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Recover My Heart by FallonMagen
Recover My Heartby Fallon
Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, I don't know what I'm talking about. This is a ghost bird Fanfiction Sang is four credits away from becoming a doctor. All she wants to do...
The Only Solution by mmacdonald22
The Only Solutionby Morgann McDonald
The Blackbourne Team has been undercover for the past six months with a dangerous gang. Everything is fine until Kota gets kidnapped. The group who took him is actually...
If Normal Was a Thing by FallonMagen
If Normal Was a Thingby Fallon
Sang's been adopted into her best friends family, and in an attempt to help Sang move on and get a fresh start from the horrors that were her past, they move into a nice...
Hogwarts: Academy  by FallonMagen
Hogwarts: Academy by Fallon
With metamorphmagus abilities and a knack for finding trouble, Sang might just survive Hogwarts This is a fanfic crossover of The Academy and Harry Potter that comes ou...
Don't Forget (On Hold/Under Construction) by AzlinDeVries
Don't Forget (On Hold/Under Azlin DeVries
Sang has been kidnapped, but by who? And what do the academy boys do when they find her on the street, bloody and bruised, in front of their house, without any memory of...
14 Days of Academy Christmas by BamaRose
14 Days of Academy Christmasby Cala Greene
A series of Christmas oneshots each dedicated to one our favorite Academy guys. Posted in the T.A.F.F now all in one place. Co Authors @yobshabob @JalizaBurwell @beka...
Ghost Bird Drabbles by hiddenrainbowheart
Ghost Bird Drabblesby Rachel
This is a collection of one-shots based on "The Academy" by C.L. Stone. *I do not own any of the characters.*
A quite awkward meeting by Troublesinwonderland
A quite awkward meetingby Troublesinwonderland
Sang Sorensen bumps into Kayli Winchester quite by mistake, but the odds don't seem to be in her favour as it sends both of them into a weird situation that they seem to...
Part of the Class by ItsACatParty
Part of the Classby Kai🌙
What happens when Sang doesn't meet Dr. Sean Green on orientation day, and has to wait for the first day of school? What would it be like to have Sang go into her first...
Sage by crytidcorrie
Sageby Soren cryptid
Sage sorenson just moved, he is about to run away what will he do when 9 guys suddenly show up to ruin his plans?? Gender bender academy story! (Pretty much the original...
Not The Perfect Ten by AnishaTibdewal
Not The Perfect Tenby Anisha
(ON HOLD) A big twist and a bigger change in their lives. This is not the story of the perfect ten you have been reading about. It has more to it, more complications...