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The Life Of An INFJ by IThinkInBlack
The Life Of An INFJby Anu
"Life is fucking hard when you're half child, half ancient"
Claiming Our Rights by Mazadik
Claiming Our Rightsby Mazadik
I really loved the characters from Sotus series. Not just the power couple but all the characters including their friends. I don't know if you will consider this as a So...
MY POEMS by KimmyRoza
MY POEMSby Kim Roza😚😏
Felt right, so I wrote it down... Took time, and now I share it out... Hope you love it ♡ Give it a chance ☆ That's all I ask ♧ Just tap and join my world... Ŕòźà ❤
First World Problems by KawaiiGroovycat
First World Problemsby shipping and sinking
All the stuff that causes me angst and stuff.
The Meaning of Life by siennafreya
The Meaning of Lifeby Sisi
Mainly a bunch of poems (like 2 short stories) that will hopefully mean something to someone out there. Gonna try and update everyday.
Bookworm Love by KayKray00
Bookworm Loveby Kray_the_Strategist
HELLO ALL! So for my English Homework I had to write a romantic short story... It's not exactly romantic but I found it too funny to not post! It is an original story BU...
If you loved me you would let me go |||Fillie||| by DontTrustLuna
If you loved me you would let me toxic vibes
- " Finn, If you loved me you would let me go. Please " - In which Millie is suicidal and Finn try's to stop her. He has one chance to save her and it slowly...
MARSHMELOW ( TO CUTE KATS) by awesomefactor8
MARSHMELOW ( TO CUTE KATS)by awesomefactor8
Cute cat 🐱 faces the fear of water.......
Why Am I Like This by lizzy678
Why Am I Like Thisby lizzy678
Hopefully better poetry than my other poetry book, with more cussing than the other. More Tv-14 than PG. it's not all that funny besides the titles, kinda somber, migh...
My 'First' Love by training_goat
My 'First' Loveby GOAT/gōt/🐐🔥
Your first love isn't just the first person you said I love you to. It's more than just saying I love you to someone, not only do you have to mean it, you should also fe...
Ramblings by cweymer
Ramblingsby C. E. Weymer
hello reader. every so often i have decided to ramble on for several hundred words about life and other things. enjoy.
My first....And last by Caleb6692
My first....And lastby Caleb6692
As I was walking down the Promenade, I saw a little boy, just sitting there on the bench, getting lost into the Manhattan skyline. "Hey." He looked so lost. &q...
It's Just Life by stylescomp
It's Just Lifeby cat
I woke up one day to find out that my family is being kicked out of our "home". And then it all goes down from there.
Rants! by Barnesy729
Rants!by Darkness_Immortal
Ranting is life. Warning! Opinions will be stated, you are not obliged to agree.
A Small Issue by TheShorthandedWriter
A Small Issueby TheShorthandedWriter
Sometimes when you make a big deal out of a little problem, it can turn itself into a big problem.
Life As A Twelvie by Oh_My_Minho
Life As A Twelvieby 50 Shades of Sterek
Life sucks sometimes, especially as a Twelvie going onto a Teen. From first world problems to managing the difficult and crushing on idiots, Taliah, Josh, Logan, Skye, T...