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Sex lessons with Jack Gilinsky by adripatricee
Sex lessons with Jack Gilinskyby Adriana Patrice Lowery-Garcia
Amber: I don't know how to do it.. She said as she looked down embarrassed. Jack: I can show you, if you want? What did I get myself into?
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Instagram ⇒ Jack Gilinsky by HappilyBitchy
Instagram ⇒ Jack Gilinskyby 👸🏼
@JackGilinsky followed you
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If you loved me, why'd you break me? by authenticmiya
If you loved me, why'd you break m...by Imagines❄️
Y/N lived in New York City with her best friend Christina Marie (also known as beautychickee). They both attended FIT university. However, to get there, Y/N had to leave...
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Kinky! // Famous boys by TheGrierGirl69
Kinky! // Famous boysby BTS Fan-Jikook
All Famous And Sexy Boys You Ladys Want and Imagine being friends with. I'm gonna try to make an imagine for every single famous guy. I'm gonna post those imagines every...
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Texting Magcon by SavageQueenXx
Texting Magconby Queen
Book 1 of 2 ~ You have been added to a groupchat! ~•~ CURRENTLY EDITING SEQUEL IS OUT NOW ; THE END RESULTS ~•~ Date published: September 20, 2016 Date completed: May 2...
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Magcon Spanking by LarryLashtonNom
Magcon Spankingby Penguins and Weird Shit
WIll Cameron and Nash be able to control these rebellious teenagers? Follow the boys in their adventures of Tears, Spanks, and Fights.
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Being The Rowland's Sister | BRR & Jacob S by jackriyns
Being The Rowland's Sister | BRR...by Jackie
Think being Brandon Rowland's twin sister would be easy? You thought wrong! There are a lot of things on the bright side, but don't forget, nobody/nothing is perfect ;)
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Emma →jack j by -coeum
Emma →jack jby constanza
Se ganó mi corazón por lo que ella era, no por su cuerpo Fanfic
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Magcon Groupchat (completed) by lliannaa
Magcon Groupchat (completed)by lliannaa
You have been added into a group chat. {O.G MAGCON GUYS} Started- October 3,2017 it gets better Ended- March 22, 2018
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The New Me by _itsmenova_
The New Meby Nova💗
"How about a makeover? Make the boys regret that they ever bullied you?" Those were the words that changed Scarlett Storm's life. Scarlett Storm is your averag...
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Groupchat | Magcon | Editing Now! by HappilyBitchy
Groupchat | Magcon | Editing Now!by 👸🏼
EDITING! A Magcon & Team 10 fanfic! Avery gets added into a group chat with a bunch of random boys but she will discover a secret that will turn her whole world around...
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Magcon Smut Imagine by Grierr_
Magcon Smut Imagineby Ziana
Just a bunch of dirty Magcon imagines! Nothing else!
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princess ~ grayson dolan  by lolitsdolanx
princess ~ grayson dolan by 🦕👼🏻🥥⚡️
Briley Rose Miller was a girl from Sam Fransisco. She was known for having singing videos all over the internet, and her YouTube channel that had over 5 million subscrib...
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My daddy (Shawn Mendes) by WolfLover_2003
My daddy (Shawn Mendes)by WolfLover2003
He's someone that will spoil his little.... he's the guy that will be there for her anytime she's hurt, crying, or upset, or wants him. He will do anything to keep her s...
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highschool fuckboy • ethan dolan by -rosedolan
highschool fuckboy • ethan dolanby k <3
disclaimer - this was my first book ever and it is absolutely terrible. under editing. completed.
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We're Dallas They're Dolan by Teen_Dolan
We're Dallas They're Dolanby Dallas Dolan
Nessa Dallas is Cameron Dallas Little sister. She is as famous as Cameron. She always has her brother and her best friends the Dolan Twins by her side. Read the story to...
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Heart of Glass// Ethan Dolan✅ by LoveDestinyHope
Heart of Glass// Ethan Dolan✅by Yikes
When Cara McDaniel's mother gets an opportunity to earn triple her salary in New Jersey, she drags Cara and everything they own to Long Valley. At first, Cara hates the...
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criminal minds ✩ ethan dolan by fuckedolans
criminal minds ✩ ethan dolanby 💛
"partners in crime, baby doll." "partners in crime, gorgeous." all rights reserved fuckedolans 2015©
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The Cursed  - Shawn Mendes boyxboy by Lilmendesz
The Cursed - Shawn Mendes boyxboyby Lilmendesz
Andrew Parks and Shawn Mendes, are two people you'd never think would ever get along. but for them? there lives are about to change.
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Taylor Caniff's Little Sister by Shay_Shay03
Taylor Caniff's Little Sisterby Shay_Shay03
Shay Caniff is a normal fifteen year old girl with dreams and aspirations but will that be pushed away with an abusive father and a "missing" mother with only...
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