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Alternate universe by missganguli
Alternate universeby missganguli
"I accept my fate Govind. I have committed several sins in these past years without intention of committing them. But that doesn't change the fact that I am a sinne...
Clashed destinies  by missganguli
Clashed destinies by missganguli
"Dont you dare insult my husband again!" She cried giving a reassuring nod to Karn. Karn kept looking at his beautiful wife. What was he doing here? He was al...
Destiny : Dhananjay ki Draupadi by Devimaheshwari
Destiny : Dhananjay ki Draupadiby Devimaheshwari
Life of krishnaa, a maid's daughter in dwarka takes a turn when she met Dhananjay, prince of Indraprastha and find him as her destiny... will they be able overcome many...
Destined to be together by missganguli
Destined to be togetherby missganguli
It is a work of pure fiction. Imagine draupadi having a younger sister Niyati. Both draupadi and Niyati are in love with prince arjun but events take a turn when draupad...
The Sun and the Flames by ShaPooFan
The Sun and the Flamesby 𝚂𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚊𝚢𝚊
||A PURE WORK OF FICTION || In a world where Karn, the son of a charioteer, is not rejected because of his caste in Drupadi's Swayamvar, he participates and wins it. He...
Ephemera by stellarflower-
Ephemeraby 𝔜𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔇𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔪
Disclaimer- This is a work of pure fiction. ~~~~ Ephemera: Nothing is permanent, flowers that bloomed will die in a matter of weeks, before the trees leaf out and shade...
Eternally Yours by fragrance-aryan123
Eternally Yoursby Fragrance Aryan
Cover credits- @AuraInfinix •||UNEDITED||• 🥇 Mahabharat. 09/02/2021 🥇 Mythological 02/02/2021 About the book- Dr. Urvi Suryavanshi is a scient...
🖤A Match Made In Hell🖤 by __evil__queen__
🖤A Match Made In Hell🖤by __evil__queen__
BHANUMATI never had an easy life .. after her mother's death .... her father forgot her ... her new mother doesn't love her .... she is treated like a maid in her own ho...
Princess of Magic land by missionlife
Princess of Magic landby missionlife
it a story of a girl who is princess come from magic land which is unknown from human world and unknowingly got married with a human Who is known as ruthless emotionall...
Ficlets ➳ Suryaputra Karn by writerofsorts67
Ficlets ➳ Suryaputra Karnby — 𝑎𝑏𝑖
A collection of short stories featuring Suryaputra Karn from Mahabharat. ... This book is purely for fictional purposes only and a product of my imagination. It is not...
Not yesterday but now by shivaloshini0505
Not yesterday but nowby Loshini
Cover credit : @Sassy_Nightangle Draupadi was a well-known princess of Panchal and queen of Indraprastha, after the great war of Gurushetra she became empress of whole A...
Only Mine💝 by Ohhsupergirl
Only Mine💝by Ohhsupergirl
This story is about 2 lovers Arjun And Draupadi . Arjun, a very humble and kind prince fell in love with an proudy princess Draupadi whom his biggest rival karn loved...
KARNANANYA by Tareeni07
KARNANANYAby Vaishnavi
MAHABHARAT , the epic saga of every human emotion intimately weaved with dharma ( righteousness) and karma. A tale which changed the course of entire history and led to...
To Fix What Is Broken by Kkashish_205
To Fix What Is Brokenby Kashish
The great epic; Mahabharata, was a war for dharma, but how can we forget the countless lives that were lost... Was there no way to save warriors like Karn, Abhimanyu, Ma...
Indian Fighters [Completed] by Writer_sapna
Indian Fighters [Completed]by Sapna
The Story about Jai shankar the chief of the team of Sajedaar he is the person who was the agent of raw his team was lost from past 25 years... Some are dead some are al...
Storm of the heart {slow updates} by sahithimanikala17
Storm of the heart {slow updates}by sahithimanikala17
This is the continuation of the book coming together. read to find out more.
Karn vs Duryodhan by harinigirish
Karn vs Duryodhanby harinigirish
What will happen if Kauravas won the war? What will happen if Pandavas knew the truth of Karn being kaunteya after the war ended? What will happen if after being samrat...
Chalo Bhaag Chale  by Dhruvzz21
Chalo Bhaag Chale by Dhruvzz21
Indian romantic story lovers...this ones for you!! :)
Be Mine Always by Barbie_Girl280
Be Mine Alwaysby 💗✨
• A ShaPoo Story • • Cover Credits- Instagram- @shaheerpoojalove • • A pure fictional story • 💗 Take your wonderful eyes inside the book 💗