bitches Finished
  • alphabet
  • dajissabrat
learn the alphabet with...  by ravenalees
learn the alphabet with... by ૨αѵεɳα
» í'm nσt α líttlє kíd nσw wαtch mє gєt вíg nσw spєll mч nαmє σn thє frídgє nσw wíth αll чσur αlphαвєt tσчs чσu wσn thє spєllíng вєє nσw вut αrє чσu smαrtєr thαn mє...
  • harrypotter
  • multifandom
  • strangerthings
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Ninjago//Alphabet by _savage_nsfw
Ninjago//Alphabetby savage
The alphabet Ninjago style! A xoxo
  • completed
  • ninjago
  • random
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Jercy Alphabet by gay_weefee
Jercy Alphabetby Lexter2003
✔️ Completed ✔️ Its the alphabet + Jercy what could go wrong oof 26 Jercy oneshots, chapters inspired by the letters of the alphabet //Updates every Monday// Started on...
  • percy
  • hoo
  • jason
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German Phrasebook by Shunnybee
German Phrasebookby Tired
The German Phrasebook is here! And the Korean Phrasebook will be following soon.
  • phrases
  • language
  • alphabet
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Karma & Manami's Alphabet by riiyeen
Karma & Manami's Alphabetby rien
26 different stories of Karmanami arranged alphabetically. The pictures that I may post are not mine. Mostly found in Pinterest, pixiv, ,tumblr, and Google. Disclaimer:...
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
  • karmanami
  • karma
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Letters Of The Alphabet (BangInho) [High School AU] by CreatureChanLixQueen
Letters Of The Alphabet (BangInho) Momma Creature
(1/3 in the Alphabet series) In which Minho is suffering from depression and barely ever truly smiles, so in order to make him smile, his boyfriend Bang Chan sends him l...
  • minchan
  • letters
  • leeknow
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ABC by RyanDesoto
ABCby Ryan Desoto
First Book writen!!
  • random
  • letters
  • abc
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❤jiley alphabet one shots a-z ❤ by jenniferdance_
❤jiley alphabet one shots a-z ❤by jenniferdance_
jiley one shots each starting with a theme beggining with each letter of the alphabet a-z,enjoy!xxxxx
  • stories
  • alphabet
  • friendship
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Learn Alphabets With Michael Jackson by ParisMk
Learn Alphabets With Michael #MJInnocent
Learn alphabets with Michael Jackson! ;) I hope this is funny!
  • jacksonese
  • jackson
  • learn
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Learn Japanese 日本語 by bluemafia_024
Learn Japanese 日本語by Raica John So
In this book, we will study about The Japanese Language and how is it written.
  • japanese
  • lesson
  • 勉強
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Alphabet Boy (Future Trunks x OC Love Story) {11th Book} by thriller5
Alphabet Boy (Future Trunks x OC Dreamer Girl {Past, Present...
Pauline June is a dead ghost who lives in an abondened mansion in West City for 45 years. Years have came by and the city was being threaten by a fraud of a God name Bla...
  • alphabet
  • love
  • troublemaking
Short Stories by Mikeriaaa
Short Storiesby Dreamingwonders
This is full of many stories. Each differing from the other. Some are horror some are sorrowful. If you don't like following one plot or just want to read some stories...
  • dreams
  • crazy
  • characters
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